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You have the freedom to play with vampires, aliens, mermaids, werewolves, and spellcasters in The Sims 4. But have you ever wished for more occult sims to be introduced in The Sims 4? With this ultra-cool Fairies VS Witches mod, you can now diversify your gameplay and add enchanting fairies and thrilling witches to your game! Read our entire article to know more!

fairies VS witches
The Sims 4 Fairies VS Witches Mod

Dive Into the Enchanting World of Fairies VS Witches Mod

The Sims 4 is filled with endless fun and chaos due to the existence of playable occult sims. Simmers don’t have to limit themselves to playing regular sims because there is always the thrill of creating characters with special non-human abilities to spice up the gameplay. However, in 2021, SpinningPlumbobs further advanced the pleasure of playing with occult sims by launching the Fairies VS Witches Mod, which included more magical and mysterious beings in the game!


With this Fairies VS Witches mod, simmers can have more adventures as they can turn their sims into fairies and witches! These new occult beings can learn magical spells and abilities and conjure immense power from their surroundings. The mod almost seems like an entire expansion pack as it offers plenty of gameplay additions! Check out all the best features of the Fairies VS Witches mod below.

1. Two New Occult Sims Available


The Fairies VS Witches mod officially introduces two new occult beings in the game—fairies, and witches. These two beings pretty much remind us of the fairy and witch life states that were available in The Sims 3: Supernatural. However, the Fairies VS Witches Mod offers us more distinctive gameplay. The witches of this mod do not resemble the Spellcasters available in the game, because they draw on darker and more dangerous magic. The fairies, on the other hand, bring a lighter touch into the game—donning enchanting wings and sprinkling glitter wherever they go.

2. The Sylvan Fairy Village

fae 1

The Sylvan Fairy Village is located in the secret world of Sylvan Glade. It is where fairies officially reside. When you visit this place, you will encounter plenty of fairies of various levels, practicing their fairy magic skills and engaging in Power Spar Sessions and Magical Battles. You can visit this place every time you want to through The Giving Fairy Statue.

3. The Giving Fairy Statue


To be able to become a fairy, you must buy The Giving Fairy Statue in Build Mode. This could be purchased for 1,000 simoleons. You can easily identify this item by looking for a butterfly icon on the right top side. By putting this into the game, you can turn sims into fairies. This statue will also have a positive effect on nearby plants, making them grow healthily.

4. Becoming a Fairy

fairy place

In the Fairies VS Witches mod, after buying The Giving Statue and placing it into your lot, you’re now ready to turn your sims into fairies! Here are the full steps on how to transform your sim into a fairy:

  1. Click The Giving Fairy Statue and select “Examine Statue.”
  2. Then, select “Place Item”. Your sim needs to place either a rose, dahlia, or sapphire on the statue.
  3. A popup will appear that will let your sim decide if they want to visit a beautiful place. Click “Embrace beautiful sight”, which will then take your sim to the Sylvan Fairy Village, where your sim will meet an Ethereal Guardian Fairy.
  4. Greet the Ethereal Guardian and “Ask How to Become a Fairy”. She will then tell your sim the need to search for sprites within the Sylvan Fairy Village.
  5. Click “Search for Sprites” to allow your sim to seek for sprites. When you find one, talk to it.
  6. Compliment the Sprite until the “Make a Wish” option appears.
  7. Then, select “Ask to Become a Fairy”
  8. Your sim will then become a first-level Pixie fairy! Fairy sims will have occult plumbobs on top of their heads.

5. The Fairy Guidebook

fairies 1

After successfully becoming a fairy, your fairy sim needs to acquire a copy of The Fairy Guidebook. The Fairy Guidebook contains everything that your fairy sim needs to learn to improve their magical abilities and spells and to level up their fairy forms. To have The Fairy Guidebook, come and talk again to the Ethereal Guardian on Sylvan Glade and select “Ask for Fairy Guidebook” from the interactions available.  Make sure that your relationship with the Guardian is high enough before you ask for the book, or else she might not give it to you.

6. Fairy Forms


Fairies have five Fairy Forms available. The first level is the Pixie, the second is the Nymph, the third is the Mythic, the fourth is the Enchanted Fae, and finally, the fifth is the Ethereal Guardian. As your sim keeps practicing Fairy Magic, they can keep leveling up their Fairy Forms. When you click on your sim, the Fairy Form selection will appear. Click on that to edit how you want your sim to appear as a fairy.

The Fairies VS Witches Mod comes with customizable fairy wings that your sim can wear. Sporting these wings are optional, in case you want to have wingless fairy sims. However, if you want your sims to always have wings, turn on Auto Wings from the Fairy Form options.

7. Fairy Magic Skill


Like spellcaster occult sims, Fairies will have a special magic called the Fairy Magic Skill. Practicing Fairy Magic, using their Magical Abilities, and doing Power Spar Sessions and Magical Battles can allow them to level up their Fairy Magic Skills. As they acquire more experience, they will be able to learn additional Fairy Spells and get more Magical Abilities.

The fairies of the Fairies VS Witches mod can tap into a variety of power sources, such as the moon, ice, nature, plants, and other elements in their surroundings. Fairies can also repress or channel their Fairy Magic anytime they want to.

8. Fairy Spells and Magical Abilities

magical spells

Fairies don’t just float and fly around Sylvan Glade. They are extremely useful for their spells and abilities. You must remember though that learning spells highly depends on the power source that your fairy sims choose to draw upon. For example, nature fairies will be able to learn nature spells faster than others. Just remember that these spells could both be beneficial or destructive for the lives of other sims.

Fairy Spells include the Keratin Conversion, the Ivy Wrap, the Morbus, the Sana, the Incendia, the Flora Vitalis, Herba Partum, the Herba Incrementum, the Liberate, the Refectio, the Medusa’s Gaze, the Somnium, the Surge, the Mystify, the Exemplum, the Frost Affix, and the Cryocast. As for their Magical Abilities, fairies can learn the Rescind Power Source, the Level-Headed, the Studious, the Magic Mentor, the Teleportation, the Dryad, the Source Master, the Muse, the Fairy Dust, and the Healing Dust among others.

9. The Witchcraft Altar


In case you want your sims to tread onto the path of darkness and become powerful witches, you can start by purchasing the Witchcraft Altar from Build Mode. Like The Giving Statue, the Witchcraft Altar could also be purchased for 1,000 simoleons. You can also easily identify the Witchcraft Altar by looking for a butterfly icon on the right top side of the items. The Witchcraft Altar does not only give your sims the opportunity to become a sim, but it is also useful for learning bewitching spells later on. Put the altar anywhere on your lot after purchasing.

10. Becoming a Witch


Now that you have the Witchcraft Altar available, you’re now ready to conjure dark magic and turn your sim into a witch. Here are all the steps for becoming a witch using the Fairies VS Witch Mod:

  1. Approach the altar and click “Inspect Altar”.
  2. Then, click the altar again and select “Try to Meditate”.
  3. As your sim enters meditation mode, a ghost-like spiritual guide will appear. Hovering your mouse over this guide will show you that it is an Ancestral Witch.
  4. You have to greet the Ancestral Witch.
  5. Then, click “Ask about Witchcraft” from the interaction options. The Ancestral Witch will then reveal some information about witches.
  6. After her explanation, click on the “Ask to become a witch” interaction. She will tell you that you have to give her a sprite in exchange for becoming a witch.
  7. You then have to get to Sylvan Glade and fetch a sprite for the witch. To do this, you have to do a bit of the fairy route—get The Giving Statue, place some items, and reach Sylvan Glade.
  8. Once your sim is in Sylvan Glade, click “Hunt for Sprites” around the area. When you see one, select it and click “Capture Sprite”.
  9. Finally, let your sim come back to the witch, and then select “Trade Sprite for Which Powers”.
  10. Your sim will then become a first-level Practitioner Witch!

11. The Guide to Witchcraft

witch book

After becoming a witch, your sim is now ready to harness the powers of the dark realm by learning about magical spells and witch abilities. To guide them in this perilous but rewarding journey, they need to have a copy of The Guide to Witchcraft which will greatly help them in the process. To do this, approach the Ancestral Witch once again and ask her where to find the guide to witchcraft. She will tell you that you have to place items on the Witchcraft Altar to conjure a copy of the book.

Now, find two amethyst crystals, then place these crystals on the two sides of the Witchcraft Altar. You will then get a copy of the guide. The Guide to Witchcraft contains all information about Witch Ranks, Powers, Witchcraft spells, and Altar Configurations.

12. Witch Ranks


Like the Fairy Forms, there are also five levels of Witches, called the Witch Ranks. The first is the Practitioner, the second is the Charmer, the third is the Spellbinder,  the fourth is Master Caster, and finally, the fifth is the Supreme Witch. Your sim has to regularly practice their Witchcraft Skill and participate in power spar sessions and magical battles to climb up the levels of the Witch Rank. Witches of lower ranks can ask to receive Magic Training from the witches of higher ranks. This will allow witch sims to level up their experiences faster.

13. Altar Configurations

guide to witchcraft 1

As we’ve mentioned earlier, the Witchcraft Altar of the Fairies VS Witches mod is not just for conjuring spiritual guides and turning sims into witches. It could also be used to unlock a variety of spells and rituals to make your witches more powerful. In the altar, your sim can place different crystals, flowers, harvestable, and artifacts, which will allow them to tap into higher energies and engage themselves in more serious witchcraft.

14. Witchcraft Skill

power source

Like spellcaster occult sims and the fairy sims of the Fairy VS Witches mod, witches also have their own kind of magic, the Witchcraft Skill. As they keep practicing Witchcraft, using their Witch Powers, and also engaging in Power Spar Sessions and Magical Battles, they will keep on increasing their Witchcraft Skill. As they gain experience, they will be able to learn more Spells and get more Powers. Just like their fairy counterparts, Witches can tap into a variety of power sources in the game, including the moon, ice, nature, plants, and other elements in their surroundings.

15. Witch Powers and Witch Spells


As they take on the treacherous path of becoming a strong witch, your sim needs the help of Witch Powers and Witch Spells to aid them in the darkness. After they have chosen which Power Source to draw upon, they can now focus on learning all the Powers and Witch Spells available to them. Witch Powers include the Rescind Power Source, the Level-Headed, the Studious, the Magic Mentor, the Teleportation, the Source Master, the Portal Pass, the Potion Prodigy, the Ancestral Connection, and the Necromancer.

Their Witch Spells, on the other hand, include the Keratin Conversion, the Ivy Wrap, the Harmonize, the Impotentia Curse, the Incendia, the Flora Vitalis, the Herba Partum, the Herba Incrementum, the Liberate, the Exemplum, the Frost Affix, the Cryocast, the Aqua Mutatio, the Attitude Aura, the Cleanse, and the Doppelganger Conjuration. Again, these Powers and Witch Spells could both be advantageous or catastrophic for the lives of other sims.

How To Install the Fairies VS Witches Mod


To be able to include and play the Fairies VS Witches mod in your game, you need to have The Sims 4: Realm of Magic installed. It is also recommended to have The Sims 4: Seasons installed for some of the Fairies VS Witches mod elements to work properly. Head over to SpinningPlumbob’s Patreon post and download the link found at the bottom of the description. Unzip the file and place all PACKAGE files inside your mods folder in The Sims 4. You can access the said folder through this path: Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Mods.

Take note not to place .package files too deep inside folders so that the game can easily locate and read the files. Then, make sure that the use of mods and custom content is enabled in your game settings.

Conclusion: Is the Fairies VS Witches Mod Worth Trying?

Featured Sims 4 Fairies VS Witches Magic

The Fairies VS Witches Mod is probably one of the best mods available for the game. Through this mod, SpinningPlumbob deserves a lot of recognition for the intricate details and high-quality stuff that he was able to contribute to The Sims 4 gameplay! The entire Fairies VS Witches mod is a refreshing and enchanting add-on to the already magical world of The Sims 4. You definitely need to install the Fairies VS Witches mod to see for yourself. Trust us, you’ll be playing with your witches and fairies all day long. Happy playing simmers!

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