Sims 4 Ultra Speed Mod – How to Speed Up Your Gameplay?

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Add Ultra Speed Option in Your Sims 4 Gameplay!

We can all agree that The Sims 4 isn’t a new game anymore. In fact, the title was released back in 2015 and some of its gameplay aspects are a bit outdated for today’s standards. But that’s not everything. We, as players, have evolved and learned much about the game too. And some of its regular features are now a little boring to us and we don’t want to go through them for the thousandth time. So that’s why we’re showcasing the Sims 4 ultra speed mod here!

What is the ultra speed mod?

Imagine the possibility to fast-forward all the events in The Sims 4! Well, that’s exactly the ultra speed mod! It lets us speed up our own gameplay and witness all things much quicker than the normal pace of the game allows us. This way you can save more time by avoiding all unnecessary interaction between Sims and jump into the action you want to follow closely. All in all, the ultra speed mod is a very handy tool for the Sims 4 and definitely worth trying!

Now let’s see how the Sims 4 ultra speed mod works in 2021!

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Sims 4 Ultra Speed Mod: An Overview

The Sims 4 ultra speed mod that we’re talking about here is called “Ultra Simulation SpeedUp – Game Simulation Speed Unlock”. It was shared with us by its creator AshenSeaced who originally published the mod in 2018 on ModTheSims. You can still find the extension there where it has accumulated over 85,000 downloads. Currently, this is the only mod in this category that’s still working in 2021, so we absolutely recommend you to give it a shot.

You can use this direct link to download the Sims 4 ultra speed mod!

Make sure to contact the page for the latest fix of the super speed mod and enjoy your Sims 4! Or scroll down to check how to download and install Mods and CC properly in case you’re new to the game!

How Does It Work?

Well, the Sims 4 ultra speed mod is a very simple tool. Once you install it, it will add an additional speedup button in your game, right next to the regular speedup, play, and pause buttons. By clicking on the new button, your gameplay will instantly flow much faster until the moment you click on it again. You’ll notice that the ultra-speed mode is much faster than the regular pace of the game, which is essential for skipping the “boring” parts of the game.

And that’s pretty much it! The Sims 4 ultra speed mod doesn’t have any other game-changing features other than the amazing speed. And since it’s a very small mod, it’s compatible with most other mods, including the MC Command Center. This means that you can add it right away and enjoy it!

How To Install Mods and CC?

If you’re new to The Sims 4 and you’re still trying to figure out how things work with mods and CC, here is an easy guide to installing them. Keep in mind that 99% of all extensions you may find on the internet should be added to your game the same way, so you need to learn the process only once. Here are 5 instructional steps to help you install mods and CC right now!

  • 1. Step: Download the mod from the link we provided above.
  • 2. Step: Extract the mod file.
  • 3. Step: Copy the new file.
  • 4. Step: Paste it in your Mods folder, found in your Sims 4 destination.
  • 5. Step: Launch the game and check the “Allow Script Mods and Custom Content” option.

If your Sims 4 ultra speed mod is not working, make sure to reinstall it following these steps!

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While simple, the Sims 4 ultra speed mod is still a very helpful addition to the game. In our opinion, this option should’ve been a part of the base game ever since the game was first released. Since we’re playing a single-player game, we do no harm to anyone by fast-forwarding the gameplay. However, the ultra speed mod is here to take care of this problem and you better take advantage of it!

Happy simming!

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