The Order Of Enchantment: How to Join Secret Society in Sims 4

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How cool would it be to be a part of a secret society, wear a ritual robe, and perform worshiping rituals? In Sims 4, worshiping the mystical creatures is only one part of the puzzle. Keep reading to discover all about the hidden Order of Enchantment and how you can become their member.

sims 4 secret society

What is a secret society in sims 4?

Secret Society is a special perk introduced to us in the Sims 4: Discover University expansion pack. Known as the Order of Enchantment, it is one of the seven organizations. However, unlike the regular Foxburry Institute and Britchester University organizations, a secret society is different from the other six. The Order of Enchantment has a long history that connects Sims to magic, mysteries, and sprites. It’s a hidden organization that worships Sprites, glowing magical creatures no one but them knows about.

Who can join the order?


The good news is that all Sims can join the secret society, regardless of their chosen degree or University. In other words, any Sims student interested in secret doings and mysteries will be eligible to apply. This is, of course, if they know how to find it and earn their position.

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learning about the order

Did you know that Sims can’t learn anything about secret society until they join it? There is an option to make your Sims use research machines in University libraries to learn about society. However, until they become a member, they will always get an Error 404 message. It is only after you have joined that you’ll get full access to this knowledge and find out Order’s secrets online. You’ll unlock knowledge about Order’s origin and mysteries that marked the end of one era. Only then will they learn about The Origin of The Order of Enchantment, and discover the mystery behind The End of an Era.

1. the origin of the order of enchantment

Before secret society, no living Sims knew sprites existed. It wasn’t until the last century that the Order’s founder, Esther Mudget was the first to discover them. One day, when studying the configuration of fungi around castle ruins near Gibbs Hill, she started hearing a strange sound. The whistling was unlike anything she ever heard before. The sound wasn’t human.

To ease the anxiety, she mumbled a joke. Little did she know, it was this joke and the fruit cake she had brought for a snack, that enticed the Sprites to come to present themselves to her. They revealed her secret knowledge mysteries she could only ever dream of knowing. Sprites grew closer to her heart with every new visit. However, this beautiful bond wasn’t going to last forever…

2. the end of an era

During the second year of the Order, Ester was holding a speech about the importance of natural ingredients for baking. Just as the presentation progressed, she suddenly stopped. She manically started running to the woods and was soon lost from sight. She was never to be found again.

The secret society later found out that she had been using Sprits for her academic success, but had neglected their needs, leaving them starving for delicious cakes and fun they craved. It is believed she is still roaming around the woods, chasing light. This unfortunate incident serves as a reminder to honor the power of Sprits, as they can be both wonderful and vengeful when betrayed.

How to join the Secret society?

Although society and its aims are hidden from the public, joining it isn’t so complicated. The first step is to find the main statue on your campus, which is not difficult. The location of both is all but hidden – both are located in plain sight for all students to see. At Britchester University campus park, the statue looks like a huge open book. At Foxbury Institute, the statue looks like a contemporary piece of art. 

Once you find it, you’ll need to interact with it and make an offering. Click on the statue and select ”Make Offering For Academic Success”. This will open a drop-down menu where you can select the most suitable offering from your inventory. Your best secret society offering bets are rare crystals, rare metals, and rare gardening plants. If you have any of those, you can provide them with baked goods of excellent quality

Getting accepted

Making an offer will give them a focused moodlet. If they fail, they will get a tense moodlet, so avoid trying to offer low-quality goods. Your Sims will get a ”mysteriously good feeling about that offering”, which is a good sign, meaning they made the Sprits happy.

However, once you have made the offer, secret society will keep you on your toes for a while before you get their reply. If the Order approves a gift, expect to see their member knock on your door the next day. If not, this means your gift didn’t meet their standards. When they arrive, you will get a pop-up menu with two options – accept(OK) or deny(No Thanks) their offer. Accept the secret society offer, and you will officially become one of them. Congratulations!

first steps after joining the order

Once you have officially become one of them, you will need to follow their dress code and attend their events.

You will receive the Order of Enchantment mask and a secret society robes the same night their member visited you. This will become your default outfit when visiting the order. You will also unlock a special Secret Society schedule that will allow you to keep track of their events. It will automatically become visible on your Organisations Panel. This schedule will be your key to climbing the ladder in the order, as you will be required to complete certain tasks to get to the next rank. 

Meeting the order

To participate in the Order of Enchantment events, you will have to go to their meeting place. The order meets at a secret location at Britchester at Gibbs Hill. To get to the secret altar, you will have to go to the Pepper’s Pub and find ruins across the bridge nearby. Look for an isolated rock in the grass with a flat top surface. It is located just below the ruin, in the middle of a weird circular mushroom formation. All secret society events will take place here, at secret society ritual grounds.

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ranking up

Like the other three organizations, the hidden society also has three ranks. To level up, your Sims will be required to complete specific tasks. These include: making offerings, participating in events, building a relationship with other secret society members, and Tending to Sprites Garden. You will see your progress, membership status, and tasks required in the Organisations Panel. You can track the progress in the green bar.

  • Rank 1: New Member – Sims receive a membership, special robe, and mask.
  • Rank 2: Seasoned Member – Unlocked new robe, and ”Sprite Attack” action they can perform on others. 
  • Rank 3: Senior Member – Unlocked ”Summon Sprites” actions and new secret society robes.

1. Attending secret events

Society will organize events to celebrate sprites two times a week, so make sure your Sims are there if you want to reach the next rank quickly. During these Sprite Celebration Rituals, you’ll get a chance to meet Sprites and fellow members. Expect these secret society events scheduled for Wednesday, Friday, or Sunday, from 10:00 PM to 2:00 AM.

2. Tending to sprites garden

To tend to Sprites Garden, go to the secret society meeting location Altar/meeting place, and simply water the flowers planted nearby. For some, this option can be disabled due to a bug. If that’s the case, shift focus to completing other tasks.

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3. Building a relationship with other secret society members

As a member, you can discuss society-related topics available for members only: ”Ask Reason For Joining the Order of Enchantment”, ”Ask About the Order of Enchantment’s Mission”, or ”Ask How to Make the Sprits Happy”. Besides these, you can interact with them like you would with any other Sims. The more member friends you make, the better for your ranking.

4. Making Offerings To Sprites

Secret Society worships Sprites, so you’ll have to pay extra attention to them. Making offerings to Sprites is one of the requirements for ranking up. To do so, go to the Order meeting place (the rock), click on the secret society altar (rock) and select ”Make Offering”. Just like when asking to join the society, your Sims will get a pop up menu to select their offer. This can be rare crystals, metals, gardening plants and excellent quality baked goods. Your best bet are collectibles. If the offering is bad, Sprites will give your Sims a negative moodlet. If they like it, their mood will level up. 

What are sprites?

secret society spirits

They are glowing little creatures that can make or break your Sims’s mood and give them positive or negative moodlets for a few hours. So, when they show above your Sims’s head, you will need to entertain them. The moment you are accepted into the secret society, you will start seeing Sprites everywhere you go around campus, indoors or outdoors. They always show up randomly, and they live off two things: delicious food and good jokes.

interacting with sprits

To entertain them, make fun, mischievous, or romantic interactions with other Sims while the Sprites are around. Depending on how the Sprite feels, the Sprite can boost their success in fun, romantic, or mischievous actions in the next few hours. These are the moodlets you can expect to get:

  • Flirty Moodlet – Your flirty actions toward other Sims more likely to be successful for the time being. Sprites will get a pink color.
  • Inspired Moodlet – Your Sims will learn creative skills faster and get temporarily better at making art and playing music. Sprites will become green.
  • Tense Moodlet – If ignored, Sprites can attack Sims and make them tense, so beware of their wrath! We all know how difficult it is to do anything with a tense moodlet. They can even wake your Sims up if they are asleep. Their color will be yellow.

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Sprits won’t leave your sims alone after graduation?

If you want to leave the secret society, you should be able to do so in the Organisation Panel. Even if you don’t leave the order, sprits should be reserved for student life and leave your Sims after by default.

However, some players have reported that these glowing creatures won’t leave their Sims alone even after they graduate. If this happens to you, worry not. Simply activate the cheats by holding SHIFT + CTRL +C, type testingcheats true in the dialog box to activate cheats, and press enter. Open the dialogue box again, and type in
traits.remove_trait trait_CollegeOrganization_SecretSociety_Member. This secret society cheat get rid of the fun-seeking balls of light for good.

Is the Order of Enchantment the right option for your sims?

Secret society has so much to offer. It can boost your academic success by boosting skill learning (creative skills) or help you seduce your University crush. You can use Sprits to attack other Sims and be mischievous, meet other members and wear a cool robe.

However, like real secret societies, the Order of Enchantment requires certain sacrifices. These are not only food and collectibles, though. Being part of this hidden tribe can be overwhelming:

  • If you don’t want to dedicate too much time to the secret society, it is better to skip it. Once you join, Sprits will start showing up everywhere and bother you if ignored, to the point of annoying your Sims. If you want to do other things, learn skills, and be at peace, the Order can become just an extra task on your to-do list. 
  • When you become a member, you will need to socialize a lot to satisfy the Sprits. If your Sims is socially awkward and a loner, they will find it difficult to keep entertaining them, as Sprits will need you to socialize. 

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