Show Your Love for the Freezer Bunny with Custom Content!


Are you a fan of the Sims franchise’s unofficial mascot? Share your enthusiasm with these fantastic Freezer Bunny CC items!

sims 4 freezer bunny

Freezer Bunny who?

The Freezer Bunny has appeared in the Sims since way back in the days of the Sims 2, making his first appearance in—you guessed it—a freezer! He could be found hiding behind the eggs in community lot freezers if you used a certain color swatch. From there, he has appeared multiple times throughout the mainline Sims games as well as the MySims game series.

The very first appearance of the Freezer Bunny in the Sims 2

Some of the ways the Freezer Bunny is seen in the Sims 4 include:

  • the Freezer Bunny Blues Guitar
  • the Movers and Shakers Portable Bar with Freezer Bunny Decoration
  • as part of the Let There Be Light! Laser Show effects
  • the Freezer-Style Festivities wall decor object (Seasons)
  • as a Snow Globe which can be found at the Spice Festival (City Living)
  • as a Stage Prop (Get Famous)
  • on Moschino branded clothing in CAS (Base Game and Moschino Stuff)

Cottontail CAS Content

Wear your fandom front-and-center with fabulous Freezer Bunny CC for sims of all ages!

1. College Jacket by bemybelarus

sims 4 freezer bunny

An on-brand pink recolor of the base game varsity jacket for female teens & up that you can download here.

2. T-Shirts by 13whitemice

A cute Freezer Bunny T-shirt available for all sims aged children and up, in 4 different color swatches. Download them here.

3. Freezer Bunny Icon Tees by StoryLegacySims

sims 4 freezer bunny

Toddlers can join in on the fun with this sweet set of tees in 8 swatches, with a different Freezer Bunny design on each. Go here to see the archived post and here to download (direct download—the link in the archived post is broken)

4. Skelly Bunny Shirt and Panties by Blinding Echoes

A cute set of skeletal bunny jammies in 18 swatches. The skeleton is actually pulled from another Freezer Bunny easter egg in the vanilla game! Get the set here.

5. Freezer Bunny PJs by Menaceman44

A new swatch for the base game PJ pants for female sims teen and older based off a design from TS2. You can download them here.

6. OG Freezer Bunny Hoodie by Simwolf

This hoodie features the Freezer Bunny in base game styles (as opposed to the Moschino styles where he’s wearing hats and jewelry). Add them to your game here!

7. Freezer Bunny Swimwear by christmas fear

Base game bathing suits featuring our favorite pink bunny, available as a bikini or strapless one-piece. Download both swimsuits here.

8. Freezer Bunny Holiday Sweaters by Incandescentsims

This is a huge collection of recolors for the base game holiday sweaters as well as conversions for children and toddlers, so everybody can rock their favorite color! Go here to download the recolors and get mesh information for the other ages.

9. Bunny Hoodie Dress by manueaPinny

A cozy sweatshirt dress with 20 bunny swatches. Go here to check out all the swatches and download!

10. Freezer Bunny Accessories by SimLaughLove

A collection of super cute accessories for female sims child and older! A necklace and two earring styles in a whopping 28 different swatches; see them all and download here!

Bun-tastic Buy/Build Mode Stuff

When wearing your favorite chilly rabbit isn’t enough, you’ve got to decorate your builds, too!

11. Plushies by Veranka

A collection of plushies converted from the Sims 3 in both deco and toy versions, including our lovely frozen friend. You can download them here!

12. Chocolate Freezer Bunnies by Hamburgercakes

This is a recolor of Veranka’s plushie (deco version) for a more festive Easter vibe, including springtime pastels and chocolate colors. You can get them here.

13. Freezer Bunny Ice Cream Stand Franchise Starter Kit by SimDoughnut

This CC stuff pack is chock-full of Freezer Bunny themed items for the ultimate ice cream stand! Over 25 pieces of custom content come with this kit including Buy Mode recolors and CAS uniforms for your staff. You can get the kit here and then download the completed restaurant lot on the Gallery here!

He also made a stuff pack for a daycare build, but unfortunately the associated lot is no longer available.

14. Unlocked Ultimate Freezer Bunny Award by CowPlantCake

Back in 2014-2015 when the Sims 4 was still new, players were rewarded with exclusive items if they owned & registered the Sims 3 packs; each pack corresponded to a seperate reward you could unlock in the Sims 4. If you had all sims 3 packs, you unlocked this statue. It’s been a number of years since the offer was available, but thanks to CowPlantCake you can still get it for your game!

15. Guitars by Gohliad & Treebat (formerly ThinkSimlish)

Recolors of the vanilla Freezer Bunny Guitar, along with coordinating swatches for Gohliad’s wall version. Neither creator is active in the modding community at the moment but both guitar versions can be found archived here.

16. Freezer Bunny Faces by Quiddity

This deco item features a framed print of our bunny buddy with 4 frame colors and 4 different faces. Pick your favorite face and download them here.

17. Muttropolitan Toy Bin & Freezer Bunny Toy by Ravasheen

The Muttropolitan Dog set comes with a dozen new items for your pets which include a functional toy bin featuring the Freezer Bunny along with a standalone chew toy. Get these bunnies (and other items if you want them!) here.

18. Snow Globe by Magnolianfarewell

A more globe-shaped snow globe than what’s in the vanilla game, with 20 precious Freezer Bunny swatches. Fun Fact: this globe was made as a birthday gift for SimLaughLove, who we featured earlier on this list! You can see all the other gifts simmers made for her and download this groovy globe here.

19. Collection by rosana

This collection includes walls, floors, and Buy Mode content covered in colorful Freezer Bunnies! With so many to choose from, there’s a swatch for every simmer. Check out the collection and download them here!

20. Freezer Bunny House by rainingEmbers

Now that we have all this great Freezer Bunny stuff we need a place to put it, and this house is perfect! You can watch the build here, and if you want it for yourself you can get it on the Gallery!

Final Thoughts

If you’re a fan of the zaniness that comes with the Sims franchise, no doubt you’ve enjoyed seeing the Freezer Bunny making his various appearances throughout the years. But if you’re a mega fan, that might not be enough for you. With this list of CC you’re now armed with more content than ever to show off your love for every sim’s favorite rabbit! Have fun with this content, and happy simming!

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