13 Exciting Holiday Mods So Sims Can Party All Year Long!

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Using holiday mods is a great way to spruce up your sims’ stale calendars, opening up new ways for your favorite characters to celebrate the whole year through!

Holiday Mods

For many players of The Sims 4, the holiday season has either already started or is on its way. If you have the Seasons EP then your sims are also experiencing the holidays, albeit at a much faster pace than you are. Unless you’re constantly refreshing your sims’ calendars you may be finding that the same repeating holidays over and over again can grow a little boring. Sure, you can mix it up a bit by changing up existing holidays or creating new ones of your own but even that can get stale after a while.

There are many talented modders out there who can help remedy the dullness of repeat holidays by way of their creations. We’ve got a mix of over a dozen holiday mods to make your sims’ calendars far more exciting!

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Holiday Mods Worth Celebrating

This collection of holiday mods will keep your sims festive no matter the time of year.

1. More Selectable Icons by Zerbu

image 23

The Sims 4 and its DLC has hundreds and hundreds of different icons within the game, many of which players will only see under limited circumstances. So much cute art going to waste! Take advantage of all that work thanks to the More Selectable Icons mod by Zerbu! In addition to Holiday icons, these images can be used for things like Club icons and avatars. There are a bunch to choose from so you may never run out of new icons!

2. 5 New Playground Holiday Traditions by Caradriel

image 6

It’s well-known that littler sims often get neglected when it comes to game content, and this mod aims to change that a wee bit by adding more toddler-centric activities to available holiday traditions. With this mod by Caladriel you can now add several things for your kiddos to do on the holidays so they can participate more! If you like this mod you can check out more of Caladriel’s holiday-themed mods here.

3. Random Holiday Traditions by LittleMsSam

image 2

Here we have a mod by LittleMsSam which adds nearly 15 new actions you can select as traditions for your holidays. They mainly surround objects added in other packs such as Eating Ice Cream (Cool Kitchen Stuff), Going Bowling (Bowling Stuff), or Playing Foosball (Discover University EP). If you’d like to add these and other random traditions to your game, get the mod here.

4. More Holiday Traditions by MSQSIMS

image 3

Nearly 50 new holiday traditions can be found as part of this mod including crafting tasks, collecting things, and playing with toys. There’s a little something for everyone!

One thing to keep an eye out for is that the traditions span multiple packs (which are unfortunately not labeled), so if you find that some of the traditions aren’t working it’s probably because you don’t have the needed DLC.

5. More Premade Holidays by a.deep.indigo

image 5

In addition to changing several existing holidays, the More Premade Holidays Mod by a.deep.indigo brings 7 new holiday traditions to your sims’ calendars for every season. I personally love how they added a Winterfest Eve occasion and rebalanced traditions between it and regular Winterfest to make for a perfectly cozy holiday during the dull winter months!

Enhance your Winterfest aesthetic with this lovely Mini CC Pack!

6. Earth Day Holiday Traditions by SrslySims

image 10

On the 22nd of April every year, the world celebrates Earth Day. It’s a day to reflect on all the wonderful things the planet provides for us while learning and practicing thoughtful actions that benefit the earth and repair harm we’ve done previously. If you want your sims to be able to celebrate as well, these Earth Day Holiday Traditions by SrslySims will let you make that happen!

7. Holiday Traditions by KiaraSims

image 7

KiaraSims has made over 60 separate holiday tradition mods with something for every type of holiday. Want to stay in the house? There are traditions for that. Want to go outside? There are traditions for that. Want to travel outside of your neighborhood? There are traditions for that, too! There really is something for every type of celebration on this list, and it’s hard to pick a favorite.

8. Altar Mod by Lychee

image 15

This is actually a much more complex creation than just a holiday mod, but it comes with some cool traditions that could be incorporated into other occasions, too. The main meat of the mod is that it adds altars to the game with custom interactions to give your spiritual sims more ways to practice their craft.

This mod works with Occult Traditions which Lychee has also made available for the game!

9. All In-Game Traditions Are Updated By Preferences And Traits + Cottage Village Traditions by Lorea

image 8

This mod is actually a combination of several older holiday mods, all updated and rolled into one convenient package:

Lorea decided to update these mods and integrate them all together, making this quite a holiday gift!

10. New Holiday Traditions from Lolnyny (now Lychee)

image 9

Lolnyny made a small collection of holiday tradition mods focusing on outdoor-oriented activities specific to certain locations and weather. You can get the download links here (original blog deleted).

11. Werewolf Holiday Traditions by DerekSimsYT

image 13

Do you want to give Werewolves their own special holiday? Or perhaps you want to integrate them more into holidays that already exist? Well, the Werewolf Holiday Traditions mod is what you’re looking for! Let your sims run wild and cause all sorts of chaos as they celebrate the night with this holiday mod. The yearly Neighborhood Brawl certainly won’t ever ne the same!

12. Assorted Holiday Tradition Mods by CubiertoDeFlores

image 17

A half-dozen different holiday traditions mainly (but not exclusively) focused on Spa Day activities. Set a relaxing holiday with fancy baths and pedicures, and give your sims a restful day off! Clicking “INFO” on each mod will tell you exactly what you need to do to fulfill the traditions.

13. Holiday Baking Traditions by xbrettface

image 14 edited

Now that sims can finally bake with their oven, this holiday mod is more useful than ever. Cakes, cookies, and cupcakes…yum! Bring the joy of baking with your loved ones to the holidays with the Holiday Baking Traditions mod. Xbrettface has even linked other mods you can use these traditions with, so it’s a multi-use mod!

Add this lovely holiday bread recipe to your sim’s cookbooks!

Bonus Mod: Not Sad About Holidays Mod by BosseladyTV

image 16

This is a little bonus mod not affecting holidays specifically, but how your sim deals with them. Sometimes a holiday pops up, but you’re just not in the mood to deal with it because you’re busy with other things or it’s not even a holiday your sim is into, so you decide to cancel it. But oh no! Your sim is now full of sorrow at the idea that they didn’t get to buy a lottery ticket or fistfight the old lady next door. It’s really annoying how bummed out sims can get over skipping holidays, and this lovely little mod will stop that from happening.

Ending Thoughts

The world is full of colorful people with different cultures and celebrations, and The Sims 4 isn’t that different. If you’re looking to add excitement to your sims’ calendars with new traditions and new holidays outside of what the game has to offer, these holiday mods should do the trick. Give your occult sims their own special day, refresh older occasions, or create something completely different and new! What will you come up with?

Happy holidays!

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