Social Bunny Mod: Create Better Online Connections in TS4!

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Let your Sims establish more authentic online communities through the help of the Immersive Social Bunny Mod! Through this article, we highlight all its coolest features!

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All The Cool Features of The Social Bunny Mod

With the launch of The Sims 4: High School Years, came the birth of Social Bunny, a totally trendy app that functions much like our social networking sites in real life. The app, which is characterized by a cute pink bunny icon and is accessible for Teen to Elder Sims, allows its users to access their posts feed, send and receive direct messages, add and remove friends, and gain followers. But to further make this app interesting, mod creator Plumlace came up with the Immersive Social Bunny Mod! Below, we listed down all the cool features of the said mod!

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1. Sims Will Get an Overhaul of the Social Bunny App.

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Creator Plumlace seemed to have listened to the fervent wishes of Simmers to get a better version of the Social Bunny App, as the creator provided a more improved experience of the said app through the Immersive Social Bunny Mod. Now, Sims have more variety of ways of posting about their lives and experiences in the game!

2. Now, Sims Can Express Themselves In So Many Ways!

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The Social Bunny app in the game is already inclusive of so many posts that can help Sims express themselves, but plenty of Simmers still find it lacking more essential posts. Fortunately, the Immersive Social Bunny Mod addresses this gap by letting Sims choose from over 3,100 texts to post in the app! That’s a whopping number of posts!

3. They Can Post About Recent Events.

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With the Immersive Social Bunny Mod, your Sims can post about anything and everything under the sun! They can choose to post about a boring or interesting movie they just watched, their breakups, their first kisses, their weddings, or something totally random like their increase in followers or new outfits they bought! But the difference is that with the mod, Sims can get more post options.

4. They Can Also Post About Milestones in Life.

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With the recent update of the Immersive Social Bunny mod and brought about by the milestones feature from The Sims 4: Growing Together, your Sims can now also choose to post about their milestones in life! Here are the number of posts they can make about certain milestones:

  • Being an Adopted Sim – 54 total posts
  • Engagement Rejection – 84 total posts
  • Becoming a Widow – 104 total posts
  • Falling in Love – 125 total posts
  • Being Expelled from High School – 57 total posts
  • Going to Prom – 106 total posts
  • Dropping Out of High School – 127 total posts
  • Graduating from High School – 156 total posts

5. They Can Also Post According to Age or Life State!

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Sims may also choose to post according to their age or life state. For example, teens can choose to publish posts that are more appropriate for their age—statuses filled with slang or colloquial terms, or school-themed messages. Sims who are part of the occult may also post matters that are exclusive to their life state. In particular, vampires may post about their vampiric powers, spellcasters may talk about spells, and werewolves may publish something related to their tempers.

How To Install The Social Bunny Mod:

To incorporate the Immersive Social Bunny Mod in your game, you need to have The Sims 4: Growing Together and The Sims 4: High School Years installed. You must also install the XML Injector. Then, head over to the Patreon post of Plumlace. Click download at the end of the post, and then unzip the folder you’ve downloaded.

Finally, place the unzipped contents into your Mods folder in The Sims 4, and make sure that the use of mods and custom content is enabled in your game settings. If you encounter any issues, just join the Discord server of Plumlace to receive help!

Wrapping It Up: Try The Social Bunny Mod Now!

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By itself, the Social Bunny app in The Sims 4 is already entertaining, thus, just imagine the added fun your Sims will get once you add the Immersive Social Bunny Mod in their lives! Not only will it make their usage of the app more exciting, but it will also add a layer of authenticity to their day-to-day experiences. But hey, just remember not to let your Sims get too addicted to the app, or else, they might miss out on their actual Sim lives! 😉 Happy simming, dear Simmers!

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