Taking a Petrifying Glimpse into the Infamous Forgotten Hollow

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Are you curious about the mysterious neighborhood Forgotten Hollow in The Sims 4? Well if you are then this article is something you are going to want to check out.

sims 4 forgotten hollow

A common thing you get when you purchase a new Sims DLC is a new neighborhood. This doesn’t happen with every DLC purchase, but it does when you purchase The Sims Vampires, which you can buy here if you don’t have it. You get the Forgotten Hollow neighborhood with this pack and in this article, you’re going to learn everything about it.

forgotten hollow: The Basics

First, let’s get down some basic information about Forgotten Hollow. It is a neighborhood that screams gothic architecture meets vampire lord. When you realize that vampires live in this Sims neighborhood, the choice of decor for its residents should not be a surprise.

One of the more interesting things about this world is that nighttime lasts a lot longer than it would in other neighborhoods. This is great news for Vampires who can stay out even later than usual.

Vampires are not exactly friends with sunlight. Too much of it and it will turn them to dust faster than you can blink.

Typical Climate

We know that Forgotten Hollow has a longer night cycle than some other neighborhoods, but what about the climate? If you happen to have The Sims 4 Seasons DLC then would be able to experience seasons.

  • Spring and fall can be cool, rainy, or cloudy.
  • Summer presents the usual warm/hot weather. Heat waves are uncommon but possible. Same with Thunderstorms
  • Winter brings the typical cold, freezing weather. Snowfall? Yes. Blizzards? Nope!
  • Do not expect any sunny weather even if it is technically possible. It’s uncommon due to the long night cycle.


There are a total of five residential lots in this neighborhood, which we will get into below.

  • Inhabited: There are two inhabited lots. One is Straud Mansion and the other is Wolfsbane Manor. Both sound fancy as heck so it is a shame they are already taken by other sims.
  • Uninhabited: There are two uninhabited lots/homes that your sim is able to purchase. One is Garlicauter Place and the other is Widowshild Townhome.
  • Empty Lots: There is only one empty lot available for purchase. It is Fledermaus Bend.

As you can see, it is a very small world/neighborhood so best to move your sims in while you can.


Whenever you get a new world of the neighborhood added to your game, some residential homes are taken by premade sims. These two sim families can be found in the neighborhood of Forgotten Hollow.

  • Straud Family: The Straud Family is made up of only one single person. Vladislaus Straud, also known as Cout Cladislaus Straud IV or Vlad. He is a vampire and according to his lore, over 200 years old. Hey, he looks pretty good for being two centuries old.
  • Vatore Family: The other family that lives in Forgotten Hollow is the Vatore family which is made up of young adult Lilith Vatore and her brother Caleb Vatore who is also a young adult.

Final Thoughts

Here is everything you ever needed to know about Forgotten Hollow. It is obvious this neighborhood or world was inspired by all the vampire books, shows, and movies out there. Understandable given how popular these supernatural creatures have become in our media.

If you plan to have a sim move into this world, consider making them a vampire. This way they won’t stand out or fall victim to any of the vampires prowling around the neighborhood.

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