The Sims 4 Werewolves: Live The Best Lycan Life!

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Have you ever wanted your Sims to have the Lycan abilities of Jacob Black from the Twilight Saga? Or perhaps, it once crossed your mind to let them experience the werewolf state of Remus Lupin from the Harry Potter series. With The Sims 4 Werewolves, you can now let your Sims transform into these characters, by helping them unleash their inner wolf spirit! Yup! Read on, because, in this article, we have gathered everything you need to know to master the way of the werewolves in the game.

Sims 4 werewolves
The Sims 4 Werewolves: Live The Best Lycan Life!

The Sims 4 Werewolves: Living The Lycan Life!

The Sims 4 Werewolves was launched last June 2022, making it the twelfth game pack for The Sims 4. It reintroduced the occult life state of werewolves in the game—which encompasses a variety of all-new abilities, moodlets, whims, and features that make the gameplay more exciting. Mastering the werewolf life state is quite a complex feat, as it involves dealing with Fury and Temperaments that come with the “curse” of being a wolf, and it also introduces climbing through the multiple stages of the werewolf life. Luckily, we gathered our werewolf knowledge in this article to help your Sim in the ins and outs of being a Lycan in the game!

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New World: Moonwood Mill


The Sims 4 Werewolves introduces us to the new world of Moonwood Mill, a sleepy town filled with lush forests, majestic mountains, and mysterious tunnels. There is only one neighborhood in Moonwood Mill, which features five lots—The Collective Cabin, New Moon Shack, Prowler’s Patch, Moonwood Mill Library, and the Grimtooth Bar & Bunker. You can find rare items in this world, including the Moonpetal Flower and the Luna Fish. You will also meet a handful of new NPCs who will make your werewolf experience more memorable.

Becoming a Werewolf Sim

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There are a few ways to become a werewolf in the game. The easiest one would be to go to Create-A-Sim (CAS) and select the “Add Occult Sim > Add Werewolf” option when adding a sim. The second method is to get bitten with the “Cursed Bite” from a Sim who’s already a werewolf. Befriend the said occult sim and click the “Ask for Cursed Bite” option when it appears. For the third method, you can also become a werewolf if you contract the Werebies virus from exploring underground tunnels.

Finally, you can use cheats in The Sims 4 Werewolves! Just type and enter testingcheats true, then type in and enter traits.equip_trait trait_occultwerewolf on the cheat bar.

Joining Werewolf Packs

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One of the exciting gameplay features of The Sims 4 Werewolves is the opportunity for Lycan Sims to join packs. There are two available packs in the game, and only Sims who have become werewolves can join a pack. Ask to join the pack and complete a set of trials to become a member.

  • The Wild Fangs – Roary Oaklow is the alpha of this pack. Oaklow and his team embrace their Lycan urges fully and don’t hold back their ferocious nature.
  • The Moonwood Collective – Kristopher Volkov leads this pack. Volkov and his fellow wolves, despite having beastly tendencies, believe in diplomacy and discipline.

Filling Up the Werewolf Fury

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In Sims 4 Werewolves, you’ll discover that Lycan Sims have a Fury bar, which slowly gets filled depending on the Temperaments of your Sims, as well the cycles and phases of the moon. When this bar completely fills up, werewolf Sims become berserk and go on a rampage! At this point, they are usually out of control, wreaking havoc in the world and terrifying people. There are ways to decrease the amount of the Fury bar, such as doing a Somber Howl or drinking a punch using the rare Moonpetal flower.

Werewolf Rank: Pup

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In The Sims 4 Werewolves, there are five ranks that your Sim can climb through to reach the optimum werewolf life state. You have to choose carefully which abilities to unlock as the first ones will help you immensely in your werewolf adventures. The first of the ranks is the Pup Stage. Here are the abilities that can be unlocked with this rank:

  • Wolf Nap
  • Territory Marking
  • Scavenger
  • Personal Grooming
  • Ferocity

Werewolf Rank: Runt

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To be able to climb ranks, your werewolf Sim must keep engaging in werewolf activities so that they gain experience and eventually, ability points. Some of the abilities available will let your werewolf Sim truly live in the wild, such as the ability to hunt food, groom themselves, or sleep outside. When your werewolf reaches the second rank, Runt, here are the abilities that can be unlocked:

  • Somber Howl
  • Hunter
  • Voracious Hunger
  • The Will to Resist
  • Enhanced Smell

Werewolf Rank: Prime

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As your Sims climb higher in the ranks of werewolves, they will get access to more powerful abilities, such as giving other Sims the “Cursed Bite”. This will then turn the bitten Sim into a Lycan as well! As a Prime Wolf, here are all the abilities werewolf Sims can unlock:

  • Curse Bearer
  • Natural Healing
  • Lunar Blessing
  • Pack Howl
  • Nightvision

Werewolf Rank: Veteran

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Werewolf Sims can use their abilities in public, but you have to be prepared for the negative reactions of other Sims. Usually, unknowing Sims who suddenly witness werewolf activities such as transformations, howls, and bites, become terrified, which may result in werewolf Sims gaining a bad reputation. For Veteran werewolves, here are the abilities available:

  • Lunar Resistance
  • Primal Instincts
  • Tunneler
  • Hunting Party
  • Vicious Howl

Werewolf Rank: Apex

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Becoming an Alpha Wolf requires a lot of patience and ferociousness, but it’s worth it because Alpha wolves can become excellent leaders of the pack. You can unlock this ability when you become an Apex werewolf. As an Apex werewolf, you can also gain access to Super Speed, a really nifty tool that will let Sims do everything in fast motion. Plus, here are all the abilities that come with the said rank:

  • Immortal Wolf
  • Super Speed
  • Legacy of the Lycan
  • Lunar Howl
  • Alpha Wolf

Dormant Werewolf Abilities

In The Sims 4 Werewolves, along with the specific werewolf abilities that your Sims get to choose to unlock as they progress through the ranks, there are also dormant abilities that they can gain as a Lycan. Here are these dormant abilities:

  • Werewolf Menace – You take pleasure in making other Sims scared of you, making you gain playful moodlets instead of feeling guilt.
  • Lunar Epiphany – You can decipher sacred Werewolf teachings, such as the Diary of Greggorius Lunvik. This journal can then reveal valuable secrets to the life of werewolves.
  • Transformation Mastery – This is a handy skill because it lets you transform at will. You’ll gain this if you manage not to terrify people once you are in a transformed state.
  • Werewolf Mentorship – You can mentor other werewolves about the ways of the Lycan.
  • Werewolf Empathy – You can be able to lessen the Fury of other werewolves, effectively avoiding scary rampages in town.
  • Werewolf Diplomacy –  You’re able to live with other Sims in peace in spite of carrying a beastly spirit.

Moon Phases and Their Effects on Werewolves

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As we’ve mentioned earlier, the phases of the moon have varying effects on a werewolf. Here are the different lunar cycles and their effects on your Lycan Sims:

  • New Moon – Sleep during the New Moon to gain positive moodlets.
  • Waxing Moon – Improves the Fitness skill.
  • Waning Moon – Gains Logic skill faster.
  • Quarter Moon – Has effects on the relationship building of Sims.
  • Gibbous Moon – Gains Handiness skill faster.
  • Full Moon – Fury of werewolf sims build up!

Finding That One True Wolf Mate

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The Sims 4 Werewolves also introduces us to the concept of one “Fated Mate” to every Lycan Sim in the game. This means that your werewolf Sim has the potential to find their one true love in the sea of Sims. To search for this designated soulmate, your sims can date around until they find their pair. The “Fated Mates” icon will appear in the relationship panel if you successfully found them. If your Lycan Sim found the wrong partner, they will acquire a “Not Meant to Be” moodlet.

Sims 4 Werewolves Aspiration

The Sims 4 Werewolves offers a new aspiration in the game: the Werewolf Initiate, which involves becoming a werewolf and reading books about lycanthropy. Completing this aspiration will then further lead to four new aspiration choices: 

  • Emissary of the Collective – Become one of the Moonwood Collective.
  • Wildfang Renegade – Join the Wildfangs pack
  • Lone Wolf – Who needs other wolves when you’re an independent, terrifying beast?
  • Cure Seeker – Now that you’ve experienced lycanthropy, perhaps it’s time to return to normal.

Becoming Cured of the Curse

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If you’ve selected the Cure Seeker aspiration after completing the Werewolf Initiate, then you’re bound to return to the non-occult life through several options.

  • Drinking the Wolf-B-Gone – Find the diary of Greggorius Lunvik by scavenging Moonwood Mill. Decipher this using the Lunar Epiphany ability. Then, gather ten Wolfsbane flowers and three Moonpetals, bring these to the Grimtooth Bar & Bunker, and wait for the mixologist to concoct the cure.
  • Using a Cheat – After activating testingcheats true, type in the following on your cheat bar: traits.remove_trait trait_occultwerewolf.

Final Thoughts: Ready to Become One of The Sims 4 Werewolves?

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Becoming a werewolf in the game is definitely not a walk in the park, as it envelopes your Sim into a whirlwind of ferocious temperaments and sucks them into (oftentimes uncontrollable) rampages. However, once your Sim masters the werewolf life state and gains a handful of abilities, they become one of the most powerful occult creatures to roam the game. Indeed, The Sims 4 Werewolves provides tons of gameplay delight for us Simmers, and in this article, we hope that we covered everything you wanted to know about leading and living the Lycan life in the game. Happy simming, Simmers!

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