Sims 4 Realm of Magic Familiars & How to Get Them

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Wouldn’t it be great if you could have Pokemon-like creatures to accompany your Sims? Well, luckily, you can have special magical creatures follow you wherever you go unique to Sims. If your Sims do magic, they can now enjoy the benefit of having magical pets called familiars. If you’d like to learn more about what Sims 4 realm of magic familiars are and how to get them, keep on reading!

sims 4 realm of magic familiars

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What are familiars in sims 4?

Familiars are magical pets or creatures who were first introduced to us in The Sims 4: The Realm of Magic. These creatures look different than regular pets. They are faithful companions. They are birthed from special magical orbs and, much like Pokemon, they can be collected to make your Sims a good company.

However, to collect them as companions, you’ll have to be a spellcaster. Only Sims who have magical blood as a Spellcaster or become a spellcaster by going through a special initiation or ”Rite of Ascension” can have them as pets. Both kids and adults can have them, but kids can only have them as passive magical pets to protect them.

How to get Sims 4 realm of magic familiars?

Unlike pets whom you can adopt for free, to enjoy the company of a familiar you have to acquire them from Juan’s Wonderful One-Stop Wand Warehouse. You will find this shop in Glimmerbrook’s neighborhood called Casters Valley. Their prices vary as some are more common to find than others. To make sure you increase the chances of finding different creatures, visit the Warehouse often. The place gets restocked, so check for novelties and orbs in the shop’s inventory whenever possible.

In some cases, you will be able to get the orb by dueling or while looking for magical tomes in the Magic headquarters.

Why get a familiar?

Familiars are not only made to be super cute, glitter, and make Sims company. These creatures boost the magic performance of spellcasters and witches. Once they are summoned, they increase the mood of the Sims, giving them the extra confident moodlet. When they are by your Sims’ side, the Sims will have a better chance of casting spells successfully, which is awesome.

Not only do they boost the Spellcaster XP points, but if your Sims is in a life-threatening situation, a familiar can save their life! If that happens, make sure the creatures get a well-deserved rest to recharge magical batteries. Otherwise, they will be burnt out and won’t be able to save your Sims the next time. They are protectors, and even if your Sims are far from them, familiars will teleport to keep them safe.

how many familiars can I get?

Unlike with other Sims 4 characters, including cats and dogs, you can have an unlimited number of these creatures. You can have a few familiars of different kinds or a few of them of the same kind. However, you can summon only one familiar to accompany you and help you cast spells.

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How to bind sims 4 realm of magic familiars?

Once the familiar orb is purchased, it will show in Sims’ inventory. So, to bind a familiar, first go to your Sims inventory. Search for familiar orbs you have purchased from the Warehouse, and find the one you’d like to bind. Click on it and select ”Bind Familiar’‘. You will automatically get a chance to give your selected familiar a name, too. If by chance you forget to do it, then you’ll be able to change their name later as well, so worry not. In that case, just select ”Rename Familiar” from the familiars’ menu.

You can also use the option to ”Unbind” a familiar from a certain Sims, and move the creature back in its orb and inventory. If you have another which or spellcaster in your household, you can move the orb to their inventory, too.

summoning familiars

To summon a familiar of your choice, click on your Sims, go to Magic Menu and then select the Familiars menu. Once you do that, you will get a new window open up where you can select one of the familiars you own from the familiar’s list. Click on the one you like and summon it, and they will appear by your Sims’ side! You can do this anytime you want.

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cats and dogs as familiars

Not only can you get as many familiars as you like, but you can also turn your regular Sims pets into familiars. Yep, cats and dogs can be familiars too. All you need to do is bind your pet and make them familial. If you’d like to bind an existing pet, be it a cat or a dog, you can do that, too. To do that, select the pet you’d like to bind, go to ”Magic Menu” and ”Bind Pet as Familiar”.

To be sure that the binding of a pet was successful, look for a sparkly aura around them. This is a sign that they are no longer just regular pets, but have become familiar. No matter if your familiar is a cat, dog, or a magical creature, they are all summoned the same way. Familiar pets can go on special quests or forages to assist your Sims in finding magical items, such as potion ingredients. Once they are sent on such a quest, they will disappear for a few hours and come back with collected items later.

types of sims 4 realm of magic familiars

The game includes eleven different types of familiars you can collect. All of these creatures look different and have unique personalities. Excluding the bound pets, familiars as special magical creatures fall into three main categories. This is the full sims 4 realm of magic familiars list:

  • Common – Fairy, Raven, Sixam Owl, and Bunnerfly (price range $100-$250)
  • Uncommon – Dragon, Glowfrog, Snub-Nosed Leaf Bat, and Hex Doll (all $250)
  • Rare – Phoenix, Skull, and Velid ( price range $500-$777)

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1. Bunnerfly

Bunnerfly is a common familiar that looks like a bunny with silky wings and a pair of red, glowing eyes. It is believed that its nature and origin are unknown. It comes in a dark pink orb and you can get it for $250 which makes it the priciest one among common familiars. Although cute, it looks kind of devilish which makes it a perfect match for mysterious and mischievous Sims.

sims 4 realm of magic familiars

2. Fairy

A fairy is one of the common Sims 4 Realm of Magic familiars and can be purchased for $100. It looks like a gentle glowing, sparkly ball with fairy wings. It is one of the gentlest looking familiars and unlike others, doesn’t have specific physical features, but looks like a ball of light instead. As such, they make a perfect match for children and gentle souls of the magic community. Its orb is light blue.

sims 4 realm of magic familiars

3. Raven

Just like its name implies, the raven familiar looks just like a raven bird and is birthed from a gray orb. It has glowing yellow eyes, belongs to common familiars, and can be found for $100. Its feathers are purple-black, and it resembles Maleficent’s faithful friend, Raven, making it ideal for villains, but also old-school witches and wizards.

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sims 4 realm of magic familiars

4. Sixam Owl

A symbol of wisdom, Sixam Owl is a perfect companion for knowledge-thirsty Sims. This blue owl is highly mysterious and intuitive. It has white glowing eyes and a slight spark on the edge of its wings. It is believed that its origins are from Sixam, the alien planet and has a deep connection to the moon. The owl can be purchased for $100 as a common familiar and you’ll find it in a dark blue orb.

sims 4 realm of magic familiars

5. Dragon

Dragon is an uncommon familiar you’ll be able to get for $250. This is a baby dragon, with all dragon characteristics – the head, the tail, and the little dragon wings. This loyal follower is a perfect familiar for fearless Sims, aiming to be the best Spellcasters in the history of magic. Its orb is purple.


6. Glowfrog

Cute and wicked, the Glowfrong is an uncommon creature that looks silly and downright confused. They are green with a yellow aura. However, don’t let its looks fool you. It is just as powerful as other familiars. Although they like to play tricks and enjoy mischief, they are loyal companions. They are perfect for authentic Sims who are pranksters themselves. You’ll be able to purchase it for $250. This one comes in a turquoise orb.

sims 4 realm of magic familiars

7. Hex Doll

The Hex Doll looks just like the Voodo doll. It has pins, looks like it’s handmade, and has two sown buttons instead of eyes, as well as a funny expression on its face. Although for some it may look plain, the Hex Doll is a powerful companion. It has a glowing red heart, stitches, and looks like it’s in pain. It is a great companion for Sims who have been through a lot and have made it to the top nonetheless. You can get this uncommon creature for $250 and find it in a pale yellow orb.

8. Snub-Nosed Leaf Bat

If you ever wondered what a tiny pink piglet looks like with leaf wings, the Snub-Nosed Leaf Bat will help you visualize it. This tiny pig has leafy ears and wings, and a face of a pig. This is an uncommon familiar, and a great choice for Sims who like to express their uniqueness. Its price is $250 and it comes in a lime green orb.


9. Phoenix

Phoenix is a creature reborn from ashes, birthed from a fiery-looking orb. It looks like a fiery bird, with lava stone patches on its wings and a flame aura around it. This is a powerful creature and a great assistant for powerful Sims who are not afraid of anything. You can get this rare creature for $500.

sims 4 realm of magic familiars

10. Skull

Skull is a rare find and an ideal for Sims who like creepy stuff and Halloween. Unlike most other familiars, the skull has no wings or a body. It has a pair of green glowing eyes and a green orbit around it, and you will be able to get it for $500. Its orb is white.


11. Velid

The most expensive of them all, Velid is a rarity in the world of magic. Velid has a skull-like face with ram horns and eyes that make it look like a fly. It comes in a dark orange orb and can be purchased for $777.

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sims 4 realm of magic familiars

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