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Would you like to know more about social pie menus in Sims 4? Well, then you’d be thrilled to scroll down the interactions list that includes a good chunk of socials Sims can have with one another! Read on to discover sections and sub-sections of social Wheels and learn how Sims can interact.


Sims 4 interactions:

The social pie menu is where every relationship begins. At the beginning of 2023, the Sims 4 team introduced a new, differently organized version of the pie menu system. Besides the traditional social menu, we can now also use the menu where all socials are sorted into categories and sub-categories. This was meant to help players find it easier to find specific interactions and navigate the social life of Sims.

Both are available, and you can easily switch on the traditional system in the game settings. However, if you like the new version, having access to the interactions list can be helpful. We decided to list as many interactions as possible and try to fit them into the main pie menu categories. Let’s try to decipher and sort them!

How do Interactions work in Sims 4?

Before we get into the actual interactions lists, it’s important to highlight a few key things about interactions:

  • They are gradually unlocked. The more a relationship progresses, the more options your Sims will have to connect and converse. Typically, when you start interacting you will have only a few basic introduction socials available, after which the social menu will branch into a few basic categories: Friendly, Funny, Mischief, Mean, and Actions. The interactions list expands the more your Sim tries to get to know another Sim.
  • Socials in the interactions list are age-specific. While there are universal interactions for all age groups from children to elders (such as ”Get to Know” or ”Hug”), there are others that are specific to Sim’s developmental stage. For example, children and younger Sims won’t have a romantic menu shown.
  • They can be pack-specific, situational, mood-related, connected to personality traits or life states. For instance, only freshly engaged can use ”Enthuse About the Upcoming Wedding” social. Or, only a Kleptomaniac Sim can ”Ask About Prized Possessions”. Or, only a mermaid can do the ”Mermaid Kiss”. In some instances, you will even see special categories of interactions (e.g. Vampire, Mermaid, Spellcaster, Werewolf, Parenting).
  • Interactions lists differ depending on the type of a relationship. Blood-related Sims can have romantic interactions but can have special family-only socials.

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Interactions List for children, teens, young adults, adults, and elders

Sims 4 interactions list

Once your Sim ages up to child, you’ll start to notice richness in how they communicate. For the most part, interactions lists for children, teens, young adults, adults, and elders are pretty similar interactions. Since there is a bunch of socials, and they are divided into sub-categories, we’ll go over them one category by one. Let’s dive into it!

1. Friendly socials

The ”Friendly” category has the most socials out of all and is available for all Sims from toddlers to elders. The interaction list below includes topics for children, teens, and all adults. To check friendly socials for younger Sims, scroll down and look for a separate section. Now, onto the friendly interactions list!

Affection– Hug
– Give Gift
– Hug Lovingly
– Family Kiss
– Give Pep Talk (Energized mood)
– Announce Engagement (engaged)
– Aren’t You The Sweetest Little Thing? (elder)
– Express Admiration
– Ask to be Woohoo Partners
– Hip Bump (Energized mood)
– You Are My Favorite
– Kiss Cheek
– Express Love
– Awkward Hug (Unflirty)
– Sneak a Treat (elder)
– Hung Out The Cold
Complaints– Complain About Local Youths (adults)
– Whine About Unfair Life
– Complain About Sunny Weather
– Complain About Parents (teens and children)
– Complain About Freezing Temperature
– Ask to Spray The Monster Under The Bed (child)
– Vent (Angry or Tense mood)
– Beg for New Toys (child)
– Complain About Fruit Cake
– Complain About Cloudy Weather
– Complain About Sunlight (Vampire)
– Complain About Snow
– Complain About Problems (Tense, Uncomfortable or Sad mood)
– Complain About Boredom (Bored mood)
– Complain About Love Life (Jealous)
– Complain About TV Size (Materialistic)
– Grumble About Costs These Days (elder)
Compliments– Heartfelt Compliment (Happy mood)
– Compliment Outfit
– Give Props
– Praise Effort Toward Grades (to children)
– Praise Social Growth (to children)
– Compliment House (when visiting)
– Flatter (Charisma skill)
– Support Sim’s Body Hair
– Suport Sim’s Facial Hair
– Congratulate on New Job
– Give Pep Talk
– Fire Up (Active)
– Gloomy Compliment (Sad mood)

– Deep Conversation
– Banter With Old Friend
– Discuss Expanding the Family (adults)
– Reveal Deep Secret
– Reconcile Argument
– Ask to Stargaze
– Share Ideas (Creative)
– Ask to Have Science Baby ($1,200)
– Ask to Be Just Friends
– Talk About Treasured Memory
– Ask for Advice (Sad mood)
– Share Briliant Idea (Genius)
– Reveal Brilliant Invention (Genius)
– Share Melancholy Thoughts (Gloomy)
– Recall Mortal Life (Vampire)
– Debate Existance of Vampies
– Lecture About Misbehavior (to children)
– Give a Talking to
– Share Personal Life Goals
– Share Conspiracy Theories (Paranoid)
– Ask For Encouragement
– Worry About Baby Development (expecting)
– Express Doubts About Marriage
– Ask Sim to Pursue Their Dream Job
– Give Relationship Advice (Flirty mood)
– Ask About Woohoo (teen)
– Ask About Love Life (Flirty mood)
– Ask for Reassurance (Embarassed mood)
– Share Insecurities (Embarassed mood)
– Apologize
– Confess Fear of Vampires
– Teach Valuable Lesson (to children)
– Theorize About Milky Way Conspiracy (Lactose Intolerant)
– Analyze Personality (Alien)
– Empathize (Alien)
– Give Life Lesson on Family (elder)
– Give Life Lesson on Friendship (elder)
– Give Life Lesson on Responsibility (elder)
– Give Life Lesson on Hard Work (elder)
– Give Life Lesson on Love (elder)
– Give Life Lesson on Money (elder)
– Find Common Ground (after argument)
– Make Peace After Fight (after argument)
– Talk About Dreams (Inspired mood)
– Propose Crazy Scheme (Confident mood)
– Smooth Apology (Charisma skill)
Gossip– Gossip About Family Drama
– Share Personal Life Goals
– Share Secret
– Ask About Another Sim
– Gossip About Other Parents (adults)
– Gossip About Neighbours
– Other Sims (Talk Up/Hook Up With)
Hobbies– Ask About Hobies and Skills
– Discuss Cognitive Focus
Techniques (Wellness skill)
– Talk About Art (Art Lover)
– Share Detox Secrets (Wellness skill)
– Sugest Visualization Techniques (Wellness skill)
– Offer Mental Relaxation Tips (Wellness skill)
– Recomend Self-Esteem Exercises (Wellness skill)
– Talk About Docking Bay 7 (Batuu)
– Share Mixology Secrets (Mixology skill)
– Give Repair Tips (Handiness skill)
– Give Cooking Tips (Cooking skill)
– Talk About Herbalism
– Talk About Cooking (Cooking skill)
– Discuss Local Fishing Spots (Fishing skill)
– Share Expert Fishing Tips (Fishing skill)
– Share Cooking Secrets (Gourmet Cooking skill)
– Debate Game Strategy (Video Gaming skill)
– Discuss DJ Techniques (DJ Mixing skill)
– Discuss Dance Techniques (Dancing skill)
– Brag About Handiness (Handiness skill)
– Boast About Biggest Catch (Fishing skill)
– Talk About Latest Party (Dance Machine)
Interests– Discuss Interests
– Ask About Taste in Music
– Ask About Taste in Decor
– Praise Vampire Lifestyle
– Discuss Color Theory (Painting skill)
– Describe Aesthetics (Painting skill)
– Discuss Logic Puzzles (Logic skill)
– Share Astronomy Knowledge (Logic skill)
– Rhapsodize about Piano Sonatas (Piano skill)
– Rave About Favorite Singers (Singing skill)
– Enthuse About Guitar Solos (Guitar skill)
– Discuss the Best Violinist (Violin skill)
– Debate Gaming Strategy (Video gaming skill)
– Discuss Latest Games (Video Gaming skill)
– Discuss Gourmet Dishes (Gourmet Cooking skill)
– Ask About Favorite Author (Writing skill)
– Enthuse About Outdoors (Loves Outdoors)
– Discuss Favorite Authors (Bookworm)
– Discuss Latest Book (Bookworm)
– Describe New Idea (Inspired mood)
– Discuss Fitness Techniques (Fitness skill)
– Enthuse About New Show (Geek)
– Discuss Favorite Recipes (Foodie)
– Discuss Fine Cussine (Foodie)
– Rave About Parties (Party Animal)
– Enthuse About The Thrill of the Steal (Kleptomaniac)
– Talk About Sibling (siblings)
– Talk About Toy (child)
– Talk About Favorite Animal (child)
– Enthuse About Candy (child)
– Ask Question About Technology (elder)
– Discuss World Peace (Good)
– Ask About Jungle (Selvadorada)
– Discuss Local Heritage (Selvadorada)
– Ask About Omiscan Ruins (Selvadorada)
– Chat About Local Sights (Selvadorada)
– Enthuse About Stoping the First Order (Batuu)
– Enthuse About Galactic Credit Skimmers (Batuu)
– Chat About Data Pads (Batuu)
– Chat About Sabbac (Batuu)
– Chat About Starfighters (Batuu)
– Chat About Wookies (Batuu)
– Discuss The Force (Batuu)
– Enthuse About Batuu (Batuu)
– Enthuse About Crushing the Resistance (Batuu)
– Rave About Droids (Batuu)
– Enthuse About Lightsabers (Batuu)
Small Talk– Ask About Day
– Ask About Career
– Check in on Sim
– Share Baby Photos (parents)
– Ask About Milestones and Memories
– Brag About Baby (adults)
– Get to Know
– Share Photos
– Ask if Married (adults)
– Brighten Day (Charisma skill, Happy mood)
– Talk About Weather
– Declare Whether Preference
– Chat About Property Values
– Talk About Marriage (adults)
– Discuss Brain Power (alien)
– Discuss Weird Atmospheric Pressure (alien)
– Ask About Chemistry Together (adults)
– Ask About Health
– Ask to See Outfit
– Talk About School (children and teens)
– Brag About the Ranch
– Enthuse About Upcoming Wedding (engaged)
Ask for Large Loan (Charisma skill)
– Ask for Small Loan (Charisma skill)
– Try to Chat (after argument)
– Ask About Personality Turn Offs
– Ask About Prounouns
– Ask Sim if They Have Children (adults)
– Ask About Favorite Color
– Ask About Favorite Fashion
– Discuss Neighborhood Changes (adults)
– Fish For Compliments (Self-Absorbed)
– Boast About Family (Family Oriented)
– Brag About Possesions (Materialistic)
– Rave About Growing Up (teen)
– Show Off Favorite Game
– Show Off Outfit (Confident mood)
– Show Off Selfie (Confident mood)
– Show Off Muscles (Confident mood)
– Discuss Human Foods (alien)
– Local Salutation (Slvadorada)
– Show Pictures of Selvadorada (Selvadorada)
Stories– Tell Unbelieveable Story (Confident mood)
– Tell Engaging Story
– Tell Group Story
– Tell a Crowd Pleasing Story (Comedy skill)
– Talk About Past Parties (Party Animal)
– Tell Insider Story (Insider)
– Tell Dramatic Story
– Tell Outrageous Story
– Reminisce About Wedding Day (married)
– Discuss Uncomfortable Mood
– Swap Baby Milestones Stories (elder)
– Reminisce on Good Times (elder)
– Tell Story of Galactic Conquest (Batuu)
– Tell Tales About Smuggling (Batuu)
– Tell Tales of Galactic Adventure (Batuu)
Activities– Play Make Believe (child)
– Ask to be Officiant at Wedding (engaged)
– Ask to be Ring Bearer at Wedding (engaged)
– Ask to be Sim of Honor (engaged)
– Ask to be Flower Pal At Wedding (engaged)
Practice Fighting (Fitness skill)
Uncategorized– Friendly Introduction
– Respectful Introduction
– Cheerful Introduction (Charisma skill)
– Beg Forgiveness
– Become Best Friends
– Goodbye
– Thank For Coming
– Ask if Mermaid
– Give Residence Key (good friends)
– Take Residence Key Back (friends)

2. Romantic socials

Romantic socials are reserved only for Sims aged teen and older who are not related. Teen Sims can’t Woohoo or Try for Baby, but can Mess Around instead. Here is the full romantic interactions list:

Affection– Confess Attraction
– Look Deeply Into Eyes
– Whisper Sweet Nothings
– Give Romantic Gift
– Decalre Love Publicaly
– Discuss Fear of Commitment
– Reveal Crush (teen)
– Feebly Ask on Date (Unflrty)
– Inadequately Express Fondness (Unflirty)
– Anxiously Confess Attraction (Unflirty)
– Promise to Dedicate Song (Piano skill)
– Be Enticing (Flirty mood)
– Sexy Pose (Flirty mood)
– Ask Out on Date
– Serenade (Inspired mood)
– Express Fondness
– Invite to Stay the Night
– Profess Undying Love
– Praise Vampire Lifestyle
– Ask to Be Girlfriend/Boyfriend
– Exchange Promisse Rings (teen)
– Reluctantly Profess Undying Love (Unflirty)
– Reluctantly Look Into Eyes (Unflirty)
– Nervously Ask to Be Girlfriend/Boyfriend (Unflirty)
Flirtation– Flirt
– Pick-up Line
– Compliment Appearance
– Ask About Romantic Interests
– Offer Rose
– Whisper Seductively
– Bold Pick-up Line (Confident mood)
– Ask About Woohoo Interests
– Smooth Recovery (rejection)
– Seduce (Flirty mood)
– Attempt to Seduce (teen)
– Ask About Mess Around Interests (teen)
– Attempt Seductive Whisper (Unflirty)
– Futile Flirt (Unlirty)
– Whisper Nothing in Particular (Unflirty)
– Ask Risque Question
– Ask If Single
– Blow a Kiss
– Tease Flirtatiously
– Make a Flirtatious Joke (Playful mood)
– Sweet Talk (Charisma skill)
– Exchange Numbers
– Be Enticing
– Try to Flirt (Angry or Sad mood)
– Court (Proper)
– Propose Scandalous Question (Proper)
– Ask Completely Inappropriate Question (Unflirty)
– Blow a Timid Kiss (Unflirty)
– Crudly Compliment Appearance (Unflirty)
– Unconvincingly Tease Like a Flirt (Unflirty)
Physical Intimacy– First Kiss
– Caress Cheek
– Hold Hands
– Try for Baby
– Ask For Massage
– Offer Massage
– Hug
– Attempt Mistletoe Kiss
– Woohoo
– Embrace
– Kiss
– Kiss Cheek
– Snuggle
– Suave Kiss (Confident mood)
– Frenzied Kiss (Angry mood)
– Make Out
– Kiss Hands
– Passionate Kiss (Flirty mood)
– Make a Move
– Mess Around (teen)
– Tickle Mercilesly
– Try For Baby in Shower
– Try for Baby in Photobooth
– Woohoo In Shower
– Kiss Neck
– Lightly Brush Cheek (Unflirty)
– Reluctantly Embrace (Unflirty)
– Give Half-Hearted Massage (Unflirty)
– Reluctantly Snuggle (Unflirty)
– Ineptly Kiss Cheek (Unflirty)
– Reluctantly Hold Hands (Unflirty)
– Unflirty Kiss (Unflirty)
– Ineptly Ask for Massage (Unflirty)
Uncategorized– Flirty Introduction (Flirty mood)
– Enchanting Introduction (Charisma skill)
– Whisper About Crush (teen)
– Boast About Messing Around (teen)
– Propose
– Unflirty Introduction (Unflirty)

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3. Funny socials

Funny socials are pretty much universal for all ages who can speak and construct jokes, with only a few exceptions. This is your funny interactions list:

Jokes– Joke About Gross Food (child)
– Joke About Politicians
– Joke About Family Heritage
– Inside Joke
– Joke About Elephant
– Joke About Facial Hair
– Joke About Chicken Butt
– Joke About Ducks
– Joke About Martians
– Joke About Penguins
– Tell Joke About Werewolves (Werewolf)
– Tell Joke About Horse, of Course (Horse Lover)
– Make Fun of Adults (child)
– Knock Knock Joke (Comedy skill)
– Joke About Fashion (Comedy skill)
– Self-Depricating Joke (Dazed or Embarassed mood)
– Joke About Body Hair
– Joke About Boogers (child)
– Joke About Aliens
– Joke About Nacho Cheese
– Joke About Acne
– Joke About Mimes
– Joke About Professors
– Joke About Teachers
– Joke About Engineers
– Make Vampire Fun (Vampire)
– Make Joke About Marriage (married)
Silly Behavior– Flash Crazy Eyes (Playful mood)
– Impersonate Family Member
– Give Funny Gift
– Quote Cartoon Character (child)
– Goof Around
– Make Funny Faces
– Do an Impression
Stories– Tell Outrageous Story
– Tell Crowd Pleasing Story (Comedy skill)
– Tell Funny Story
– Tell Goofy Story (child)
Potty Humor– Tell Dirty Joke (Flirty mood)– Tell Gross Joke
Uncategorized– Funny Intrduction

4. Mischief socials

Everyone can be mischievous, even children can be little devils when pranking others! This is the mischief interactions list:

Deception– Give Fake Bad News
– Invite to Fake Party
– Lie About Career (only adults)
– Start Preposterous Rumor
– Impersonate Mermaids
– Spread Nasty Rumors
– Claim to Be Master Vampire (Vampire)
– Memory Erase (Alien)
– Claim to Be Criminal Mastermind (only adults)
– Instill with False Confidence
– Share Conspiracy Theories (Mischief skill)
– Describe Apocalypse (Mischief skill)
– Spread Rumors About Woohoo
– Tell Urban Legend (teen)
– Ask About Prized Possesions (Kleptomaniac)
Pranks– Scare
– Slap’em Silly (Playful mood)
– Trick With Hand Buzzer
– Tease About Fashion
– Flick Nose (teen)
– Monkey Around (child)
– Pretend to Bite (Vampire)
– Ask Due Date (Mischief skill)
– Dare to Streak (Mischief skill)
– Do Noxious Cloud
– Air Horn
– Call Names
– Tease About Face (teen)
– Scare With Pobe (alien)
Uncategorized– Become Partners in Crime (Mischief skill)– Shove Snow

5. Mean socials

Mean interactions list for Sims 4
Arguments– Mean Introduction
– Yell At
– Provoke (Angry mood)
– Brush Off
– Argue About Music
– Act Tough (teen)
– Pressure to Conform (teen)
– Argue About School (teen, child)
– Argue About Sharing (child)
– Accuse of Spying (Paranoid)
– Argue About Outlook on Life
– Argue About Morals
– Give The Cold Shoulder
– Impishly Pester (Playful mood)
– Ask What Sim’s Problem is? (hostile)
– Argue About Politics (adults)
– Argue About Career (adults)
– Argue Who’s Better (siblings)
– Criticize Lack of Social Growth (to child)
– Argue About House Rules
– Rile Up (Hot-Headed)
– Argue About Touching Possesions (child)
– Argue About Arguing (child)
Malicious– Trash Another Sim
– Insult Yard (when visiting)
– Insult Face (Angry mood)
– Jeer
– Mock Outfit
– Declare Enemy (bad relationship)
– Claim Sim in an Alien
– Mock Body Hair
– Mock Uncool Adult (teen)
– Mock Mortality (Vampire)
– Call Sim a Toad Licker (child)
– Belitle Anger (child, teen)
– Dismiss Goodness (Evil)
– Insult
– Insult House (when visiting)
– Imply Mother is a Llama
– Throw Drink
– Fight
– Claim Sim is a PlantSim
– Throw Shade
– Mock Facial Hair
– Shout Forbidden Words at Sim
– Insult Existance (child)
– Convince Monsters are Real (child)
– Trick Into Believing in Giant Chickens (child)
Uncategorized– Break Up (teen, adult)
– Give Mean Gift
– Go Away
– Divorce (married)

6. Parenting socials

If you have Sims 4: Parenthood, there is a whole new social pie menu option called Parenting for parents and caregivers. It’s geared towards raising children and teens, and any adult can perform them or their biological or adopted children. Here is the interactions list:

Influence to…– Influence to Pick Up Trash
– Influence to Eat
– Influence to Pee
– Influence to Play
– Influence to Shower
– Influence to Sleep
– Influence to Wash Dishes
– Influence to Mop Puddles
– Influence Skill Building
– Influence to Set the Table
– Influence to Take Out Trash
– Influence to Wash Dishes
– Influence to Clean Up Mess
– Influence to Do Homework
– Influence to Work on School Project (teen only)
– Influence to Clean Up Toys
Help With Needs– Ask to Clean Self Off
– Encourage Holding Bladder
– Give a Second Wind
– Make a Fun Face
– Satisfying Chat
– Tell to Eat Something
Uncategorized in Parenting– Teach to Say Sorry (child)
– Put to Bed
– Teach to Say Please and Thank You (child)
– Discipline Recent Behavior (to teens)

7. Other Interaction Categories

Vampire– Compel For a Smal Drink (Drink Plasma)
– Compel for a Deep Drink (Drink Plasma)
– Ask For Permission to Drink (Drink Plasma)
Werewolf– Discuss Being a Werewolf
– Cursed Bite
– Ask For Werewolf Sympathy
Mermaid– Siren’s Lullaby– Mermaid Kiss
Spellcaster– Magic Duel (Friendly, Heated)
– Challenge to Magic Duel at the Dueling Grounds
– Give Potion
– Spells
Batuu– Ask About First Order (Batuu)
– Ask About Resistance (Batuu)
– Ask About Scoundrels (Batuu)
– Ask to See Missions (Batuu)
Uncategorized– Ask to Join Household
– Ask to Leave
– Ask if Sim Wants to Become Werewolf (Werewolf)
– Ask to Be Sim of Honor (engaged)
– Adopt As Care Dependent (teen, child)
– Remove as Care Dependent (teen, child)
– Ask For Blessing to Marry (engaged)
– Talk About Strangerville
– Check ID (Batuu)
– Abandon First Order (Batuu)
– Discuss Location of Resistance Base (Batuu)
– Spread First Order Propaganda (Batuu)
– Confront First Order (Batuu)
– Discuss Legitimate Shipping Company (Batuu)
– Discuss First Order Movements (Batuu)
– Discuss First Order Presence (Batuu)
– Share Overheard Rumors (Batuu)
– Ask to Be New Roommate (roommates)
– Acept as a New Roommate (roommates)
– Kick Out Roommate (roommates)

– Ask for Autograph (to celebrity)
– Ask for Hug (to celebrity)
– Ask for Selfie (to celebrity)
– Ask to Take Picture of Sim (to celebrity)
– Attempt Introduction (to celebrity)
– Welcome Sim (visitor)
– Ask Sim to Relax (visitor)
– Ask Sim to Help Out (visitor)
– Take Selfie With Fan (celebrity)
– Hug Fan (celebrity)
– Sign Autograph (celebrity)
– Elope Immediately With Sim (engaged)
– Plan Wedding Event (engaged)
– Scream Incoherently (from being scared)
– Hatch an Elaborate Plan (Batuu)
– Encourage to Join the Resistance (Batuu)
– Swindle for Credits (Batuu)
– Ask About Batuu (Batuu)

Interactions lists for Newborns, Infants, and Toddlers

1. interactions with newborns

Sims 4 interactions list for infants and todlers

Newborns are the youngest Sims can be, and while they can’t do anything in terms of socializing, other Sims can interact with them. This is the interactions list of socials teens, young adults, adults and elders can have with newborns:

Uncategorized– Bounce
– Talk
– Show Off to…
– Hire Nanny Service
– Shoosh
– Change Outfit
– Coo At
– Cuddle
– Make Silly Face
– Rock
– Kiss Newborn’s Forehead
Baby Care…– Feed (Bottle Feed or Breastfeed)
– Change Diaper
– Choose Feeding Preference…
– Use Cloth Diapers

2. Interactions With Infants

Unlike newborns, these babies can communicate with their environment, and their communication is a two-way street. At least a two-way street that reflects their age and development! Here is the interactions list for teens, young adults, adults, and elders can interact with them (children’s and toddlers’ interactions are separately highlighted in brackets):

Baby Care– Check Infant
– Pick Up
– Feed (Bottle Feed or Breastfeed)
– Choose Feeding Preference…
– Change Diaper
– Clean Up
– Give Bath
– Give Bubble Bath
Give Infant a Nap
Put Sim Back in Carrier
(Activities, Small Talk
& Affection Categories)
– Bounce
– Play Peek-a-Boo
– Blow Raspberry
– Tummy Time Together
– Practice Standing
– Practice Crawling
– Tell Bedtime Story
– Watch Infant (toddler and older)
– Read Toddler Book
– Cuddle
– Comfort
– Kiss
– Talk To (child and older)
– Help Infant Explore Food…
– Soothe to Sleep
– Kiss Goodnight
Uncategorized– Introduce to…
– Change Outfit For Infant
– Babble (toddler to infant)
– Entertain (toddler to infant)
– Entertain (child to infant)
– Play Peek-a-Boo (child to infant)

Besides these interactions older Sims can have with infants, infants can interact with Sims, too, and here are some of the basic socials:

  • Infants to Newborns: What’s That?
  • Infant to Infants, Toddlers and Children: Coo at, Smile at Sim, Watch Sim
  • Infants to Teens, Young Adults, Adults, and Elders: Chomp, Coo at, Get Fed By a Sim, Ask for Help, Smile at Sim, Watch Sim, Ask to Put Here

3. Interactions With Toddlers

At the toddler stage, we notice more significant reciprocity in communication. There are quite a few interactions toddlers can have with Sims who are teens or older. Not only can older Sims care for them, but toddlers can ask to have their needs met, too. Here are the two-way interactions lists:

Interactions list: Teen, Young Adult, Adult, and Elder to Toddler:

Toddler Care– Clean Up
– Give Bath
– Give Bubble Bath
– Put to Bed
– Change Diaper
– Give Food
– Give Drink
– Read to Sleep
(Affction, Complaints,
Small Talk, Stories)
– Snuggle
– Lecture About Misbehavior
– Praise
– Get to Know (child and older)
– Talk About Day
– Brighten Day
– Tell Story
– Tell Goofy Story (child)
– Play
– Read Toddler Book
– Teach To Talk
– Flash Cards (Teach Animals, Teach Objects, Teach Animals, Teach Letters)
Funny– Tell Funny Story
Mean– Scold– Yell At
Uncategorized– Watch
– Pick Up
– Check Toddler
– Call Over
– Give Food From Inventory

Interactions list: Toddler to Teens, Young Adults, Adults and Elders:

Help– Ask for Bath
– Ask for Bubble Bath
– Ask for Food
– Ask for Drink
(Affction, Deep Thoughts
Interests, Stories)
– Babble
– Bath
– Book Help
– Flash Cards (Learn Animals, Learn Objects, Learn Animals, Learn Letters)
– Ask to Play
– Snuggle
– Ask for Desert
– Ask to Read Book
– Talk About Party
– Talk About Princesses
– Talk About Superheroes
– Adopt As Caregiver
– Bubbles
– Drink
– Food
– Up
– Hug
– Ask Why?
– Talk About Art
– Talk About Day
– Talk Abour Dinosaurs
– Talk About Favorite Animal
– Tell Story
Funny– Joke About Chicken Butt
– Silly Nonsense
– Knock Knock Joke
– Tell Goofy Story
Mean– Hit
– Yell At
– Go Away

interactions with animals: cats, dogs and horses

There are only a few socials Sims can use on cats, dogs, and horses. While dogs and horses are fully trainable, cats can only be lectured and praised for good or bad behaviors.

Children, teens and all adult Sims have similar socials available when interacting with pets, although kids can’t care for their pet as adults and will have only a couple of pet care interactions. This is the full interaction list for cats and dogs:

Friendly– Send Prowling (cat)
– Get to Know
– Give Treat ($5)
– Offer Friendship
– Pamper on Couch
– Be Nice to…
– Play With Laser Point (cat)
– How’s it Going? (horse)
– Clean Hoves (horse)
– Hand Feed (horse)
– Pet
– Play
– Praise
– Talk to
– Brush
– Hug
– Rub Neck (horse)
– Scratch Neck (horse)
– Whisper to (horse)
– Tell Joke (horse)
– Encourage to… (horse)
Pet Care– Go On Walk (dog)
– Ask to Go Potty (dog)
– Change Outfit
– Give Bath (dog)
– Lleash (dog)
– Let Out
Mean– Scold For Eating Human Food (cat)
– Scold For Jumping On Counters (cat)
– Be Mean to…
– Yell At
– Scold
Mischief– Scare– Yell at
Training (dogs)– Fetch
– Lie Down
– Roll Over
– Sit
– Speak
Go for a Ride (horse)– Go for a Relaxed Ride
– Go for an Energetic Ride
– Go for an Intense Ride
Uncategorized– Lecture About Jmping on Counters (cat)
– Lecture About Eating Human Food (cat)
– Simstagram Pet

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So, these were your interactions lists for Sims 4. Our Sims have plenty of socials at their disposal, but we did our best to organize them into sections as they are in the game. Listing them will always be a work in progress, and we hope you found this helpful. Enjoy experimenting with relationships and happy simming!


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