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Are you ready to give your sims a much-needed style boost that will help them feel fiercely confident? Look no further because, in this article, we curated the most excellent clothing pieces from CC creator Slay Classy! Go and download everything from the list!

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Who is CC Creator Slay Classy?


Slay Classy is a content creator for The Sims 4, who actively uploads high-quality content on Patreon, Tumblr, Twitter, and Instagram. This creator is known for producing exceptionally stylish clothing collections for our Sims by incorporating diverse fashion themes in the designs. If you’ve been a long-time follower of SnootySims, you might notice how the creations of Slay Classy often make it to our CC lists of clothes, such as in our 100 best clothes CC  and our 92+ hottest female clothes CC, especially because of the impeccable concepts that are apparent in Slay Classy CCs.

The Best CC from Slay Classy

Now, on this list, we are pleased to bring you the best CC from Slay Classy! Sift through the greatest fashion finds that we gathered below. Check out the last item on the list—it’s the ultimate style bomb!

1. Slay Classy #123 Early Access


We’ll start off the list with the #123 collection. This set contains 4 fabulous items—the Ismaya top, the Omnia top, the Omnia skirt, and the Lima pants. Our favorite from this set is the Omnia Skirt because just look at those gorgeous details that Slay Classy included! Get the Slay Classy #123 through this link.

2. Slay Classy #132 Early Access


Next up, we have the #132 collection of Slay Classy. This set includes powerful feminine pieces that combine both elegance and street style for your Sims. You can have them wear the Dianella Top, Klara Cardi Top, Klara Skirt, and Sith Dress from this collection! Obtain items from the Slay Classy # 132 set through this link.

3. Slay Classy #139 Early Access


Enjoy playful prints and creative cuts with the trendy pieces from the #139 collection! This set boasts items such as the Kim Balenciaga Suit, the Lilia Slit Skirt, the Oriana Top, and the Abstract Dress. All pieces have such interesting designs perfect for expressive Sims. Download the #139 collection through this link.

4. Slay Classy #137 Early Access


Be an office girl by day and become a party lady at night with the available pieces from the #137 collection! The set incorporates boss lady vibes through the 5 pieces it offers—the Evelyn Halter Top, the Sally Dress, the Stephanie Set, the Tied Top, and the Versa Top. Grab the #137 collection through this link.

5. Slay Classy #133 Early Access


Are your Sims out for a street party at night? Then let them sport these trendy apparel from the #133 collection! Comprised of the Milea Cardi Top, the Praya Pants, and the Silas Sweater Top, the set is sure to give your Sims a high boost in street fashion and cred. Have your hands on the #133 Collection through this link.

6. Slay Classy #134 Early Access


Check out this fun summer collection of clothes! The #134 collection has four incredible items. The Libra Top features a cropped butterfly top, the Muscov shirt highlights its vivid graphic prints, the Elliot Dress is a stylish belted dress in solid colors, and the Eona Top is a classy, cropped off-shoulder blouse. This set is available through this link.

7. Slay Classy #138 Early Access

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Let’s dive more into lavish summer pieces! In the #138 set, we have the Shiba Jacket Set, the Theo Top, the Rio Short, and the Stacy Dress. These Slay Classy pieces are perfect for Sims who want to sport glamorous fashion without being scared of looking too daring. Download the pieces from the #138 collection through this link.

8. Slay Classy #135 Early Access


For number 8, we have this stunning #135 collection from Slay Classy. This set consists of the Angela Dress, the Angela Top, the Flora Dress, and the Sigil Bomber Jacket. We really adore the design of the latter piece because it looks perfect for the high school fashion of our teenage Sims!

Add the #135 collection to your game by downloading it through this link.

9. Slay Classy #145 Starter


Since we’re already talking about high school fashion, check out these starter pieces from the #145 collection, which we’re sure, will ultimately look snazzy for your teen Sims in their school events and hangouts! The starter set features the Luna Skirt, the Koma Top, and the Kylie dress, which is available in solid and laced variants.

Dress your Sims with these pieces through this link.

10. Slay Classy #122 Exclusive


Are your Sims about to travel to a picturesque vacation place? Make sure they are well-dressed for the trip! Let them have access to the #122 exclusive set by Slay Classy, which contains 8 great pieces, such as the Candice Moneyslip Top, the Falcon Puffer, the Moneybag Dress, and the Ibiza Top, among others.

Offer a style boost to your sim with this set through this link.

11. Slay Classy #125 Early Access


This set offers both comfort and class! The Curry top and the Curry shorts are cozy pieces that your Sims can easily slip on while enjoying their rest days at home, while the Cicillia and Eira dresses are satin pieces of clothing that are guaranteed glamorous for night events.

Click this link to expand your sim’s wardrobe with this set.

12. Slay Classy #126 Early Access


For number 12, we have another exciting set! Check out the #126 collection, a Slay Classy creation that features 4 adorable items—the Guess Basic Top, the Salma Top, the Salma Skirt, and the Nintendo Console accessories! The latter could be accessed by checking the necklace category in CAS.

Delve into new clothes with this set, by following this link.

13. Slay Classy #127 Early Access


Slay Classy really couldn’t stop slaying with all the fabulous pieces that they create for the game. Take a look at these pieces from the #127 collection, which includes the Nirvana Dress, the Impy Sling Top, the Cortana Sweater Vest, and the Genus Dress which features an LV Coin Belt!

Incorporate this set into the game through this link.

14. Slay Classy #119 Early Access


We certainly find the #119 collection trendy and palatable for many sims’ fashion tastes. The designer pieces in this set include the Nagisa Top, the Ola Top, the Ura Top, the Padma Set, and the Segi Dress. Plus, there’s even a Gaby Dress piece for toddler sims!

Have fun with this collection through this download link.

15. Slay Classy #131 Early Access


Now, let’s focus on more delicious street fashion for our sims featuring the #131 Collection from Slay Classy. With this set, your Sims would not just be able to delight themselves with the Legola Top, Ego Plastic Top, the Regina Top, and the Regina Skirt, but they’d also adore the Jucy Shoulder Bag/Purse especially crafted for their street hangouts!

Acquire these tasteful Slay Classy pieces through this link.

16. Slay Classy #124 Early Access


Become an iconic trendsetter with these rocking threads from the #124 collection of Slay Classy. The set includes the Jen Skirt, Silvia Top, the Noe Top, and the Noe Skirt. Our special favorites are the Noe top and the Noe skirt as these pieces just look so decent on any sim’s body type!

Elevate your Sims’ styles with this set available at this link.

17. Slay Classy #122 Early Access


The versatile creations of our featured creator even include sports-themed apparel! Check out the #122 collection, which features athletic pieces and accessories, including the Joanna Top, the Sozo Sheer Top, and the Boxing Glove Tops for both males and females. There is also the Damian Choker which is available in the necklace category of CAS.

Here is the download link for this fabulous collection.

18. Slay Classy #130 Early Access


Since we’ve already delved into sports-themed apparel, check out more of the athletic pieces of our featured creator through the #130 collection, which offers stylish but comfortable tracksuits, leggings, biker shorts, and jumpsuits. These powerful pieces are inspired by the works of big brands Adidas and Nike.

Start sweating into stylish clothing, through this download link.

19. Slay Classy #129 Early Access


Talk about reveling in some dazzling fashion! The #129 collection offers sizzling pieces to improve the wardrobe of your sims. By wearing the items in this set, including the Peera Top, the Cola Top, the Camry Dress, and the Solene Dress, your Sim will surely become the fiercest icon in town.

Spice up your Sims’ wardrobes by checking this link.

20. Slay Classy #128 Early Access


Explore fashionable frills, sassy slits, and crazy cuts in the clothing pieces offered in the #128 collection of Slay Classy! The set contains 4 stunning pieces, including the Creamy Bodysuit, the Lemon Skirt, the Frosty Bra, and the Tangy Top. We really think that the Lemon Skirt looks fantastic with any chosen top!

Get these gorgeous threads through this link.

21. Slay Classy #121 Early Access


Your Sims are about to get hotter and more confident by wearing the pieces from this set, which all totally scream stylish! Dress them up with the Tarantula Jumpsuit, Skeleton Bodysuit, Wang Top, Axel Top, and Comma Jumpsuit. Plus, there is the Nipstickie available in the Gloves category!

Snatch this snazzy set through this link.

22. Slay Classy #118 Exclusive


I think we can all agree that all creations of Slay Classy just look super sexy and dramatic. Just check out this exclusive #118 collection, which boasts 9 clothing gems! Your Sims will love to drape themselves with the Petra Top, Jaime Dress, Parachute Pants, Tracy Swimsuits, and Yolanda Dress!

Slay the day with this set and download it here.

23. Slay Classy #118 Early Access

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Are you looking for chic outfits for laid-back party nights at the club? Then, look no further and get this #118 collection! This set offers 6 awesome threads in total—the Sicilly Dress, the Naya Top, the Nada Top, the Nada Short, the Kroshe Dress, and the Haze Dress, all perfect for your Sims’ clubbing events.

Glam up your Sims’ style with this set, available at this link.

Wrapping It Up

Did you enjoy this curated list of CC finds from SlayClassy? We hope you did because we are sure of this fact—your Sims will glow differently and exude more confidence once they start wearing the superior clothing pieces from this list. Download all the sets and don’t forget to have fun playing, simmers!

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