Everything to Know about Plasma Packs in The Sims 4


Do you enjoy playing as vampires in The Sims 4 but are unsure of how vampires feed in this game? Well, if this sounds like you, then keep on reading! This article will tell you everything you need to know about vampires and just what are The Sims 4 Plasma packs.

Plasma Packs sims 4

Vampires in the Sims Franchise

Vampires have been a part of the Sims franchise since being introduced in The Sims 2: Nightlife. They made a comeback in The Sims 3: Late Night expansion pack, and in The Sims 4, they were introduced in their very own pack. It was aptly titled The Sims 4: Vampires.

Like normal sims, Vampires need food in order to survive and make it to the next day. The difference is that they do not eat the same meals as the average human. In the Sims, 4 plasma packs are needed.

What Are The Sims 4 Plasma Packs?

In The Sims 4 game, one way vampire sims feed is by using plasma packs. Its blood, but in sims, is referred to as plasma. There are other ways for a vampire sim to get plasma, which we will cover later in the article. Thing is, getting plasma packs is the easiest way for a vampire to get food.

How to Get Your Hands on Plasma Packs

A vampire sim can get plasma packs by ordering them through their computer or laptop. They cannot do this until their vampire lore skill is level 3. If your vampire sim does not have this skill yet, it is easy to gain.

First, have your sim research vampires on the computer. Once they reach level 2 of the vampire lore skill, have them return to the computer and purchase the Encyclopedia Vampirica Vol 1 that can be found under vampire secrets.

And that is it! Once the vampire sim is at level three of vampire lore, they can order all the plasma packs they desire. The second it comes they can stick a straw in it and drink that sweet, sweet plasma.

Other Ways for sim Vampires to Get a Meal

Sims 4 plasma pack other ways to feed

While ordering plasma packs off the computer is the easiest way for a Vampire sim to get their plasma fix, there are other ways for them to get plasma to keep them full and satiated. The following methods will enable your sim to get plasma.

  • If your vampire sim likes to save money, consider having them make plasma packs from fish or frogs. They can do this once they reach level 4 of the vampire lore skill.
  • Feeding is a classic way for vampires to fill their stomachs. All they have to do is ask a human sim to drink from them or compel the human sim to let you bite them.
  • Plasma fruit is an option vampire sims get once they reach level 8 of the vampire lore skill. All you have to do is have your sim purchase the plasma fruit seeds.
  • Drain Life Spirit lets vampire sims drain the life spirit from human sims, which provides the highest amount of plasma. However, to use this, you must purchase a certain vampire power point.
  • Once your vampire sim reaches a certain level, they will sometimes get plasma packs straight in the mail!
  • Make a plasma Jane drink by having your sim make it at the bar. The plasma Jane Drink is just a fancy way of drinking plasma, but it adds a little class to a vampire’s meal. Use this option if you want to fancy things up! However, to make this drink, the vampire sim must have their vampire lure skill to 9.
  • A quick way to fill up your vampire sim is to simply turn off the need to decay. To do this, all you have to do is press shift and click on the sim at the same time. Then go to cheat need and finally disable need decay. By doing this, your sims needs will not decrease at all!

These seven other methods allow your vampire sim to feed with varying levels of difficulty. When it comes down to it, buying a new plasma pack is the easiest way for vampire sims to get their food. That does not mean you shouldn’t have your vampire Sims try out the other methods once or twice!

Final Thoughts

Now that is everything you need to know about plasma packs. These convenient packs help the vampire feed really easily, with little to no trouble. All you have to do is buy it on the computer or. The other 7 methods we mentioned are also options.

The one caveat for any of the methods is that you have to get your vampire lore skill up to a certain extent. There is simply no way around it. If you ignore the vampire lore skill, consider your vampire sim dead… unless you disable their mood decay, of course.

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