Your Guide To The Sims 4 Fairy Mod


Have you already had the luck of hearing about The Sims 4 Fairy mod by the infamous modder Nyx? If you’re looking for a bit of magic, some supernatural world, and even some fairy wings, then this is exactly what you need in the game right now.

In this fairy guide, we will go through the main aspects of this mod and give you all the information you need to install it.

Installing The Sims 4 Fairy Mod

If you’re looking for a way to add an additional mod to your collection, we can definitely understand that! There are some aspects that the original game creators haven’t done yet, so the players took the matters into their own hands!

Well, speaking of the fairy mod, if you want to install it, just extract the downloaded files to Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Mods folder. However, don’t forget that you need to have Mods enabled in your game options!

Did Nyx Delete Mods?

There are some players who had issues trying to find The Sims 4 fairy mod and other mods by Nyx. Were they deleted and stopped working? Most likely. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t have any magical fairies in the game.

You can still get the mod here. Nyx’s plan was to create a separate website for mods, but this plan seems to still be for the future.

How To Use The Fairies Mod?

Once you have the mod installed, just go to the Create A Sim platform and select the “Fairy” Trait. However, this is not the only way to become a fairy if you have this addition. You can also become one by getting a blessing from a fairy by asking for it at the fairy’s tree. This tree is also a new addition to the game if you get your hands on the mod.

However, that’s not all! Fairies now also have various benefits. For example, that includes leveling up skills much faster. Also, fairies can have an impact on people around them. Cool, right? There’s so much more waiting for you in the mod. Everything from new interactions to wings.

Other Magical Creatures

If fairies are still not exactly what you’re looking for, but you still want some magic, how about trying The Sims 4: Realm of Magic expansion pack?

With it, you can get your hands on such creatures as familiars, spellcasters, and much more! If you’re looking for magic, then getting this addition to the game might be the best option for you. This way, you can play with ancient bloodlines and various spell books. For example, your Sims will be dealing with spells and curses, so it’s suitable that our Sims’ friends are of magical nature too. So, the familiars in this Sims 4 pack are creatures like Phoenix or a Dragon

Whether you’re looking for just fairies or more magical beings, don’t worry, there will always be great aspects in this game! Whether it’s made by modders or the game creators themselves, you will definitely enjoy it!

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