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The Sims 4 curses are a new way to spice up the gameplay. Thanks to the Realm of Magic Game Pack, now you can become a master of witchcraft, cast spells – and even become cursed! Curses alter Sims’ ability to do magic successfully, win duels, and progress in different magic ranks. Sounds appealing? You’d love to read more about it?

Continue reading and prepare your spellbook and potions, as we are about to dive into the realm of curses. This is how you can become a reputable witch in your neighborhood!

How to Cast a Curse?

If your Sims is just beginning to learn magic, be prepared to experience some curses along the way. They make them lose control over their behavior, looks, temper, or their magic skills. As a result, they can become less successful in social interactions, making potions, or casting spells. There are a few ways to inflict Sims 4 curses Realm of Magic:

  • Losing Magic Duels – It can trigger Hex of the Duelist, Curse of Awkward Embraces, and the Curse of Unwaranted Hostility
  • Failiures in Spellcasting – It triggers Curse of Scrambled Spells and Curse of Uncontrolable Charge
  • Reaching Maximum Charge – It triggers Curse of Infectious Laughter and Curse of Uncontrolable Charge
  • Overcharge Failure – It can Trigger Curse of the Night Wrath, Curse of Scrambled Spells and Curse of Uncrontrolable Charge
  • Curse Removal Potion Failure – Triggers any curse
  • Potion Making Failure – Can trigger Curse of Repulsiveness, Curse of Uncleansable Stench, and Curse of Unwaranted Hostility
  • Potion Drinking Failure – Curse of Awkward Embraces and Curse of Uncleansable Stench

Be aware that curses can be inflicted only upon the character you are playing. This means that they won’t be able to curse others, but only accidentally curse themselves.

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Can Sims 4 Curses be removed?

Fortunately, if you happened to become cursed, not everything is doomed. Curses are permanent. However, they are not completely irreversible. The good news is that you can revert your Sims back to normal, with a few magic tricks. There are two Sims 4 remove curses tricks you can do.

You can choose the option ”Decursify”. You will find it under ”Untamed Magic” in your Sims book of spells. However, this can be done only by a Sims who has reached the Spellcaster Master rank, which is Level 5 in casting spells skill. If you have reached this level you are lucky, as you can easily diversify yourself. This can also be performed by any of your household members who possess this rank. Having minimum Magic Charge will be helpful and raise the chances of casting a successful ”Decursify” spell.

No matter which one of the Sims 4 curses your character has, the second thing you can do is make a Potion of Curse Cleansing. This potion is can be available in your local potion shop. It is usually in high demand, so you will need some luck finding it available in the shop stock. Or, you can make it yourself! Learning this one will require you to be at least Level 3 in Potion Making. Here are the ingredients you will need:

  • One Citrine crystal
  • Mandrake
  • One Apple
  • One Angelfish

Can Sims 4 Curses be Avoided?

Removing curses is a real life-saver, but how about avoiding them in the future altogether? Some Sims will have higher immunity to curses than others. Sims with Magical Bloodline Traits will have natural talents for Magic, and as a result, be naturally better at avoiding curses.

Luckily, during gameplay, you will be able to minimize the possibility of becoming curses with special Sims 4 perks. In the panel named ”Spellcaster Perks,” you will see an option to buy a Hexproof perk. The only bad news is that this perk will be available to you only after you reach Level 5 of spellcasting.

In the end, Magic takes practice. Just like other skills, as they get better at casting spells and making magic positions, they will be less likely to curse themselves.

Curses trully make the gameplay exciting. If Magic happens to be one of your interests, feel free to explore more about the awesome things you can do with The Sims 4 Realm Of Magic Expansion Pack here.

How Many curses are there in the Sims 4?

There are 9 different curses that can be triggered during gameplay. Sims can be cursed with up to three different curses at a time. Some curses seem more lighthearted and fun. However, other curses can haunt them at night and even doom their social life forever.

If you want to learn more about The Sims 4 Realm of Magic, you can check out this page!

1. Curse of Awkward Embraces

With this curse, you can now turn even the most charming Sims socially awkward. The Curse of Awkward Embraces creates an urge to go around and hug everyone. Your Sims will start a chain of hugs. They will be hugging not only their friends but also acquaintances, and even complete strangers! This can have a drastic impact on their social life, making them socially less desirable to others. Above all, no one wants an unwarranted hug, especially from a stranger. Even their closest friends and family will start to think of them as a bit too extra to handle.

2. Curse of Infectious Laughter

Prepare yourself for a lot of laughter. I mean, A LOT. The Curse of Infectious Laughter seems like a fun one until it isn’t anymore. After a few good laughs, things will start to get a little awkward. Your Sims will now laugh at anything, with anyone and anywhere, even in inappropriate moments. Ther laughter will also become infectious, making others laugh when they shouldn’t. However, while it doesn’t seem as bad as other curses, nobody will like a Sims who’s laughing at a funeral.

3. The Sims 4 Curses of Repulsiveness

The Curse of Repulsivenes will turn your Sims into green creatures – as green as a Wizard of Ozz witch. This one will make them scarry for passers-by to look at. The curse makes them physically unrecognizable, giving them a real witchy, grotesque appearance. Their skin will turn green, become all patchy and wrinkled, and their lips will turn purple. Other Sims will be scared or find them unbearably hideous. Cursed Sims will become social outcasts, doomed to be rejected wherever they go. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Too bad others won’t be able to see beyond the looks!

4. Curse of Scrambled Spells

Are you doing magic or is your magic doing you? The Curse of Scrambled Spells will turn any spellwork into a gamble. Your character will lose control of their magic, and their spells will have an unexpected effect. This is one of the trickiest Sims 4 curses, as you’ll never know what you’ll get. Your spells may sometimes become too powerful to handle, and even impressive! Any magic done will have a lot of side effects and plenty of unexpected twists and turns. Your spells will also be more likely to backfire while cursed, especially if you have a lower rank in Spellcasting.

You can also cast a curse on your DSims for fun using The Sims 4 Realm of Magic Cheats.

5. Curse of Uncleansable Stench

What is more annoying than having a cloud of green stink around your Sims? Well, now they will be unfortunate enough to have a terrible odor 24/7. Unlike the after-gym smell, this curse makes them smelly even after a shower. Your Sims will be sweaty, smelly, and undesirable around other Sims. So, be careful when drinking and making potions, as you may quickly become the smelliest Sim in your town!

6. Curse of Uncontrolable Charge

The Curse of Uncontrollable Charge gives your Sims extra magical energy, creating an overload that’s hard to tame. Their spells will instantaneously become super powerful, and may even rebound! The charge meter will skyrocket, and the effects of any magic they do will be magnified. They will reach magic overload quicker than ever, and find it difficult to tame their own spells.

7. The Curse of Unwaranted Hostility

This is one of the sims 4 spellcaster curses that will make others pick fights with your Sims without any obvious provocation. The Curse of Unwarranted Hostility will make them unleash the fury on your Sims who did them no wrong just because they dislike them! The poor Sims will get into arguments and dusty wrestles, making them targets for temper tantrums and fists of others. As a result, they are likely to feel like the whole world is against them until the curse is broken.

8. The Sims 4 Curses – The Hex of the Duelist

Hex of the Duelist is one of the Sims 4 curses that will make practicing magic increasingly difficult. Not only will they be challenged to duels more often, but they will also be more likely to lose. Other witches and wizards will find them a perfect target for practicing their magic. Unfortunately for your Sims, getting rewards from dueling won’t be as easy. In rare cases when they do win, the results won’t be as satisfying as dueling can be.

9. Curse of the Night Wraith

Now, this is a scary curse every Sims who does magic wants to avoid at all costs. This one is not about making them socially awkward, but triggering terror and fear. The Curse of the Night Wraith summons ghost wrath to haunt your character at night. They will have no peace in their own home, as the lurking shadow ghost will follow every step they take. The Wraith is Wraith is summoned with the Overcharge failure, and once they appear, your Sims will wish they never tried doing magic at all. If ghosts frighten them, the wraith will take that fear to a whole new level.

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