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The Sims 4 Realm of Magic introduced a bunch of magical wands to the game. They include the ancient wood wand, the wood wand, the natural wand, the wand of astral creation, the marble wand, the bone wand, the magician’s wand, the wand of the sylvan forest, and the wand of the forgotten! But, what do you really know about these 10 wands? If the answer is little to nothing, you have come to the right place. In this post, we will tell you everything you need to know about the Sims 4 Realm of Magic wands.

sims 4 wands

Realm Of Magic Wands: Wood, Marble & Crystals

After the Realm of Magic was introduced to the Sims 4, Spellcasters could choose to use a variety of wands to cast spells, instead of their hands. They can be purchased from the vendor stalls in the Magic Realm or build mode with the cheat bb.showhiddenobjects.

Altogether there are 10 wands, which range in price from §25 to §500. They also range in what material they are sourced from such as wood, marble, and crystals. Furthermore, wands can be stored in wooden displays when they are not in use – as shown in the photos below. Now, let’s take a look at these wands!

1. The Ancient Wood Wand – §25

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The Ancient Wood Wand is crafted with the old woodworking methods and is set at the price of §25. It brings us back to a simpler time when wands did not represent a spell caster’s status or wealth – but their passion for the magic arts. This is the perfect wand for a newbie spellcaster!

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2. The Wood Wand – §50

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Sims 4 Wands

The Wood Wand is a good addition to your Spellcaster’s collection of magical wands. Set at the price of §50, it is also budget-friendly and showcases a simple, yet elegant design. It also comes in two swatches, so you can choose the one that matches your Spellcaster’s personality the best!

3. The Natural Wand – §80

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The Natural Wand is hand-carved by the best woodworkers in the realm. With each swatch, being unique – you can be certain your Spellcaster will discover one they like! This wand is set at the price of §80, so it is still pretty cheap in comparison to the priciest ones. Anyway, if you desire a natural-looking wand with a bit of uniqueness – this is the wand for you!

4. The Wand of Astral Creation – §100

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The Wand of Astral Creation is our favorite out of all the Realm of Magic 10 wands. Featuring a shining bright star at the top… It is forged out of moonstones and imbued with astral vapors. Meaning that this sparkling wand holds the power of more than a million galaxies… This wand belongs to the Spellcasters with a tie to other galaxies. Whether through their astral names, or their glowy looks – this is the wand for them! Your Spellcasters can buy this wonder for §100!

5. The Marble Wand – §130

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Sims 4 Wands

The Marble Wand, featuring an elemental gem at the top – is far sturdier than the cheaper wands. For the fair price of §130, you can get this marble magic encrusted with elegant markings. This is the perfect wand for intermediate Spellcasters looking to expand their wand collection, or practice more difficult spells! We love the elemental gem at the top, it is simply enchanting!

6. The Bone Wand – §175

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The Bone Wand is set at the price of §175 and is a bit more robust than its wood variants. This means you get a little more bang for your buck – which is always a good thing! Just make sure you do not ask about the bones… You know where they came from – it’s not for the faint of heart. So, perhaps this wand is best suited for your boldest, toughest Spellcasters? Yeah, we think so.

7. The Magician’s Wand – §250

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Despite its resemblance to the typical non-magical Magician’s wand – this Magician Wand serves a different purpose. So, if you want to pull bunnies, cats, dogs, familiars, or whatnot out of a hat – you better go somewhere else… That trick has been banned for eternity due to animal and familiar cruelty. Anyway, despite not being able to have animals and familiars magically appear, this wand works just like any other Realm of Magic wand. If you have the buck, you can buy one for the price of §250.

8. The Wand of The Sylvan Forest – §325

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The Wand of the Sylvan Forest was hand craved from the enchanting trees in the Sylvan Forest. It holds immense power due to its crystal power source, and can pretty much perform every magic trick you can think of. Well, despite the bunny hat thing – but we have already talked about that… Anyway, you can buy this beauty for the high price of §325.

9. The Wand of The Elementals – §425

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Sims 4 Wands

The Wand of the Elementals is available to buy for the insanely high price of §425. So, you better make sure your Spellcaster has a full bank account before you make a purchase… Otherwise, the seller may cast some sort of spell on you. Well, unlikely – but who knows right? Anything can happen in the Realm of Magic. Anyway, this colorful wand is forged from the rocks deep within the earth. Thus, it contains the power of every elemental… Freaky, but cool.

10. The Wand of the Forgotten – §500

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The Wand of the Forgotten is indeed a wand created by the forgotten… Yes, this wand is created by the spirits of the underworld and holds strange mysteries your Spellcaster must attempt to discover. For the unreliably high price of §500, your Spellcasters can buy this wand. But be aware, that some of their ancestors may have been a part of its creation… So, if you do not like mysteries – or spirits… Well, maybe this wand is better suited for the Spellcasters that do! But, suit yourself…


To sum it up, the Sims 4 Realm of Magic comes with a bunch of magical wands Spellcasters can use to practice their magic. They all range in price and looks, giving you plenty of options to choose the right wand for your Sim. Our favorite out of the 10 wands is the wand of astral creation. Which wand is your favorite? We would love to know, so please leave us a comment down below!

Anyway, thank you so much for stopping by today. We wish you a wonderful day, but most importantly… Happy Simming!

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