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Your Background Is As Important As Your Front

CAS Background is what the people will see whenever you send cute screenshots of your beloved Sims! But, not all your Sims fit the boring ambience of The Sims 4 base background, right? Yes, so we went on a mission and discovered the most unique custom background for the game. We’re sure that you’ll find your favorite here! Let’s go!

The Best CAS Backgrounds Mods and CC for The Sims 4

Black CAS Background

To start it off, here is a plain black background. Every serious Sim in your collection will thank you for adding this one to your game, so you better get it quickly. The Sims Resource is where you can download it.

CAS background

CAS Background Galaxy 2 By Patreshas Editing

Out of space and out of dreams! We love this galaxy styled CAS background because no matter which Sim you photo shoot there, it’s impossible to turn out anything but extraordinary! Thanks to Patreshasediting for creating the CC and making it available for download here.

CAS background

CAS Backgrounds My Bedrooms – Part 2

If you like your Sims in a homey ambience, here is a whole pack of custom bedroom backgrounds! There are in total 7 of them, all of them with a unique vibe and warmth. To download them, follow our direct link to the official page at

CAS background

Simple Cat Walk CAS Background

We like simplicity in all things, including CAS backgrounds for The Sims 4! And that is why we show you this adorable one by Vyuna which is in 1 tone, but in 9 color variants. If you want your Sims to get all the focus and attention, get this CC from here.

CAS background

Large Room CAS Background

One of the most popular CAS Backgrounds CC is here; ready to enter your game files! And why not, when the whole design is gentle and modernistic, giving off the feeling that your Sim is an important person in the world? If you’ve decided on downloading it, you can do so at this page.

CAS background

Marble CAS Background – IX

Katversecc is famous for creating many invaluable mods and CC, but this belongs in our ultimate favorites! The pinky marble background is the right choice for every princess in your creation! Its official source is The Sims Resource, but you can take this shortcut directly to the downloading page.

CAS background

Fantastic And Refreshing CAS Screens

Christmas fear on the other hand, has come up with 2 fantastic and refreshing CAS backgrounds for the game. Her colorful additions are ideal if you’re setting up a relaxing ambience for your photo shoot. Her CC can be downloaded at ModTheSims.

CAS background

Old Houses CAS Backgrounds

And here is something vintage and old! Whenever we go for bit of vampire playtime, first thing we do is install this CAS background! But it also can be used for any medieval style gameplay or any particular themed costumes parade! Visit for more info or download it quickly through this link.

CAS background

Tutorial CAS Backgrounds

If you’ve ever wondered how these gorgeous CAS backgrounds are made – here is a detailed answer! From beginning to end, Annett will teach you how to construct a beautiful CAS screen for you or for other Simmers! You’ll find it all explained here.

CAS background

Vibrant Watercolor CAS Background

Multicolor is the way of the youth! There is something hip about all these vivid shades mashed together that makes us want to play our young Sims even more! And our feeling is shared by many Simmers around the world because this background is downloaded more than 45,000 times! To become one of us, visit this page to get it for yourself.

CAS background

White CAS Background

But if you’re tired of the colorful backgrounds, here is a basic white one! This plain canvas can serve as the place where true art is being made! We believe that you’ll fall in love with it, but don’t take our word for it and make a download to give it a try.

CAS background

Winter CAS Backgrounds – 1

Whenever you near the winter holidays, these are the CAS backgrounds that you need to get! In a total of 3 designs, they can really freshen up the ambience and get you in the Christmas mood. To download it, click here.

CAS background

Winter CAS Backgrounds – 2

You know that the amazing Annett is full of inspiration and charm, right? She has created one more fantastic winter wonder set of backgrounds for The Sims 4, and they’re right under your fingertips! Go to to check all the variants in detail or if you want to download them right now, click here.

CAS background

Wooden floor CAS Background – WF01

A classic background is what everyone misses from the game! The brown floor and grey wall behind are a perfect way to present your Sim in a secluded spotlight. This CC by Katversecc is well known and well beloved by the Sims 4 community, so you’ll be right to get it too. It’s available for download at The Sims Resource.

CAS background


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