The Sims 4 Sugar Skulls – All 10 Of Them!

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Have you been asking yourself: What is the deal with the Sims 4 sugar skulls? What do the Sims 4 sugar skulls do? Yeah, so have we! And to be honest, we still do not have an answer to those questions, other than – you get some goodies! The skulls are fun to collect, the gameplay is interesting, and well that is enough for us. So, if you wanna hear some more about these weird skulls, keep on reading!

the sims 4 sugar skulls

The Sims 4 Sugar Skulls: A Whole Collection!

The Sims 4 sugar skulls, is a collectible stemming from the Sims 4 Day of the Dead challenge. Your Sims can collect 9 unique sugar skulls, and a 10th gold one which can be unlocked by using the “Honor the Dead” interaction on a sugar skull display case. But only when all 9 unique sugar skulls are displayed on it.

These sugar skulls can be collected by Day of the Dead celebrators. They will spawn on a lot if a Sim offers a sugar skull to a gravestone at night. Furthermore, Sims can be given one, by completing the interaction “Ask for Sugar Skull”. The celebrators often need to chat with the Sims to give out these sugar skulls. What’s the point of all this? To simply have fun and see if you manage to collect them all to earn some goodies! Now let us check these skulls out.

1. Sugar Skull Art

Art is sugar skull 1 of 10. This skull is quite common and not too hard to obtain, valued at §8. However, it does have a mystery to it. Oasis Springs residents have long been reporting sightings of a mysterious creature resembling this specific skull. Coincidence?

Screenshot e 07 21 212354

2. Sugar Skull Graham

Graham, Graham, Graham. Sugar skull number 2 of 10 is claimed to be the size of a hog. Though it is quite common and only valued at §8, it doesn’t stop rumors from spreading around. Townies have been saying it resembles the skin of a rat – gross.

Screenshot 2022 07 1 212354

3. Sugar Skull Howard

Howard, or Howie as we like to call it – is the third of the 10 sugar skulls. Though little Howie here is also a common sugar skull, townies have been complaining about a beast wandering around. Can that be our Howie sugar skull? Who knows! What we do know though, is that this icon is worth §8!

Screenshot 2022 07 21 2sd4

4. Sugar Skull Jeff

The fourth sugar skull in the collection is our dear Jeff here. Now, though Jeff seems like a nice little sugar skull – there is a certain unease around whenever you have it near. Sugar skull number 4 is reported to be watching townies at night. It is kind of creepy, right? Anyway, this skull is also worth §8.

Screenshot 2022sfsdas 07 21 213824

5. Sugar Skull Joe

Joe, Joe, Joe. Or like we prefer to call it, Joey! This common little sugar skull is worth §8 and is the fifth of the 10 sugar skulls. But the thing about little old Joe here is that it might make some townies disappear. Or at least rumors have it that one townie disappeared from a tent during the eight-night of the Day of the Dead challenge. Freaky!

Screenshot 202sfsdfhjkbhjdfdf2 07 21 213824 1

6. Sugar Skull Joel

The sixth sugar skull is none other than Joel. Yes, it is confusing, Joe and Joel. Hence, Joe’s nickname is Joey. Anyway, we sidetrack. This sugar skull is also common, and worth §8. But the interesting thing about it is that – like old Joe above – this skull is also rumored to make townies disappear. So, good luck with this one.

Sugar Skull Joel

7. Sugar Skull Kevin

If you are a fan of home alone – like we are – you will love the fact that the seventh sugar skull is named Kevin. Anyway, this common skull is worth §8 like the others. But what makes it special, besides its iconic name, of course, is the legend behind it. It leaves tracks behind. Now, we don’t know how… we are just telling you what we have heard.

Sugar Skull Kevin

8. Sugar Skull Michael

Michael here is the eight sugar skull in the collection. But besides being a common, §8 sugar skull, it has some sparks to it. Rumour has it that this sugar skull lured a group of townies into an abandoned mine tunnel. What happened next? No one knows!

Sugar Skull Michael

9. Sugar Skull Nadia

Nadia, Nadia, Nadia – this sugar skull is special. Though it is also common and valued at §8 like the others, obtaining this skull means you are one step closer to getting your Sim’s hands on the rare sugar skull! Which is the overall goal of this challenge. Anyway, legend has it that this sugar skull used the river to sweep some townies away. To where? That remains a mystery.

Sugar Skull Nadia

10. Sugar Skull Sunny

Now, here is the last sugar skull in the collection. And, the rarest sugar skull too. In fact, the only rare sugar skull, valued at §100! Legend has it that a lone survivor of the “Day of the Dead” challenge stumbled back in town only being able to repeat one name – El Chupacabra! Whatever that means!

the sims 4 sugar skulls Sunny

What’s the purpose of owning those sugar Skulls?

the sims 4 sugar skulls

What do you need these sugar skulls for? That remains the biggest mystery of all to this day. And the simple answer: we do not know, but you get some pretty cool CAS and build mode items from collecting them all! But, we did not want to showcase them in this article because it sort of ruins the fun of collecting them. It’s much more rewarding to just be surprised by the rewards, right? We think so!

What we do know is that every time we attempt to collect all the skulls, we have a lot of fun doing so. Which we are sure you will have, too. Therefore we took it upon ourselves to make a post dedicated to these weird skulls, and the Simlish legends behind them!

Let us know in the comments down below which of the sugar skulls is your favorite! And have you tried the challenge yet? Or will you try it? We would love to know! Anyway, happy sugar skull hunting everyone!

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