What Is The Sims 4 Dragon Mod?

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“The Sims 4 Dragon Mod”? Yes, you’ve read that absolutely right! You should know by now that if you are missing something in the game, it most likely already exists, but in a form of a mod or some CC!

In this dragon guide, we’ll go over how you can have a beautifully magical experience in The Sims 4 game and enjoy it to the fullest!

Take a look below:

Try The Sims 4 Dragon Mod

This time, we are thanking the modder Kalino who has taken care of The Sims 4 Dragon Mod! Well, we call them dragons because they look like them, but they are actually just “changed” dogs! Amazing, right?

In this mod, dragons can have 3 different heads, two different tails, one wing and even claws! If this hasn’t captured your heart yet, then nothing will! This is a perfect addition to the game if you don’t have it already.

Of course, if this is not enough for you, check our mods list! Whether you’re looking just for nice room decorations or for something more like fairies, you can find everything you need to know. Don’t miss out on amazing additional content in the game because it can truly improve the experience.

Experience Other Magical Things

If dragons are not enough for you or you still want some magic, how about trying The Sims 4: Realm of Magic expansion pack? If you have this installed on your laptop, this will definitely make the whole gaming experience magical!

If you have this expansion pack, you can get your hands on such creatures as familiars, spellcasters, and much more! If you’re looking for magic, then getting this addition to the game might be the best option for you. This way, you can play with ancient bloodlines and various spell books.

For example, your Sims will be dealing with spells and curses, so it’s suitable that our Sims’ friends are of magical nature too. So, the familiars in this Sims 4 pack are creatures like a Phoenix. 

Experiencing a Broken Mod?

Since we’re dealing with mods and CC, there are a few things you should keep in mind Whether it’s The Sims 4 dragon mod or some other CC that is slowing down the game, here’s what you can do if you suspect a broken mod:

If something is not working or making things go slow, it could be a bad mod or CC doing that. If something doesn’t work anymore or even stops your game from working, you can also check out the full list and even make your contribution by writing something to the thread if you notice that something is not working.

One of the great places for that could be The Sims 4 Forums. Don’t wait too long once you notice something weird in the game!

If you’re afraid of experiencing a broken mod, do check out our full guide!

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