Cloning Machine in the Sims 4 (How to Acquire & Use)

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Have you always wanted your sim to invent and create stuff in Sims 4? Be that cool geek on the block with all the fun gadgets and inventions? Did you know that your Sim can invent a cloning machine? If not then you need to keep on reading to learn more about it! 

sims 4 cloning machine

Get to work expansion pack: Scientist Career

Are you enjoying playing The Scientist in Sims 4? Isn’t it one of the most fun careers to choose from the Get to Work expansion pack? Well, if you are unaware of the pack and playing the scientist then let us introduce you to it before we dwell on the cloning machine.

The Get to Work expansion pack in Sims 4 allows you to play many careers like a detective, doctor, or scientist. As a scientist, you will have the opportunity to create and invent a lot of things which also includes a cloning machine! One of the key things is to remember to use the “Invention Constructor” regularly. 

Well, the name is pretty self-explanatory in itself. It is a machine that is used to clone objects which means you will have a copy of different objects so double the amount! The exciting bit is that you can also clone a Sim! Not only can this be handy but it is downright fascinating as well. It’s an incredibly fun feature to use but you need to know a few more details about it before you can get to it.

What can be cloned?

The real question is that what can be cloned? Apart from a Sim which should be exciting enough in itself but all that hype can’t be about just cloning a Sim! Here are the details about what can be cloned using the Cloning machine in Sims 4: 

  • Serums 
  • Metals 
  • Crystals 
  • Food  
  • Fruit  
  • Flowers 

The ability to clone food will mean you can avoid cooking! Another thing you need to know about is that not all objects will be cloned successfully. There will be failures in cloning as well. For those objects which failed to be cloned, they will become rudimentary cubes. The rudimentary matter cube is worth §1.

Sims4 cloning machine success
A successful cloning process in progress.

What do you need to build the cloning machine?

When you reach the fifth level of the scientist career in Sims 4 and have made your 9th breakthrough, that is when you will be able to build a cloning machine using the invention builder (aforementioned). To build a cloning machine, you will need 2 common crystals and 2 common metals. These crystals and metals can be obtained in a lot of ways and one of them is by digging around the neighborhood. Since you will be a scientist you can analyze them yourself. Other than that, you can also ask your fellow sims for these metals.  

Can you get the cloning machine with cheats?

If you do not have any interest in playing the scientist or using the Get to work pack or you just want to jump the ropes and get to the fun part then you are in luck. You can get the cloning machine by just entering the cheats. If you have never used cheats in your Sims 4 before and want to enable them then you need to go through a few simple steps: 

Just type Ctrl + Shift + C and a pop up will appear. Type in the words “testingcheats true” and this will enable cheats for you.  

After this you just have to follow a very easy step in order to obtain the cloning machine without the Get to work expansion pack. Type in bb.showhiddenobjects and press enter. If you want to access the cloning machine, there will be a search bar in construction mode where you will have to type cloning machine and you will have access.  

This is a very neat trick if you do not want to use the expansion pack or you have chosen another career but still want to be able to enjoy the advantages of the cloning machine. Even for those who have the pack and have chosen the scientist career but want early and easy access to the cloning machine. 

Cloning a sim – wait… can we really?

So cloning a sim is slightly more technical. You cannot do it via the basic cloning machine. You need to upgrade it first and then you will be able to clone a sim. You will be able to do this when you have reached level 8 of the scientific career or you can use the aforementioned cheat as well.  

Cloning a sim can actually be a very fun and engaging process. You will get an identical twin of your original sim with the same last name but a random first name. You will have a special bond with the clone where you will have a special greeting and you can also play the mirror game with them. If the cloning process was successful then the clone will have all your traits, your physical appearance, and your skills except your relationship and career.  

Cloning Failure – Evil Clone?


However, if the cloning process was not a success, then you can end up with an evil clone that has all the wrong/evil traits. If this is the situation and you wish to rectify it then you can do so via using a cheat.

Take Matters into Your Own Hands with this Cheat

After you have checked that cheats are enabled by following the process we have mentioned in the above paragraph, you need to enter the cheat “cas.fulleditmode“.

After that you can enter Shift (for PC users), B + A (Xbox one users), or Circle + X (PS4 users). A pop-up will appear that says ‘’Modify by CAS’’ and with this, you will be able to make several changes in your cloned Sim.  

You do not have to use the modification option only in result of a clone failure but you can also use it if you want to make your clone more identical or want to tweak a few characteristics. This can come in very hand when you are cloning a sim.  

Final Thoughts

Overall, the cloning machine is an extremely fun feature for both kind of players (avid and newbies). It allows you to experience the gameplay in a more fun way and can elevate the level of instructiveness. It also allows you to do fun experiments especially when you get to clone other Sims.

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