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Learn Everything There is to Know About the Plubmbob Tea Society!

You may have heard of them, and you may have not – the Plumbob Tea Society, or PTS, are one of the best Mods and CC creators in the world of The Sims 4! Yes, they’re a group dedicated to bringing us one of the most unique and fascinating stuff packs that we have ever seen. And if you haven’t downloaded any of their stuff, then now is the perfect time to do so!

What has started as a simple collaboration between multiple Sims 4 CC creators has quickly grown in the Plumbob Tea Society. A group of friends who share the same goal – bringing us the best creative content possible for The Sims 4. These guys and girls have been working on many stuff packs in the last couple of years. All of them deserve a big spotlight, so we recommend you to try them all!

Currently, the Plumbob Tea Society’s members aren’t as active as they were in the past. They still create stuff occasionally and post it for the public, though not as regularly as before. But, we can safely say that they have enough content for every simmer out there. To check it and download it, visit the Plumbob Tea Society’s website! There you can also see which creators are still contributing to the blog and when they work on something new. We all have our private lives and things to focus on, right?

The Plumbob Tea Society: Content Showcase

The truth is, we can talk at incredible length about the Plumbob Tea Society’s content. There are hairs, clothes, jewelry, recolors, objects, and many more things that simply take our breath away. There are even some downloads that we use to decorate entire houses with and not just rooms. However, here we will show you the best stuff packs done by PTS and give you an idea of what they offer you. All for free, of course!

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Cottage Garden

Cottage Garden is a CC pack released by the Plumb Tea Society back in 2017. It’s a collaboration between fifteen content creators, and it’s a massive one!

In definition, Cottage Garden is a fan-made CC stuff pack that you can use for free. Its title suggests everything it is about – cozy and relaxing items that you can use for and around your cottage garden. The aesthetic style revolves around the topic of spring, with bright and shiny colors all around.

Cottage Garden features 171 items, all from trees and shrubs to clothes and hairstyles for Sims of all genders and ages. They are all gorgeous! You can download Plumbob Tea Society’s Cottage Garden pack here!

Rustic Romance

Rustic Romance, on the other hand, is a Valentine’s Day-inspired CC pack. It has over 70 items, all fit perfectly into the theme of love. And if you’ve ever dreamed of throwing a proper Valentine’s Day picnic, celebration, or even a wedding, this is the pack to get!

Ten PTS members have worked on Rustic Romance. In it, you’ll find an assortment of women’s dresses and men’s suits, as well as rings, flowers, chairs, and tables. They can all be used for decorating around this time of the year or whenever you like! Download the Plumbob Tea Society’s Rustic Romance pack here!

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Stellar Stuff

And lastly, we have Stellar Stuff. This is our personal favorite pack by PTS simply because of how beautiful, and dreamy everything looks. The primary colors here are purple and blue, and almost all items are furnished with stars or constellations. 

The Plumbob Tea Society’s Stellar Stuff features 127 items in total and is a product by ten creators. There are hairs with glitter there, hairs done with oil, and everything else. There are also a bunch of lipstick options, as well as clothes for both men and women. To find out more and make a download, click here!


The Plumbob Tea Society deserves all the praise in the world. We’re quite sure that most of you will find their stuff absolutely adorable. There is also something for every taste on their website, so even if you didn’t like their three biggest titles, you can still find something for yourself. Make sure to try multiple things and tell us which pack is your favorite!

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