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Do you know that there is a Sims 4 calendar? The Sims 4 Seasons Expansion Pack creates traditions and events that are celebrated by Sims year-round. Read on to learn how the Sims 4 calendar adds a more personal touch and more engagement to the game!

sims 4 calendar

Introduction of the Sims 4 calendar

The Sims 4: Seasons Expansion Pack, released on June 22, 2018, delivers the four seasons we’ve all come to know in real life into the game.

The seasons impact A Sim’s mood and choice of activities. 

When it snows, Sims can schedule snow angels and have snowball fights with other Sims.

If it’s blistering hot, your Sim will have to wear the hot weather-appropriate outfit you choose for them in Create a Sim.

When there are storms, Sims will scurry to the nearest indoor shelter to avoid being struck by lightning!

It’s true that you can get struck by lightning and become dazed.

It has happened to me several times…oops.

The Expansion Pack has also given players a calendar where they’ll be able to know when brand new holidays, vacations, and events are coming up! 

Sims usually receive on-screen notifications of events and have their friendly neighborhood Sims hit their phone asking to go with them to an event.

Now you can also refer to the Sims 4 calendar and know ahead of time what activities you want to participate in.

You can even edit the activities on any holiday and create your own holidays! 

For now, let’s get into what holidays and events are currently on the calendar.

Information on the Sims 4 calendar

The holidays in Sims 4 Seasons mimic the holidays that we celebrate.

They also come with their own traditions that your Sims take part in!

You can see the traditions that take place on each holiday or at each event by selecting the holiday or event and then looking at the left-hand column. 

Some events and festivals happen on the same day.

Scroll down the column to see what else is happening and pick where you want your Sims to go!

If you choose not to participate in a new holiday or event’s tradition, your Sims can experience a mood shift to sadness.

Sims aren’t affected by missing out on festivals.

Holidays in Sims 4 Seasons

Sims 4 calendar
Festive Spirit

Harvestfest in the Fall is the Sims 4 version of Thanksgiving.

It lands on a Thursday and the traditions include decorating, group cooking a grand meal, appeasing holiday gnomes, and expressing a thankful spirit.

Winterfest eve takes place in the Winter and is the Sims 4 version of Christmas.

It falls on Wednesday and has traditions that include opening gifts and dance parties where Sims invite guests and be festive with them.

The TV Season Premiere happens on Thursday right after Winterfest.

If your Sims opts out of modern technology though, you can always watch the premiere at a bar!

New Year’s Eve takes place a few days after Winterfest on Saturday and the traditions include making resolutions and counting down until midnight.

Love Day is on Friday of the following week and is the Sims 4 version of Valentine’s Day.

The traditions for Love Day are going on dates, sharing romantic spirit, and giving flowers.

Events in Sims 4 Seasons pt I

sims 4 calendar

GeekCon is a winter event that takes place on Tuesday right before Winterfest.

It is located in Myshuno near Planet Honey Pop! 

Sims will be able to use a rocket to temporarily go into Space, compete in the Hackathon, take the Ultime Gaming Test, and improve their skills at a quicker pace than usual.

Friday will be the Talent Showcase at the Orchid A Go Go in Del Sol Valley.

On Saturday there are three events!

A Talent Showcase takes place at the Stargazer Lounge in the evening. 

The other two events take place at the same time, but there’s always next year for the one you miss.

Note: the Sims calendar year doesn’t have to last long because you can adjust the length of the seasons!

There is the Festival of Snow in Mt. Komorebi at Sutefani Onsen Bathhouse, where Sims will be able to try squid, view snow sculptures, and wear a festival outfit.

Finally, the Finchwick Cow Fair in Henford-On-Bagley near the Gnome’s Arms bar lands on that Saturday too.

Sims can compete in the cow and milk competition to earn prizes and purchase specialty items.

That Sunday is the Starlight Accolades at Studio PBP in Del Sol Valley.

Then the Festival of Youth in Mt. Komorebi near the Hazakura Lounge.

Sims kids can eat ice cream crepes, make paper kabuto, and meet mascot Yamachan to take part in a hunt!

More events in Sims 4 Seasons

The following Saturday – the day after Love Day – is the Finchwich Oversized Crop Fair where you can compete in the best oversized crops competition.

Sims also compete in a pie competition to win prizes and purchase specialty items.

Next Saturday is the Finchwick Llama Fair where Sims compete in the llama and wool competitions to earn prizes.

Finally, the Finchwick Chicken Fair takes place a week before New Year’s Eve on Saturday where Sims can compete in a chicken and egg hunt.

How to edit the calendar

This is a pretty cool calendar feature: you can create holidays and events yourself, establish their traditions, edit current holidays, and delete holidays and events.

sims 4 calendar
calendar system

You can select any empty day on the left-hand side of the calendar.

You’ll see you have options to add a holiday and an event.

Select add holiday and you’ll be taken to a menu where you can name it.

Set the holiday’s aesthetic, choose if Sims will have the day off from work and school, and then choose the traditions that you want them to celebrate.

sims 4 calendar 8 1

When you choose to add an event you’ll be given a menu to browse different social events.

You can host a house party, an birthday party, a kava party, and much more.

To delete an existing holiday, you can select it on the calendar, look at its summary on the left-hand menu and then select the trash icon next to it.

To edit an existing holiday you’ll select the pencil icon and then you’ll be able to change its name and add and delete traditions!

So let your imagination run wild and fill up your Sims 4 calendar with a variety of fun and engaging holidays and events to keep things interesting. 

Tell us in the comments about any holiday or event you create that you’re super proud of.

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