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Become a Sorcerer Mod: An Overview

The Sims 4 gaming community is always full of exciting mods that make the game a lot more fun and interesting. One of those that truly stand out the most is the Become a Sorcerer mod as it allows a magical life for Sims. But what makes it so popular, and why is it dubbed as one of the best The Sims 4 mods? Read on below to know more fun things about this amazingTS4 mod.The Become a Sorcerer Mod is a creation of Triplis. In this mod, you can make your Sim a sorcerer and specialize in a type of wizard you’d like it to be. It’s simple, really.

All you need is a lump of clay for your Sims to acquire a Sorcerer trait. From there, you can choose different spells and magic among a wide variety of options available. Your Sims can specialize in different ritual types and use focus spells on Non-Playable Character (NPC) Sims. Definitely, a fun gaming experience!

How do you use the Become a Sorcerer Mod in The Sims 4?

A  small piece of clay, which you can quickly get from Build Mode, is all you need to make your Sim a sorcerer. The mod adds a variation on the Lump of Clay called Suspicious Lump of Clay. Simplyplace this item anywhere on the lot to begin your Sim’s sorcerer journey.

The Suspicious Lump of Clay in Live Mode has an added interaction called “Investigate Object.” Although its tooltip notes that the consequences of the interaction may be permanent, recent updates allow you to reverse it. Choosing this interaction will finally give your Sim access to different spells. Magical Energy Tingles will also appear floating around your Sim. Not a fan of this visual effect? Easy. You can hide the effect by clicking on your Sim and choosing the “Hide Magical Energy Tingles”interaction. And if you changed your mind, you can always select the “Show Magical Energy Tingles” toggle anytime.  

Features of Become a Sorcerer Mod

The Three Rituals

Before fully becoming a sorcerer, you have to complete a ritual under a new menu called “Spells.” Click “Spells,” then choose the “Meditate on the Spirit of Llamadeus…” menu. It will show three new interactions for different types of rituals: Ritual of Digestive Control, Ritual of Runner’s Vigor, and Ritual of Forced Isolation.

You can only complete one ritual, and whatever you choose will define the kind of sorcerer you’d be in terms of Needs. Each ritual type gives your Sims a new trait and replaces two default Needs with Magical Connection and Alignment (which we’ll talk about later), as follows:

  • The Ritual of Digestive Control introduces a new trait called Iron Insides. It replaces Bladder with Magical Connection and Hunger with Alignment.
  • The Ritual of Runner’s Vigor introduces a new trait called Never Bedheader. It replaces Hygiene with Magical Connection and Energy with Alignment.
  • The Ritual of Forced Isolation introduces a new trait called Sociolite. It replaces Fun with Magical Connection and Social with Alignment.

The Ritual of Neutrality

The Ritual of Neutrality is another ritual option aside from the three rituals mentioned above. Choosing this will still add Magical Connection and Alignment, but they’ll be out of view from the Needs window. They will also be locked in place, which means that the Magical Connection need will be locked at full and the Alignment at neutral.  This option is not only for regular Sims but also for Plant Sims and Vampires.

Magical Connection and Alignment

Mentioned earlier are two new needs that come with completing a ritual – Magical Connection and Alignment. But what are these two?

What is Magical Connection?

Let us first discuss Magical Connection. This new Need works more or less like a regular Need. If it gets a bit low, your Sim will have a +3 Dazed Moodlet. Similarly, allow it to get moderately low, and your Sim will have a +40 Dazed Moodlet. If it gets too low, then your Sim won’t be able to cast most spells. As with Vampire Powers that require power points every use of powers, the Magical Connection Need bar decreases every time you cast a spell. It does not deteriorate on its own unless you use spells.

As the Magical Connection Need decreases, you can use “Practice” to refill it. Click on your Sim and choose “Practice” under the “Black Arts or White Arts” toggle. As you advance in Specialization Spells, later on, you will have more alternative ways for each Specialization to fill this need. They are as follows:

  • Domination: Drain Needs
  • Destruction: Show Reaper Garb
  • Greed: Enchant to Steal Money from Vault
  • Empowerment: Sacrifice Needs
  • Deification: Lock Magical Connection
  • Creation: Instant Ready to Evolve

What is Alignment?

Now, we’ll talk about the other new Need called Alignment. If the Magical Connection acts like Vampire Powers, Alignment works like the Vampire Energy Need.

How does it work? Unlike standard Needs, the Alignment bar only changes based on the type of spell used by your Sims. Note that sorcerers are affected by performing certain types of spells, shifting them toward the Light or Dark. Using Light spells will change the Alignment bar toward the Light Alignment while using Dark spells will shift it toward the Dark Alignment.

The deeper you are into a particular Alignment, the more expensive it will be to cast a spell from the opposite Alignment. It also impacts how fast you can be friends or enemies with other Sims. The more rooted you get into the Light Alignment, the easier it’ll be for your Sim to make friends. Likewise, the more Dark spells you use, the easier it’ll be for your Sim to make enemies.

Black Arts vs. White Arts

Black Arts and White Arts are two new skills introduced in the Become a Sorcerer Mod. New spells get unlocked as you increase levels for each skill. Draining other people’s needs and casting dark spells will level up your Black Arts skill. Likewise, sacrificing your needs and casting light spells will increase your White Arts skill.

There is also a “Practice” interaction that will help you increase both skills. Also, note that when your Sim is in the Light Alignment, it will learn white art skills faster, and vice-versa.

The Magic Spells

Now, this is the fun part! Here we’ll discuss the different magic spells that your Sims can use in the Become a Sorcerer mod. The spells are classified depending on the Alignment, which can be White Spells, Black Spells, or Neutral Spells.

Here’s an overview of different magic spells in the Become a Sorcerer mod.

Specialization Spells

The Specialization works in “ranks” and can decay slowly after 2 Sim days of no usage. Casting a spell will gain you XP relating to the Specialization menu where that particular spell belongs. As you increase in rank for a specific Specialization, you’ll get to unlock more spells. 

Both White spells and Black spells are centered around 6 Specializations with three each per Alignment. These are Empowerment, Deification, and Creation for Light Alignment, and Domination, Destruction, and Greed for Dark Alignment.


  • Rank 1 – “Sacrifice Needs,” “Cathartic Healing,” “Heal Sickness,” “Heal Workout Fatigue”
  • Rank 2 – “Simoleon Sacrifice,” “Transform Weight, Give Fat,” “Transform Weight, Take Fat,” “Transform Muscle, Give Muscle,” “Transform Muscle, Take Muscle”
  • Rank 3 – “Aura of Nature,” “Aura of Edibility,” “Aura of Agriculture”
  • Rank 4 – “Sacrifice Skill Gain,” “Imbue with/ Purge Magical Positivity,” “Imbue with/ Workout Fatigue Protection”
  • Rank 5 – “Sacrifice Needs,” “Empower”


  • Rank 1 – “Llamadeus, Summon Llamadeus,” “Llamadeus, Ask About Universe,” “Llamadeus, Ask About Appearance,” “Meditate on the Mysteries of The Universe,” “Dry Out”
  • Rank 2 – “ Enchanted Workout,” “Douse,” “Stasis Field,”
  • Rank 3 – “Lock/Unlock Magical Connection,” “Lock/Unlock Relationship Decay,” “Meditate in Stasis”
  • Rank 4 – “Lock/Unlock Fun, Social, Hygiene, Hunger, Bladder, Energy, Thirst, Water (PlantSim), Vampire Thirst, or Vampire Energy,” “Transcend Boss to Promote,” “Transcend Boss to Demote”
  • Rank 5 – “Enable/Disable Super Fast Skill Gain,” “Disable/Enable Aging,” “Transcend / Yield to Temperature,” “Transcend / Yield to Privacy Reaction”


  • Rank 1 – “Attempt to Increase Evolution,” “Attempt to Increase Evolution”
  • Rank 2 – “Attempt to Make Fresh,” “Prolong Life”
  • Rank 3 – “Attempt to Lock Freshness,” “Water Plants in Range,” “Clone Self in Owned Household,” “Clone Self in Target Household”
  • Rank 4 – “Increase Chance of Boy/Girl,” “Repair Objects in Range,” “Clone Target in Owned Household,” “Clone Target in Target Household”
  • Rank 5 – “Extract Spirit,” “Resurrect,” “Instant Ready to Evolve”


  • Rank 1 – “Drain Needs,” “Enchant to Kneel,” “Enchant to Lie Here,” “Enchant to Sit Here”
  • Rank 2 – “Induce Panic,” “Induce Panic About Object,” “Induce Panic About Sim,” “Induce Panic (available on the Piano with Piano skill 10)”
  • Rank 3 – “Lull to Sleep,” “Lull to Sleep”
  • Rank 4 – “Enchant to Play,” “Enchant to Shower,” “Enchant to Eat,” “Enchant to Pee,” “Enchant to Sleep”
  • Rank 5 – “Drain Needs,” “Subjugate,” “Subjugated Sim, Change Personality,” “Subjugated Sim, Change Name”


  • Rank 1 – “Induce Anger, Induce Sadness, Induce Discomfort,” “Suppress Sadness, Suppress Anger, Suppress Discomfort”
  • Rank 2 – “Set on Fire”
  • Rank 3 – “Destroy Object,” “Break Objects in Range,” “Block/Unblock Positive Moods”
  • Rank 4 – “Reduce Age Stage,” “Increase Age Stage”
  • Rank 5 – “Create Fire Dancer,” “Create Lightning Rod,” “Create Whirlpool,” “Kiss of Death,” “Erase Life,” “Show/Hide Reaper Garb”


  • Rank 1 – “Siphon Joy Into Wealth,” “Siphon Wealth from Object,” “Siphoning Introduction”
  • Rank 2 – “Wipe Relationship Tabula Rasa [Full], Wipe Romance, Wipe Friendship”
  • Rank 3 – “Aura of Glamour,” “Aura of Greed,” “Aura of Forgery”
  • Rank 4 – “Enchant to Fight,” “Enchant to Break Up”
  • Rank 5 – “Enchant to Steal Money from Vault”

White Spells

In recent updates, most White Spells are now unlocked through Specializations instead of White Arts. What remains is “Practice,” which increases White Arts Skills over time, and the “Enchanting Introduction” spell at skill level 1. It works like the “Friendly Introduction” interaction, but stronger. Use it to introduce yourself to another Sim, and you will have boosted positive relationship with that Sim.  

At skill level 10 are the “Mentor” spell, which asks a Sim with a level 10 skill to mentor the Sim casting the spell, and the “Imbue with Magic” spell that gives the sorcerer trait to a targeted Sim.

Black Spells

As with the White Spells, most Black Spells are also now unlocked through Specializations. At Skill Level 1, the available spells are “Practice,” which increases Black Arts Skill over time, and “Enchanting Introduction” spell that functions like “Rude Introduction,” but with a stronger effect.

At skill level 10 are the “Mentor” and “Strip Magic” spells. The former spell asks a Sim with a level 10 skill to mentor the Sim casting a spell. The latter, on the other hand, removes sorcerer traits from the targeted Sim.

Neutral Spells

The following spells are also available, but cannot be categorized under the White Spells nor the Black Spells.

  • Teleportation Spell. This spell will teleport your Sim to a specific area with a purple flame effect (Llamadeus’ Torch) if you have a Neutral Alignment. Light sorcerers will have a yellow flame effect (Purity’s Flame) instead, while Dark sorcerers will get some sort of a Grim Reaper’s black smoke (Reaper’s Shroud) effect. You can also use it to teleport other Sims.
  • Enchanted Run. This spell will allow your Sim to run so fast with different effects: steam and water sprinkle effect for Light sorcerers and a fire effect for Dark sorcerers.
  • Change Outfit. Use this spell to change a Sim’s outfit by picking from their available outfits.
  • Minion Spell. This spell targets NPC Sims and assign them different minion roles, including Guest, Dance, Romantic, Maid, Musician, Painter, Repair, and Gardener. You will also have special Minion commands like Sleep, Wakeup, Dismiss, Summon, Release, and Go Here. 

Become a Sorcerer: Mastery

Once you’ve reached level 10 in White Arts or Black Arts, maxed the related Alignment, and mastered a related Specialization, you will have three new available rituals under the “Devote Yourself to the Light/Dark” menu. Choose one of the three rituals to lock your Alignment and gain a new special trait.

The rituals for the Light Alignment are as follows: Ritual of Transcendence,Ritual of Salvation, and Ritual of Creation. All Light traits unlock Purity’s Aura and Hover Walk Style. The Purity’s Aura will give your Sim a ball of light in its body, which will make nearby Sims come near your Sim and cheer.

The rituals for the Dark Alignment are the following: Ritual of Eternity, Ritual of Might, and Ritual of Wealth. All Dark traits unlock Reaper’s Aura and Hover Walk Style. Reaper’s Aura has the opposite effect as Purity’s Aura. Once enabled, it will give your Sim a black smoke effect around its feet, which will make nearby Sims panic and run away. The Aura also allows your Sim to scare other Sims until they pee themselves.

Recent versions add more new Alignment Lock rituals: The Ritual of Radiance (Light) and the Ritual of Shadows (Dark). However, for these to work, your Sims need mastery in all three Light or Dark Specializations.

Another added ritual is the Ritual of Infinite Balance that gives access to everything light and dark. However, it requires Grandmaster in all specializations, maximized Light or Dark skills, and 0 Alignment or neutral Alignment. This ritual unlocks “Reveal Type of Sims on Lot” and “Reveal True Form” abilities.

Toddlers and Children Sorcerers

The Become a Sorcerer Mod allows toddler and child Sims to be sorcerers, too, but the extent is limited. And unlike teens and older sorcerers, they have regular needs. 

Toddlers and children cannot cast any spell yet, but they can have the Sorcerer trait by using the same Suspicious Lump of Clay. Toddlers can only “play” with the clay and gain extra fun. They can also be teleported by older Sims and will get a Moodlet specific to their traits as a result.

Children sorcerers have two abilities: Spontaneous Combustion and Teleport.

Spontaneous Combustion allows a possibility for children to catch on fire when they are angry. When this happens, a child Sim can ask an older sorcerer Sim to do a “Flame Containment” spell on them. The spell will give them a Combustion Suppression buff, which will remove all the tense, angry, and uncomfortable buffs of the child Sim for 2 Sim days.

The Teleport ability allows children Sims to teleport, but only after a teen or older sorcerer Sim use the “Imbue with Teleportation Power” spell to them. It will give them a temporary buff called Teleporty Tingles, which will allow them to teleport to certain areas. But there’s a catch. Whenever a child sorcerer Sim teleports, it will get a +3 uncomfortable Moodlet called Queasy. The child can only teleport again as soon as this Moodlet drops.

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