30+ Family Mods: Add up Extra fun to your Households In The Sims 4!

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Add another layer of household fun in The Sims 4 with these family mods that we gathered for you! Make the homes of your Sims more exciting and forge heartfelt connections with family members, through these mods!

sims 4 family mods

Check Out This Amazing Collection of Family Mods!

Families are the building blocks of The Sims 4. Ever since the first Sims game was launched, we Simmers have been creating the most adorable (and eccentric!) families who will help us enliven our gameplay. Sometimes though, there are a few family matters that we wish we could incorporate in our game! Realistic aspects such as divorce, foster families, custody arrangements, and other familial matters could fully complete our gameplay. Thankfully, we have collected the following family mods which will help in this regard! Check them all out!

Deep Fryer and Family Diner Mod

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This mod not only introduces an awesome new Deep Fryer kitchen appliance to your game but it also lets your Sims run their very own Family Diner! Yup! Sims can turn their home into a warm and cozy restaurant and lovingly serve customers with hungry appetites.

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Ask To Invite Family Member Mod

flauschtrud asktoinvitefamilymember picker 1

This Sims 4 Family Mod will allow any Sim to easily invite the family members of their friends over, even if they haven’t met them yet! Yes. Friends’ parents, grandparents, siblings, children, and even pets can easily come over to visit! Simply choose the “Ask to Invite Family Member” in the interactions.

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Family Dinner Holiday Tradition Mod

Screenshot 2023 08 25 150902

This Sims 4 Family Mod adds the “Family Dinner” holiday tradition to your game. Now, family members can share a nice meal while spending quality time together at the dining table. Simply use the “Call to Meal” interaction to get everyone seated.

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Royal Family Mod

SAVE 1 1024x487 1

Not every family in The Sims 4 needs to be a conventional one! Sometimes, it would be great to create a regal bunch. With this mega Royal Family Mod, you can have kings, queens, and other royal titles who will rule the land, celebrate majestic events, and stir up some regal drama in the game.

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Foster Family Mod

ff4 1

This mod lets Sims conveniently join the LMS Foster Family Network in case they are interested in adopting children or pets. In the phone menu, simply go to the Foster Family category to look for the network. Check out our full guide on the Foster Family Mod here.

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Social Activities Mod


If you ever need to socialize your Sims more in The Sims 4, then definitely install this mod. Called the Social Activities mod, this allows you to add a handful of new social interactions in the game. Sims can now visit friends and family with their pets, send toddlers to daycare and pets to pet sitters, go on fun activities, and many more!

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Family Aspiration Mod

Family Aspiration

If you have family-focused Sims, you can let them try a new family-related aspiration in The Sims 4, called the Family Aspiration! The milestones included in the said aspiration will totally melt your heart. Plus, the Reward Traits for this are the “Matriarch/Patriarchs” and Role Models.

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Memorable Events Mod

Screenshot 2023 08 25 160650

Make family moments in The Sims 4 so much more special by adding a ton of new social events. With the Memorable Events Mod by KawaiiStacie, your Sims can celebrate momentous occasions such as beach parties, campings, meeting the baby, field trips, housewarming parties, pregnancy announcements, and many more. Sims will also get memory moodlets after going through such events.

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Meaningful Stories Mod


The Meaningful Stories Mod overhauls the emotion system in The Sims 4, allowing our Sims to have a wider spectrum of moods and feelings in the game that make their experiences so much more personal! This is a perfect in-game tweak for families since the included moodlets resonate with a lot of experiences in the home!

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Cooking Club Afterschool Activity Mod

MTS claudiasharon 2138622 2022 08 12 07 08 06 368 HazelLuminescentv1.2

Let little Sims have fun after school by letting them join a Cooking Club from 3:30 PM to 5:30 PM on weekdays. It will be a great opportunity to let them learn skills in the kitchen while also enjoying the art of cooking and eating. Plus, there are cooking-related whims and buffs for this mod!

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Custody and Temporary Separations Mod

the simse284a2 4 1 15 2022 9 28 38 pm

This Custody and Temporary Separations Mod is part of the WooHoo Wellness Mod Pack by Lumpinou, but it is also a standalone mod. It introduces a separation system for parents in The Sims 4, allowing them to have custody and visitation systems, support arrangements, and plenty of other stuff for their children.

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Traveling Toddlers Mod

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Your Sims don’t have to spend the entire time with their toddlers in the house because, with this mod, little Sims can now leave the house to go on their personal adventures! Called the Traveling Toddlers, this mod will let little Sims visit rabbit holes in the game, wherein they can build their skills and form relationships with other Sims. Talk about early independence!

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My Health Mod

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My Health Mod by KawaiiStacie makes it a must-have family mod for The Sims 4 because it mirrors authentic family-like situations in the game. With this mod, Sims can get sick, go to the hospital, get vaccines, become dirty,  spread sickness to other Sims, and many more, which are the usual scenarios in any family life!

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Resorts and Hotels Mod

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Let’s face it, our busy Sims also need their family vacations to relax and unwind (especially the parents!), and well, what’s more awesome than actually having family-friendly resorts and hotels in the game, right?! With this mod, Sims can now take pleasure in visiting resort and hotel lots with the whole family!

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Child Birth Mod

Instructions Ultrasound 3

Experience a more personal birth delivery with this Child Birth mod from Panda Sims! Now, Sim can go for ultrasound checkups, and choose to give birth in the hospital or at home. Mom Sims will now also be able to feed breastmilk to babies and pump out milk supply for stocking.

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Allowance for Children and Teens Mod

tumblr a1f977674a8deff1169fe8f33db792da 4a602112 500

Teen and children Sims can now get sweet simoleons with this allowance mod from LittleMsSam. Ranging from Cheap, Low, Medium, to High, these allowance amounts are given to them every Tuesday and Friday. Parents can tease their children and teens about their allowances, or even discontinue them!

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Subject Homework Mod

Screenshot 2023 08 25 175246

Homework no longer has to be boring for our little Sims, because now, they can have new interactions and raise particular skills while doing them! Yep. With this Subject Homework mod by LittleMsSam, children can raise their skills while filling out activity charts, practicing vocabulary, reviewing Social Skills, and doing Math problems. Equally, teens have varying new homework activities which will also raise their skills.

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Show Hidden Adoption Relationship Mod

MTS Szemoka 2156993 0

This one is a straightforward and practical mod for The Sims 4. Called the Show Hidden Adoption Relationship, this mod makes the relationship between the parent and the adopted children visible in the relationship panel. You can now see the “Adoptive Father/Mother” label.

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Slow Infant Needs Mod

MTS plumlace 2156900 InfantNeeds

We all know how hard it is for our Sims to take care of infants in the game, as it means having less time to take care of the house and oneself! Luckily, this helpful little mod tweaks the needs of infants and slows down the decay by 50%. Now, our Sims can get more chores done plus have some personal time as well.

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Better Science Babies Mod

MTS BrickLion 2153054 Catturda

Not every family in The Sims 4 wants to have children the traditional way, as others will prefer to have Science Babies instead. However, not only is it quite pricey to have one, but there are also other rigid requirements. But thanks to this mod called Better Science Babies mod, it’s now pretty easy to get those lab babies!

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Unlocked Interactions Mod

MTS tecnic 1896891 MonkeyAround

This mod gives access to special interactions that have been locked for particular groups by the game. Now, Sims can use these for everyday context, especially for socialization with family members! Heartwarming interactions such as expressing love, cuddling, high-fiving, goofing around, cheering up, and many others are now accessible!

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Toddlers Learn to Read Skill Mod

MTS claudiasharon 2174273 TS4 x642023 06 2006 18 15

Toddlers can now learn how to read books with this mod! They will start out with the interaction “Look at Book” until they can progress to reading the actual book. They will also be able to level up their new “Reading Skill” while diving into books.

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Youth, Family, and Friends Activities Mod

This is one of the ultimate mods that you should certainly add to your game if you are playing families! This mod adds a whole bunch of Family Activities (Infant, Toddler, Youth, and Family categories) that will boost the relationships and fun of family members. We are particularly interested in the Pet Training Class, Pumpkin Patch, and Sports Game activities.

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Family Connections Mod

With this mod, you can expand family connections even further in the game! Let Sims assign relationships with other Sims such as their In-Laws, Great Grandparents, Stepsiblings, Godparents, and plenty of others.

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Family Therapy Mod


Mods in The Sims 4 are really amazing as they let us participate in authentic life experiences, through the eyes of our Sims.  With this Family Therapy mod by Adeepindigo, your Sims can go through therapy and support group sessions for different issues, such as addiction, grief, mental health, behavior, and familial issues.

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Come Celebrate Mod

MTS MapleDaFlap 2165208 MapleDaFlap ComeCelebrateMod cover

With this mod, families can now attend the parties, celebrations, and other events hosted by other families. Yeah, you heard that right. Your Sims no longer have to be the only ones responsible for throwing big bashes, because now, you can also set the social events of neighbors using the calendar and let your Sims attend them.

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Parenthood Bar Mod

MTS ViiK26 2157267 Cover

This Parenthood Bar is just a simple extension of the counter and island set in The Sims 4: Parenthood, giving your Sims a complete family-friendly kitchen experience! Plus, it has all the original swatches from the said pack.

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It’s Movie Time Mod

MTS tank 2174063 playadvdmenu

Hey, hey, hey, what time is it? It’s movie time! Delight kids, teens, and parents alike with this cool mod from creator Tank, which gives our Sims a plethora of real-life movies to watch in the game! Notable selections include John Wick, Wreck-It Ralph, Zootopia, Ratatouille, and Shazam!

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Spend Weekend With Mod


Little Sims also need to spend some quality time with their adults, in order to help them forge valuable connections and learn some lessons or two! With this mod by LittleMsSam, your Sims can now send their kids away to stay over at the houses of friends or relatives.

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Faerie Baby Mod

MTS Naunakht 2171806 2

The Faerie Baby mod replaces your Science Baby into, you guessed it right, a Faerie Baby! This is very cool if you are playing a Sim family in a fantasy setting. All that your Sims have to do is to procure a baby from the Fae.

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Infants Are Objects Mod


Now this one’s another unconventional mod, an April Fool’s gift by TwistedMexi to the world (it’s still an actual working mod, though). If you’re ever one of those Simmers who are not really in favor of playing the Infant life state in the game, then you might want to download this mod. This simply turns all infants in the game back to their usual inactive baby state, much like objects!

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