Parenting Mods For Realistic Gameplay: Adoption, Chores, Therapy & More!

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Looking for ways to improve parenthood and parent-child relationships? Parenting mods will help you with that! Continue reading to find out the best mods for parents, children, personality development and more!

sims 4 parenting mods
The Best Sims 4 Parenting Mods!

parenting mods for sims 4

Parenting in Sims 4 is an important task. With packs such as Discover University, High School Years, or Parenthood, parenting, schooling, and personality development are particularly fun. However, as Sims 4 fans, we always love trying out new options and mods that improve the gaming experience. Mods that add new ways for adopting and becoming a parent, or raising children, is just what we need for a solid story progression.

We present the best parenting mods that will improve parent-child relationships, help your youngsters nail new skills, and grow up to become the Sims you want them to be. Some tweak options from the Sims 4: Parenthood pack, while others simply help you with parenthood and raising children in general, and are not that game pack-specific. They are a great way to make parenting more fun and add realistic interactions. Let’s dive into it!

1. Pre-Teen Mod by ItsKatato, adapted by Adeepindigo

Preteen Mod by ItsKatato @RealKatato

If you think that kids grow up way too fast and start looking too much like adults in their teens, this mod is the one for you. Pre-teen by ItsKatato is one of the coolest parenting mods which adds a mid-phase between childhood and manhood, allowing your kids to develop and grow up at a slower pace and learn how to take good care of themselves gradually. In this phase of their life, with pre-teen traits, instead of high school, they will be enrolled in middle school, be shorter, and won’t know as much about life as your typical teens do. Download it here

2. ”School Project is Fun” by LittleMsSam

tumblr dc55421ff38b51436fce230a7a0c6c61 7687a508 1280

School projects from the Parenting game pack are a fun innovation that adds more purposeful interactions for children and teens. This parenting mod turns these tasks into more or less fun tasks, depending on how good school grades are. For instance, while A students will have a lot of fun with these projects, C students won’t be as thrilled, and F students won’t have fun doing them at all. Check it out and download it here!

3. Allowance Mod by Scarlet (adapted by LittleMsSam)

tumblr e3c0c433c8dab0428295f81bc6b8fd53 88c468b9 500

Children and teens always depend on household funds, but now you can teach them financial independence. This parenting mod gives teens and children chance to ask for allowance in high, medium, low, and cheap amounts. If accepted, they will receive some money in their account twice a week. The better they perform at school, the better they behave, and the more responsible they are, the higher the amount will be. Children and teens will have allowance accounts that you can access and check at any time. You will find the download link by scrolling down on this page.

4. Parenting Skills for Teens by LittleMsSam

Parenting interactions don’t have to be reserved for parents only! With the Parenting Skills for Teens mod, parenting skills from the Parenting game pack is now available for teens and other family members who are not parents or caregivers. Brothers, sisters, grandparents, cousins, step-siblings, but also aunts and uncles can all become disciplinarians. This way, everyone gets to mold a young soul and teach them important life lessons. To download this parenting mod, go here

5. Chores Mod byLittleMsSam

tumblr 112a70c4c96808990d18124036adcc06 a9fb8846 1280

With Sims 4: Parenthood game pack, kids can do household chores. This little, but powerful parenting mod, allows you to not only give cleaning instructions, but set cleaning schedules to keep your space organized and tidy. Sims will be getting cleaning duties via special mood buffs and a board that motivate them to clean. You can add or remove cleaning schedules anytime you want, just click on the board and choose ‘’Add Cleaning Schedule’’ to add duty for a certain Sim and pick their cleaning duty days and hours, or remove the duty in a similar manner by clicking on the board. Get the mod here.

6. Education Overhaul by Adeepindigo

Screenshot 805

Education is a big part of developing a child’s character and skills, and it’s one of the biggest duties of every parent to ensure their child gets the best of the best in terms of schooling. Education overhaul adds color and variety to your usual school routines 

Homework, school activities and after-school activities, character values, and skill development are all put to forte, and you can even send your child or a teen to a private or boarding school. With this extensive education and parenting mod, going to school is more meaningful and helps your kids and teens develop and grow like never before. To learn more about this awesome mod and find the download link, go here

7. Activate Child Support With MC Command Center

If you don’t have MCCC installed yet, now is a good moment to get the mod. Besides being one of the most extensive mods for the Sims 4, with a bunch of other helpful options, MCCC also supports parenting. Although not a parenting mod per se, with it, you can activate child support and choose how much you receive per child. You can choose to receive support for all parents, unmarried or married only, or to turn off child support if you no longer want it. It is a nice addition if you want more realistic financial support for families, so do try it out. Learn more about MCCC and get the latest version here

8. NO! Ask for Advice by PolarBearSim

MTS PolarBearSims 1712927 Noaskingforadvicethumbnail

If you have Parenthood pack installed and have played families with kids and teens, you have likely noticed the ‘’Ask for Advice’ pop-ups. While this is a cool feature, it can become a little too much, especially if you have a large family and a few kids. This parenting mod makes things easier for you and cancels out autonomous asking for advice, making it more purposeful and giving you control over when you want your kids to use this interaction. Check it out and download it here

9. Family Therapy by Adeepindigo

Screenshot 912

Family Therapy mod brings light to mental health and familial relationship problems in Sims 4 like never before. Behavioral problems, difficult relationships, partner relationships, anger management, and similar stuff that makes relationships difficult to deal with can now all be talked through in a healthy manner. This mental health and parenting mod is here to help improve connections and help your Sims get back on track after a loss, or help them make a menace with family members they quarrel with often. 

This is all available in the new Family Social interactions pie menu, for parent-children relationships, sibling relationships, and all other family relationships. Parents can discuss their child’s behavior, tantrums, and school performance with therapists, as well as discuss real-life troubles, such as financial situations or heavy emotions. Sims can even get a diagnosis or join a support group! Learn more about it and get the mod here

10. Adoption and Foster System Mods

realistic adoption mods sims 4

Not all Sims want to become biological parents! Some would rather adopt a foster child and give them the loving home they deserve. To give your adults (and teens) a chance to become adoptive parents, check out some of our favorite adoption mods here.

11. Pregnancy Overhaul by Lumpinou

m4 pat test copie

Pregnancy Overhaul is where parenthood starts. This is a set of tiny mods that make the road to becoming a parent more complex and real. Instead of simply trying for baby and hoping for the best, the mod adds options such as miscarriage, diseases, and pregnancy termination, that complicate things and replicate real-life struggles.

With this parenting mod, Sims can become surrogate parents, and you can put children into custody and choose who they live with if parents are separated. Men of Sims who don’t believe they are ”the father” can even demand paternity testing! To get the whole mod or only specific features, go here!

12. ”spend weekend with” by LittleMsSam

tumblr 2ee69e31436b05840f429f198370ac36 336f6234 1280

Parents need some time to relax too, and kids need to cherish other relationships! Sims can send their children and teens to visit grandparents or another parent if parents are separated, and have them stay there for as long as you want. It’s handy for story development, and this is an organic way to ”get rid” of the kids for some time if you don’t want to play them for a while. Send all your kids (and/or pets) any time you want, and call them back if you miss them! To find more info about this parenting mod, go here.


Parenting mods improve how a typical Sims family functions and add more meaning to everyday interactions. No matter if it’s something as simple as changing character values, or something as big as parent-child relationships, they certainly make a change in how we approach parenting in Sims 4. Try them out yourself and see how they work for you. Enjoy!

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