Sims 4 Social Activities Mod – How to Visit Friends?


Have More Social Gatherings and Spend More Time with Your Friends!

Social gatherings, events, and family holidays have never been the strongest points of Sims 4. Yes, some of the DLCs let you take your family on vacations while others give you access to nightclubs. But that’s pretty much it, right? Well, the Sims 4 social activities mod changes all that!

What are social activities?

Social activities are friendly events that your Sims can participate in. They can be everything from visiting a friend to leaving your pet in doggy daycare! The Sims 4 social activities mod is one of the best additions to the game, simply because of how much depth it brings to the table. Being able to go on a date (a proper one) or leave your toddler with a babysitter honestly feels amazing. It completes many aspects of the game for us, so we hope that you’ll give it a shot as well!

Let’s talk more about what’s inside the Sims 4 social activities mod!

Sims 4 Social Activities Mod: An Overview

Sims 4 Social Activities Mod – The Basics

First off, many thanks to the brilliant creator LittleMsSam for creating and sharing this mod with us. She is one of our favorite mods and CC designer for The Sims 4 and we love all of her creations. Needless to say, she has outdone herself this time as well and she definitely deserves your attention. You can follow her on this Tumblr page

And to download the Sims 4 social activities mod, follow this link!

Once installed, you can access the social activities through your Sim’s phone. All you have to do is click on the phone icon and select the activity you want. 

There are multiple categories of social activities in this Sims 4 mod. They range from activities for adult Sims to activities for toddlers or pets only. Let’s examine these categories one by one and see all the social activities you can do!

Social Activities

This category of social activities is available to all Sims in Sims 4, but it’s generally used by adults. Note that all of these activities, with the exception of “Go on a Date” allows you to bring your pet with you.

While on these activities, needs like Fun and Social will also fill up. There are other bonuses as well, such as your kids/teens always finish their homework while visiting friends.

  • Visit Friends
  • Visit Family
  • And Visit Acquaintances
  • (“First Love” Mod Needed ) Visit Crush
  • Go on a Date

Activities for Toddlers

The social activity for toddlers helps you save time. The mod also allows them to have a more social life in Sims 4!

  • Send to Daycare

Activities for Pets

The pet category is another quality-of-life change. Both activities are extremely valuable, so make sure to use them if you own a pet!

  • Send to Pet Sitter
  • Send to/Go to Dog Trainer


In the vacations category, you only get two social activities. You can go on a mini-vacation with your entire family, or simply send your children on one. However, the honeymoon vacation can only be used by married Sims.

  • Mini Vacation
  • Honeymoon

Other Activities

The other activities category is perhaps the most fun of all. And that’s simply because there are so many interesting activities to participate in. Take a look!

  • Hiking Trip
  • Music Concert
  • Circus
  • Cooking Competition
  • Art Exhibition
  • Read and Meet Book Group
  • Museum of Technology
  • Go to Church

Conclusion on the Sims 4 Social Activities Mod

The Sims 4 social activities mod offers you a great deal of fun stuff you can do with your friends and family. Our Sims finally have the opportunity to go somewhere with their loved ones, spend time together, and build memories. They can work on their skills, needs, and values while they’re on these social activities, so they never waste their time.

Even though we like this mod a lot, we would love to see an update for it. There could be many more new interactions added, such as riots or sleepovers. Nevertheless, we recommend you to try this mod and tell us what you think!

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