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Would you like to add a dose of realism to pregnancies in Sims 4? If so, then a realistic pregnancy mod with new socials will enrich your game. Read on to discover what makes this mod so great and why you should give it a go!

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Realistic Life & Pregnancy Mod: What You Can Expect

Our Sims have a lot of topics to talk about, from sharing their deeper thoughts to complaining about local youths! But, we can all agree that new socials are always welcome, especially if they can help us build more meaningful relationships with family members. What’s even more welcomed are fun kids’ interactions that allow them to be silly, and ask peculiar child-like questions typical of their age. And guess what? This is all a part of the realistic pregnancy mod by Persea! And that’s just a tiny bit of what this mod offers.

Although it’s called the Realistic Life & Pregnancy mod, it’s definitely geared more toward family interactions in a broader sense. Now, let’s explore how this mod enriches socials and learn more about what it brings to the Sims 4 gameplay.

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Key realistic pregnancy mod Features

Realistic Pregnancy mod focuses on making conversations between family members more meaningful. Each age group has a chance to ask questions and get engaging answers. On top of that, every answer triggers a reaction, creating a real two-way exchange. Reactions can be both positive and negative, and trigger appropriate moodlets. For instance, negative reactions are linked to Tense or Uncomfortable moodlets, while positive ones will make your Sim very happy.

The mod adds a few new pie menu options: pregnancy interactions, parent-child socials, complicated relationship interactions, personals, family interactions, and morning and night interactions. Let’s explore them all.

To download this realistic pregnancy mod and enable all those fun interactions, go here! If you just want to improve pregnancies and make them more realistic, you should check out our selection of Pregnancy Mods. Now, onto the features of this realistic pregnancy mod for interactions!

1. Pregnancy Interactions

Realistic pregnancy mod interactions for pregnant Sims

Gaining weight during pregnancy and being always hungry are just some of the common experiences pregnant women face. With the realistic pregnancy mod, they can now also share their experience with other family members:

  • Pregnancy: Complain About Feeling Big, Complain About Morning Sickness, Express Pregnancy Excitement, Share a Baby Kick Feeling, Share Her Horrible Feelings, Share Pregnancy Gender Preference, Share Pregnancy Incertitude, Share Smell problems, Talk About Feeling Tired, Talk About Being Always Hungry

Both the pregnant Sim and their partner will be able to talk about baby gender preferences. These interactions and moodlets that come with them will make pregnancy a much more real experience for soon-to-be parents.

2. Parent-child socials


This life & realistic pregnancy mod features a few unique socials for parents and their children:

  • Kids: Ask For a Bycucle, Ask for New Crayons, Ask For a New PC, Ask For A Tablet
  • Teens: Ask For a Bycucle, Ask For a New PC, Ask For A Tablet
  • Parents: Ask What They Had For Lunch At School, How Was Your Day A School?, and What is Your Dream Job?

Each of these questions can have different answers, all of which also trigger moodlets, and both parents and their offspring will have these. For instance, depending on what answers they receive from their parents, kids can be Happy, Dazed, or Uncomfortable. When you are a child, asking for stuff from parents seems like the biggest deal, so kids will also be tense until they get an answer from the parent. Or, your Sims child can confess they were bullied when asked about their day at school, and this will give them a negative moodled.

3. Complicated Relationships


Has your Sim’s relationship gotten rocky lately? Well, they can certainly discuss it with their loved ones, thanks to the new ‘Complicated Relationship’ pie menu socials:

  • Complicated Relationship: Complain About Change in Relationships, Complain About Partner Who Works Too Much, Confess Seeing No Future With The Partner, Explain Why Leaving is Better, Talk About Divorce, Complain About a Possessive Partnership

This menu is available only after negative interactions. Because it’s focused on complaining about a relationship, moodlets triggered by these will be mainly negative.

4. Personals


Birthday depression is now a thing in Sims 4, and Sims, and get really candid about it. Personal interactions are here to help Sims get real in a conversation with others (not just family members), talk about cherished memories, but also things they ruminate about, that made them sad:

  • Personals: Remembering That Childhood Freind, sharing Her/His Feelings For Someone (Only available for Sims who are best friends), Talk About Changes in Life, Talk About Hating Birthdays, Talk About Something Happened in The Past

Answers to these will vary, and so will their moodlets!

5. Family Interactions


The family menu has only a few options, but they will certainly help Sims get to know each other on a deeper level. Here are the interactions:

  • Family: Ask About Favorite Color, Discuss Adopting Pets, Discuss Adoption

These will allow them to state their preferences, and give unique answers (e.g. whether they’d like to adopt a cat or a dog, or if they want to adopt a pet at all). Like with all other life and realistic pregnancy mods socials, they will get corresponding moodlets for each of these, too.

6. Morning & night Interactions


Morning and night rituals now have a real significance, and Sims can talk about them, and get different moodlets for each of the following socials:

  • Mornings: Ask About Today’s Plan, Ask For Breakfast At The Restaurant, Ask What They Want For Breakfast, Express The Need For Caffeine
  • Night Interactions: Express How Much I Missed You, How Are You?, How Was Your Day At Work?, Talk About Having Dinner At The Restaurant 

Sims can confess they’ve been having a bad day at work, and they will feel uncomfortable from just mentioning it. Or, if they’ve missed their partner, rest assured they will get a little flirty when they confess how much they missed them.


The Realistic Life & Pregnancy mod brings in a handful of cool socials that add more color to interactions in the game, especially family interactions. Although it revolves around socials and moodlets only, it will definitely make relationships more meaningful. Happy simming!


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