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Welcome dear readers to the Plumbob Tea Society, a collective of creators who coordinate on custom content of the highest quality.

Plumbob Tea Society

Whether or not you’re familiar with the Plumbob Tea Society, chances are very good you’ve seen their creations. A collective of over 20 people, the Plumbob Tea Society—or PTS for short—was a group of simmers who collaborated on larger-scale custom content projects with official Pack levels of quality and content variety.

Although the society disbanded in 2018 their content is still as incredible today as it was then, and several of the members are still making CC and mods these days. Most of their smaller-scale efforts are more randomized content, made as gifts for members of the community, but the PTS has several larger projects with specific theming that you could easily mistake as an EA creation. Today we’re going to showcase those larger projects.

Plumbob Tea Society Projects

In addition to their various smaller-scale posts the Plumbob Tea Society has 4 larger-scale projects that you should absolutely check out. The detail and quality of these creations are truly fantastic and chances are good you’re going to fall hard for at least one of them!

Stellar Stuff

Stellar Stuff

One of PTS’ larger projects, the Stellar Stuff pack comes with 127 out-of-this-world pieces including over 50 hair variations, clothing for Children and up, jewelry, skin details, plus furniture and decor items for multiple rooms. There’s even a 50 x 50 lot build that combines a space-age home and high-tech laboratory themed after a moon base, complete with potions and collectibles for a more galactic feel.

Click here to download!

Teeny Tots Stuff

Teeny Tots Stuff

This sweet little collection brings us 15 items for Toddlers. This includes hairstyles, clothing, beds and bedding, highchairs, a cute little Pusheen toy, and lots of poses. You could consider this more akin to a Kit with the smaller selection of items, but the quality is what you’ve come to expect from PTS.

Click here to download!

Cottage Garden Stuff

Cottage Garden Stuff

This absolutely massive fanmade Stuff Pack has 171 new items for sims who love puttering around in the garden. There’s loads of CAS content including clothes, hair, and lots of accessories like sunhats and gardening gloves, dozens and dozens of decorative pieces, several planters, flowers and other greenery, poses, and more! No doubt there is many a simmer out there who used this kit to get by while waiting for Cottage Living to finally come into existence, and the content from the Cottage Garden Stuff pack pairs nicely with that Expansion.

Most of the content is Base Game compatible and there’s an item index available so you can skip over anything the requires DLC you don’t have.

Click here to download!

Rustic Romance Wedding Stuff

Rustic Romance Stuff

Rustic Romance Stuff is a wedding-themed pack full of absolutely breathtaking details. There are over 70 pieces of content in this pack including formal clothing for sims of all ages and genders, dozens of decorative items, furniture, lighting, a rustic wedding cake override, and a grand wedding arch which comes in the form of a large decorated tree. You even get new wedding poses!

As a companion to the Rustic Romance Stuff Pack, there’s a wedding venue available for download that showcases the wonderful items in this collection. Since it was made long ago the lot is categorized as Generic; you’ll want to change it to a Wedding Venue when you place it in your game. Get the venue here. The pack is Base Game compatible (with the exception of a single item) but you will need the following DLC for the venue: Cats & Dogs, Get Together, Parenthood, Vampires, Dine Out, Laundry Day, Backyard, Romantic Garden, and Holiday Celebration.

Click here to download!

The Disbanding Of Plumbob Tea Society

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Unfortunately the Plumbob Tea Society lasted less than 2 years, going on hiatus in the summer of 2018. With so many people involved and lives constantly changing, it became more of a chore than a fun experience trying to coordinate so many creators. While it’s a shame this happened, the PTS blog is still up and available for simmers to download all of their incredible content. We only touched on the larger projects here but there are lots more, including almost 20 different birthday collection sets that span a variety of styles and vibes. As someone who has a majority of PTS’ creations I can vouch for the quality and attention to detail these items all have!

PTS: Where Are They Now?

Many of the collaborators who were part of the Plumbob Tea Society are still making content to this day, several of which you’ve probably heard of. All the contributors are listed on the PTS website but the following creators are former members who are still making CC as of the past year:

Just because a simmer isn’t listed here doesn’t mean they’ve left the community or that they don’t have any CC. We just wanted to highlight those who are currently active in the modding community, and we encourage you to check out the rest of the contributor’s blogs to see their older content or the things they’re up to now that aren’t connected to making CC.

More on SNOOTYSIMS: In this article, we curated the most excellent clothing pieces from CC creator Slay Classy! Go and download everything from the list!


Final Thoughts

It can be a setback when you find that a favorite CC creator for The Sims 4 is no longer creating, and the loss of the Plumbob Tea Society is one that we’re all worse off for. Luckily the PTS is gone but not forgotten, and their amazing creations can still be downloaded today. Maybe one day we’ll see them return! Until then though, we can enjoy the amazing content they created for us and keep up with former members who are still part of the modding community. What’s your favorite offering from the Plumbob Tea Society? Let us know in the comments, and happy simming!

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