Awesome Trench Coat Custom Content for Your Males


It has become more than a trend nowadays to wear a trench coat, and we thought we might as well take care of it in the Sims 4. Especially that we’re approaching winter, the need for trench coat fashion is our ultimate choice. So, simmers, we’ve compiled a list of the coolest male trench coat custom content for the Sims 4. Let’s have a look!

Trendiest Male Trench Coats for the Sims 4

Urbane Trench Coat Set

You get this coat in three versions: one with a hoodie, another with a turtleneck and one denim. They all are available in ten unique swatches and are base-game compatible. Click here to grab this set. You should also check out male hairstyles to top your sims’ look.

button duffle-coat

male trench coat

This coat by BED & MUSAE is available in 16 swatches. As you can see, some come with patterns and others with plain color designs -so it’s pretty likely that you’ll find what you’re looking for. Download this one by visiting this page.

Winter Trench Coat

trench coat custom content

Loving this one a lot! It’s available in 26 unique swatches. Click here to install this mod. Be sure to check out beard custom content for the Sims 4.

TS4 Male Buttonless Trench Coat

Such a perfect formal coat for winter days and nights. You get it in seven swatches. We recommend checking out some of the latest male maxis match hairs. Here’s your download-link

Winter set p1

This one is begging you to get it, isn’t it? The set includes these long coats along with scarfs and pants. Download.

Wool Overcoat

Not only do you get a coat but also a t-shirt! And you’re free to pick from 27 color designs and patterns. Download this coat by clicking on this link.

Patience Coat

AdrienPastel knows what they’re doing when it comes impressing us simmers. Click here to install this one. Check out skin blends here.

Sudal Trench Custom Content

Of all sets on this list, this one you definitely shouldn’t miss out on. You could install one for your female and kid sims as well. That way, the whole family could rock a solid, wintery look. Get this one by visiting this post.

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