Unleash All The Sims 4 Spells from the Realm of Magic!

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Get ready to unlock the full potential of your Spellcasters and unleash some serious magic in The Sims 4! In this awesome guide that we prepared for you, we’re including all the Sims 4 spells your Sims need to learn to become the ultimate Spellcaster in town. From fun little hexes to dangerous incantations in the game, we’ve got you covered. So, read on!

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Unleash All The Sims 4 Spells from the Realm of Magic!

Get To Know All The Sims 4 Spells from The Realm of Magic

The Realm of Magic, launched in September 2019, is the eighth game pack for The Sims 4. It’s a super cool addition to the game, letting your Sims dive into the magical world of Glimmerbrook and its secret place, the Magic Realm. Since the introduction of this pack, Sims can now become Spellcasters, a new occult life state dedicated to learning spells, brewing magical potions, and having magical duels with fellow Spellcasters.

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Yep. This new life state gives your Sims the feeling of being a Hogwarts wizard! So, to help you in your journey to being the best Spellcaster in town, we gathered a list of all the Sims 4 spells that are available in the pack.

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Sims 4 Spells Under the Three Schools of Magic

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Every Spellcaster in the Sims 4 gets to have their own Spell Book, an old and trustworthy manual whose pages detail all the available spells that Spellcasters could learn. The Spell Book also serves as a tool that could track the magic progress of your Sims. As a Spellcaster, they can learn a total of 24 Sims 4 spells from three schools of magic, which are Practical Magic, Mischief Magic, and Untamed Magic. Read on below to know all of the spells that your Sims can learn under each school.

Practical Magic

First, we will delve into Practical Magic, which is centered on spells that are useful for everyday life. Through this school, Sims can learn spells to clean, cook, and even fix objects with a wave of their wand. This is very helpful if your Sims need that extra hand around the house!

1. Repairio Spell

repairio 1

The Repairio Spell in The Sims 4 is a handy magic trick that instantly repairs broken objects. With this, your Sim can fix anything that’s gone wrong. Plus, here’s the exciting part: this spell doesn’t just stop at repairs! It also has the ability to upgrade objects. That’s right, your Sim can take a regular item and turn it into a more powerful version of itself.

2. Scruberoo Spell


Next is the Scruberoo Spell, which is a total lifesaver when it comes to cleaning up messes. With Scruberoo, your Sim can simply banish dirt, grime, and stains from any surface. Yep! No more pesky spills, and hello to sparkling cleanliness! This Sims 4 spell is so powerful that it can even clean up after pets so there won’t be any need to worry about those muddy paw prints.

3. Delicioso Spell


The Delicioso Spell in The Sims 4 will assist your Sim to conjure up delectable meals with a wave of their wand. With this spell, they can easily whip up gourmet feasts and decadent desserts. It also has the power to create dishes that are of the best quality, perfect for picky eaters. So, who needs a chef when you have this spell?

4. Floralolial Spell


If your Sims love healthy and happy plants, then the Floralolial Spell is something nice to learn! This magical spell harnesses the power of nature, allowing your plants the tender loving care they need— by being watered, weeded, and all that. It’s that convenient! The Floralolial Spell can also create a garden that is healthy and free from those pesky little bugs.

5. Transportalate Spell


Do you want to enable your Sim to instantly teleport to any desired location in the Sims 4? Then, you have to learn the Transportalate Spell, which can help your Sim bypass the laws of space and time—making them effortlessly appear at their chosen destination. It’s a convenient spell that will help your Sim save a lot of energy and time!

6. Copypasto Spell


If you can grant your Sim the power to duplicate objects effortlessly, you definitely would, right? Well, with the Copypasto Spell, they can create exact replicas of items in the game. This Sims 4 spell proves super useful for collector Sims seeking duplicates for their prized possession or for entrepreneurial Sims looking to multiply their items for sale.

7. Herbio Spell


Like Floralolial, the Herbio Spell summons the power of nature at your Sim’s command. With this Sims 4 spell, your Sim can conjure a perfectly lush garden filled with full-grown plants and vegetation. Pro Tip: You can also get new, rare, and uncommon plants through this spell!

8. Homewardial Spell


If you learn the Homewardial Spell, you no longer need the Glimmer Stone as this nifty little trick provides your Sim a convenient way to return home from the Magic Realm, in an instant. If you’re curious, this is not like the Transpotalate Spell, as that one includes only short-distance travels.

9. Rite of Ascension Spell


The Rite of Ascension is the ultimate spell to learn under the School of Practical Magic. Your Sim can only learn this one once they’ve reached the rank of a Virtuoso Spellcaster. Through this ritual, your Sim can demonstrate their growth and mastery within the realm of magic, granting them the ability to turn other Sims into fellow Spellcasters!

Mischief Magic

Secondly, for Spellcasters with a mischievous side, the spells in Mischief Magic are the perfect fit. With these spells, Sims can master tricks and pranks that can cause fun or chaos. They can turn objects into bizarre creations or even cast spells to transform Sims into different forms. Beware of causing too much mischief, though!

1. Despairio Spell


The Despairio Spell in The Sims 4 is a somber spell that induces a state of sadness in the targeted Sim (+10 sad moodlet for the next 2 hours). As it is a mood-altering Sims 4 spell, it causes them to feel downcast and weepy for a period of time. Use caution when using this spell, as it can significantly impact the emotional well-being of Sims.

2. Deliriate Spell


Deliriate is a Sims 4 spell that triggers uncontrollable thoughts in the targeted Sim. It generates a burst of confusion, causing the Sim to become totally dazed. If you use this spell on a Sim, the effects might last from 2-4 hours. Ick, that’s a long time of confusion!

3. Furio Spell


Unleash trouble and fury among Sims by casting the Furio Spell on them. With this mischievous trick, you can convince Sims to become enraged and fight each other for an hour or less. Be careful though, as using this will give the two Sims a permanent decrease in their relationship. Pro Tip: Use it on a couple that your Sim despises.

4. Infatuate Spell


Play the Cupid in the game with Infatuate, a Sims 4 spell that draws on attraction and infatuation. When cast upon Sims, it induces strong feelings of romantic interest and fascination toward each other. It has the potential to initiate new relationships or deepen existing ones, providing opportunities for love and utter mischief within the game. And ooh, be careful with broken hearts here and there!

5. Burgliate Spell


Does that little Kleptomaniac trait in your Sim make them really want to play Swiper and go swipe things? Make things easier for them with Burgliate, a Sims 4 spell that grants your Sim the ability to magically unlock and open locked doors. When learned, it allows your Sim to easily steal objects that are not theirs. They can then make money from these possessions.

6. Morphiate Spell


Mischievous spells can mess with Sims’ physical bodies as well. With the Morphiate spell, your Sim can temporarily transform a target Sim into a chosen object or creature. Does this make these Sims happy? Oh, we’re not sure. But it indeed allows them to experience life from a unique perspective, especially from the eyes of a Rubber Ducky!

7. Strangeify Spell


Another peculiar Sims 4 spell that alters the physical appearance of your Sim is Strangeify. This really nasty trick adds unconventional features to a selected Sim, such as giving them green skin, a face full of warts, and the capability to let other Sims retch at the sight of them. The spell works for a total of 3 to 5 hours.

Untamed Magic

Meanwhile, the spells in Untamed Magic are for Sims who seek the raw and unpredictable powers of nature. These are the most dangerous magic spells that Sims can learn, as the spells here are related to channeling mystical forces, communicating with spirits, and manipulating the elements. Spellcasters can summon thunderstorms, grow plants at a fast rate, or even hurt other Sims! Uh-oh!

1. Inferniate Spell


Love to play with fire? Then let your Sims learn Inferniate, a Sims 4 spell that harnesses the power of fire. It allows your Sim to conjure a small ball of flame at will, enabling them to cause a bit of fiery mishap here and there. However, beware of casting this spell! Your spellcaster can cause accidental fires or harm to Sims or objects.

2. ZipZap Spell


If your Sim has ever been electrocuted by lightning, you know that the experience is a very ~shocking~ event. Now the thing is, you can recreate this by casting the ZipZap spell to other Sims. When cast, the unlucky Sim will receive a powerful bolt of energy in their body, and it will give them a +10 dazed moodlet.

3. Necrocall Spell


If you’re ever in an area filled with urns and tombstones, the Necrocall would be useful. This Sims 4 spell knocks into the realm of the undead, allowing your Sim to summon and interact with ghost Sims. It creates a connection between them, enabling your Sim to strengthen the connection with spirits. After using this, you can then follow it up with the Dedeathify Spell!

4. Chillio Spell


Brrrr, the Chillio is a Sims 4 spell that manipulates the body temperature of a target Sim, creating a localized area of extreme cold. It can freeze objects, and cause Sims to shiver, making them truly uncomfortable. This spell offers unique opportunities for you to cool other Sims during Summer!

5. Minionize Spell


The Minionize Spell allows your Sim to control a minion Sim, who will then become their helpful assistant, carrying out tasks and chores assigned by your Sim. For 4 to 8 hours, this Sims 4 spell provides an extra pair of hands to expedite daily activities and lighten the workload in the house, like cooking, and cleaning. Now, who needs Bonehilda?

6. Dedeathify Spell


Do you have a Sim you want to bring back to life? The Deadeathify Spell has the power to bring back deceased Sims to life. It allows your Sim to resurrect departed loved ones or other ghosts, providing an opportunity to continue relationships. This spell adds a supernatural aspect to the game, allowing Sims to explore the complexities of life and death!

7. Decursify Spell


Have you been hexed? Fear not! There is a Decursify spell which is all about cleansing and restoration. It removes negative or cursed effects that may have been inflicted upon your Sim, restoring them to their normal state. This Sims 4 spell provides relief from afflictions such as curses, illnesses, or negative moodlets, allowing your Sim to regain their well-being (and sanity).

8. Duplicato Spell


The Duplicato Spell in The Sims 4 grants your Sim the ability to create a duplicate copy of your Sim. As it allows for the existence of two identical Sims at the same time, it might come off as creepy to other Sims, or they might just think that there are twin Sims. It’s the perfect Sims 4 spell if your Sims need to have trustworthy company around.

Learning and Perfecting The Spells

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In order for your Sims to learn spells more quickly, they must progress through the ranks of being a Spellcaster. Each rank unlocks access to specific spells, so the higher your Sims’ rank, the more advanced spells they can master. There are a total of six ranks: Apprentice, Neophyte, Acolyte, Adept, Master, and Virtuoso. As your Sims climb the ranks, they’ll find it easier to grasp and excel at more complex and powerful spells.

  1. Reading Tomes – You can purchase Tomes when you go to Caster’s Alley in the Magic Realm. These books will allow you to learn the spells manually. Pro Tip: Visit the store every day for rare tome finds!
  2. Dueling with Spellcasters – You can “Duel for Knowledge” with other spellcasters around Magic HQ. This will then allow you to gain points, level up as a Spellcaster, and pick up a spell or two.
  3. Practicing Magic – The best thing about being a Spellcaster is you can still do it by yourself. Yes. You can keep practicing magic on your own, and this will still allow you to gain points and discover spells.
  4. Learning from Sages – In your time at the Magic HQ, you must befriend the three Sages L. Faba, Morgyn Ember, and Simeon Silversweater. Once you reach the highest rank of being a Spellcaster, and you have become Good Friends with these Sages, you can use the “Ask to Learn” interaction for them to teach you the final spell in each respective School of Magic!

Wrapping It Up

Alrighty then, folks! You’ve got the lowdown on all 24 spells your Sims need to become the ultimate spellcasters. We hope this guide has been super helpful to you in discovering all the spells, charms, hexes, and curses that can be useful and fun in the game. Now go out there to have some spellcasting fun (and wreak magical havoc) in town! As always, SnootySims is here to keep you in the loop with all things Sims, so stay tuned for more updates. Happy playing, dear Simmers!

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