How To Add More Traits Slots In Sims 4?

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Find Out How You Can Add More Trait Slots In Sims 4!

Creating a Sim in the CAS menu always goes through the same few steps. We create the looks, brand our Sims with a name, and characterize them with traits. And although there are cool traits in The Sims 4, many players feel like they are not enough. More specifically, simmers have a problem with not being able to use all the traits that they want. So how do you add more trait slots in Sims 4?

Well, that’s what we’re going to discuss in this post!

First of all, there could be many different reasons why you’d want to get more trait slots. This is especially true when you’re getting additional traits from mods on the internet, only to find that you can’t really use them all. Fortunately for us, there is a mod that fixes this problem!

So can you add more traits in Sims 4 with this mod?

Yes, that’s precisely the purpose! With this mod, you’ll have more slots, and you’ll be able to use more traits per Sim. 

So let’s talk about where you can download it from and how you can use it!

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Sims 4 More Trait Slots Mod: an Overview

The Sims 4 more trait slots mod that we’re talking about here is More Traits in CAS. It’s a creation by thepancake1 and MizoreYukii, two mod creators that we feature very often on SnootySims. Their More Traits in CAS mod is currently only available on their Patreon page, but it’s available for public use!

Click here to download the 2021 version of the more trait slots mod for The Sims 4!

If you’re having trouble finding the download buttons, just scroll down to the end of the main post. There you’ll be able to see these two attachments: 



And you only need to click on them to start your download!

How Does This Mod Work?

It’s very simple. Once you get into the CAS mode after installing this mod, you’ll notice that there are more trait slots. Now, different age categories have a different number of slots. Here are all of them!

  • Toddlers – 2 trait slots
  • Children – 3 trait slots
  • Teens – 4 trait slots
  • Young Adults – 5 trait slots
  • Adults – 5 trait slots
  • Elders – 5 trait slots

As you can see, your adult Sims can now have up to 5 traits! This is honestly amazing because it improves so many different things in the actual gameplay. 

For example, now you can create a scientist Sim that also dabbles in music and loves dogs. Where in the base game, you must restrict yourself to choosing Logic and similar traits, which often make your Sim a one-dimensional character. This way, your Sims will feel more like real people!

Additionally, keep in mind that you don’t have to feel all the 5 trait slots with this mod! If you choose, you can only pick 4 traits for your Sim and leave them at that. The game won’t add a random one for you.

And that’s the value you’re going to get from this mod! The great part is that it’s compatible with the base game, and you don’t need any particular DLC to make it work. And it’s also compatible with most other trait extensions out there, so we highly recommend it.

That’s all there is to know about the mod that adds more trait slots in Sims 4!

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As you can see, the ability to use 5 trait slots instead of only 3 has a huge impact on how your Sims will behave in the game. But that’s all for the better! This is obviously a huge improvement, and we simply love what these two brilliant creators have done here. Thanks to them, our Sims now have complete personalities!

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