Top 10 Best Sims 4 Expansion Packs Ranked!


Sims 4 Expansion Packs

The Sims 4 has always worked with DLCs that add new things to your game. There are expansion packs, game packs, stuff packs, and kits, all of which are purchasable with dollars, euros, and pounds. Expansion packs are the largest content packs for The Sims 4 and they bring the most value for your money, but how are they ranked?

So in this post, I’ll go over the top 10 expansion packs for Sims 4 and give you all of them ranked. Of course, some of these DLCs you’ll like more than others. For some people, Seasons is the best expansion pack for the game while for others it’s Cats & Dogs. 

Nonetheless, here are the top 10 best expansion packs for Sims 4!

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Top 10 Sims 4 Expansion Packs Ranked

10. Get Famous

We can’t deny that our Sims get special treatment in Sims 4. Not only are they the “main characters”, but they have the privilege of being controlled by you. That comes with many benefits, including the opportunity of becoming a superstar.

Get Famous allows your Sims to become celebrities through certain activities. For example, an actor Sim can easily become a celebrity. But you can also become an Instagram influencer with this expansion pack too. Get Famous has tons of cool interactions, so if you like this theme, then totally get it!

9. Get to Work

Get to Work may not be the best among the expansion packs for Sims 4, but it’s definitely valuable. It’s the first DLC where you can actually follow your Sims to work and not watch them disappear in a rabbit hole. However, this doesn’t work for all career paths in the game.

In Get to Work, you can only follow your Scientist, Doctor, and Detective Sims to work. This means that you’ll see them do various tasks, such as inventing things, treating patients, and solving crimes. 

It’s actually very cool to play with your Sim on the job. The only bad part is that only 3 career paths are featured, so it’s not for everyone.

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8. City Living

Before The Sims 4 was released, everyone thought that the game would have cities and apartments as well as suburbs and houses. However, this wasn’t the case. The City Living expansion pack was released only a year or so after TS4, and it allows our Sims to find their homes in the big crowded town of San Myshuno.

In City Living, you can rent or buy an apartment and live in a city. You’ll have neighbors on your floor, which is quite different than living in a house. The city lifestyle has its own benefits, such as attending festivals and working as a food or art critic. The DLC is full of modern objects that you can use, from clothes and hairstyles to amazing decorative items.

7. Eco Lifestyle

Don’t get me wrong – Eco Lifestyle is one of my favorite expansion packs for Sims 4. However, I can’t deny the fact that it’s simply not for everyone. Not all of us enjoy taking care of nature and the world around us, so you shouldn’t feel forced to buy this DLC. But if you like this theme, then you’ll love Eco Lifestyle too.

Eco Lifestyle comes with a new world – the beautiful Evergreen Harbor. Here you can buy or build the perfect house that’s blending in with nature. Your Sims can become environment activists and teach the world about preserving the natural world. You can fill your home with eco-friendly appliances that save energy. And you’ll have tons of new and cool clothes inspired by these aesthetics. 

6. Cottage Living

Cottage Living is one of the newest expansion packs for Sims 4. The idea was to introduce a cottage-like lifestyle for our Sims, filled with country architecture and lots of animals! However, EA didn’t do the best job of developing that.

For example, there are no horses in Cottage Living! This has been one of the major dissatisfaction points of the player base, simply because horses are the first animals you should have on your farm.

On the other hand, Cottage Living is a great expansion pack if you like farming and taking care of your chickens and cows. You can live off the land, which means making simoleons and feeding your Sims through your farms/animals. Cottage Living is a nice experience and lets you escape the typical Sims 4 gameplay. But it may not be worth your money if you look for a complete country experience!

5. Snowy Escape

Snowy Escape is one of my personal favorite expansion packs for Sims 4. And it’s beautiful in every sense of the word. It allows you to visit the new world of Mt. Komorebi, which is a Japanese-inspired mountain village. This world has two parts – the mountain and the village underneath. Your Sims can visit and find homes in both of them.

The best part about Snowy Escape is that you can climb the mountain Komrebi and skii. This will be a must for anyone that likes winter sports. And after a long day on your snowboard, you can relax in the hot springs of the mountain. 

Snowy Escape has tons of winter and Japanese-inspired objects that you can use. They’re awesome!

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4. Discover University

Discover University was one of the most awaited Sims 4 expansion packs. The reason is that university is a big part of many people’s lives, including simmers. Most of us are either on our way to university, currently there, or recently finished. And because of that, we wanted our Sims to be able to visit universities too.

In Discover University, your Sim can become a university student. There are two different universities you can join – the University of Britechester and Foxbury Institute. One of them is all about learning science and computers while the other is mostly about art.

This DLC also comes with a new world called Britechester and allows you to live in a dorm with other Sims.

3. Island Living

It goes without saying, but Island Living is a must for any Sims 4 player that likes summer and mermaids. Right of the bat, this expansion pack adds the mermaid race to the game and allows you to play as one. Mermaids have a different lifestyle than other Sims and have a few superpowers. For example, they can swim and dive endlessly. They can even befriend dolphins!

Island Living introduces you to the new world called Sulani, which is a region made of multiple islands. There are many lots here and the best part is that you can build your house on an island! To help you with that, the DLC gives you many new tropical aesthetics that look amazing in-game!

All in all, the expansion pack is worth the money.

2. Cats & Dogs

Although Seasons is a must, Cats & Dogs is the fan-favorite expansion pack for Sims 4. Being able to own a pet is a huge deal to us simmers, so we’re happy that we have this DLC.

The only bad part about Cats & Dogs is that you can only have a dog or a cat as a pet. In the real world, there are thousands of different pet types, so it seems pretty lazy to only add two. 

However, Cats & Dogs is a great expansion pack and I recommend it if you like animals. There are many different breeds of cats and dogs that you can get. But you can also mix and match and create your own breed. You can choose special traits for your pet and give it a unique personality. Then, you can watch it mess up your furniture!

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1. Seasons

If you’re on a budget and you’re looking to buy only one of the expansion packs in Sims 4, then buy Seasons. Undoubtedly, this is the best DLC for the money gameplay-wise. It adds the four seasons in the game and lots of different weather types.

When you start a game with Seasons, you’ll also get to pick the starting season – spring, summer, autumn, or winter. Then, the seasons will change in order as you play the game. It may not sound like much, but seeing actual snow or rain in Sims 4 while playing is a huge plus.

In my opinion, this should’ve been part of the base game and not a DLC. But if I was a new player, this is the one I’d buy first.

Those are the top 10 expansion packs for Sims 4 ranked!

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