49+ of The Most Stunning Children Clothes CC for The Sims 4 (2023 Update!)

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Dress up your kids in the Sims 4 with this excellent list of clothes CC! Plan out cute kiddie outfits by choosing from a variety of cozy casual clothes and highly-stylish getups that we prepared for your little ones. There are so many possibilities with these trendy CC packs, so go and check out the entire list!

children clothes
49+ of The Most Stunning Children Clothes CC for The Sims 4 (2023 Update!)

Download the Trendiest Children’s Clothes CC for The Sims 4

If you’ve ever wanted to elevate the style of your kiddos in The Sims 4 and make them the most stylish little trendsetters in town, then these downloads are perfect for you! With these clothes CC that we curated specifically for young Sims, you can start unleashing your creativity in CAS. Yep! You can customize your kiddie outfits with the array of adorable and trendy choices that we included in this awesome list.

From cozy sweaters and hoodies for the cold weather to colorful swimwear meant for a fun time under the sun, these downloads offer a vast selection of clothing options to help give your beloved child Sims the fashion makeover they need. What’s more, you have to take a look at #1 on the list, as this clothes CC pack is on fire right now. 🔥

1. Kids Fashion by Glowtrait

image 200

Your little Sims should try to be stylish at a young age to develop their sense of confidence while expressing their creativity! With these Kids’ Fashion clothes CC pack, you can help them achieve that goal! This pack includes vintage jeans and crop tops which will look dapper on them! Give kiddie Sims a glow-up with these clothes CC here.

You could also have a look at our recent compilation of the best infant CC clothes for the Sims 4. Click the image below to check it out.

infant cc sims
You’re going to love these 🤩!

2. Bold and Beautiful Leotards by Glowtrait

image 202

This CC pack includes both clothing pieces and cute poses that are perfect for budding yoga and dance enthusiasts! The bold and beautiful leotards are available for children and toddlers, offering 15 different swatches each, while the included yoga and dance poses are provided for all age groups. Grab these bold and beautiful leotards here.

For the record, if you’re into yoga, you should definitely have a look at these yoga mods and poses for the Sims 4.

3. Elite Athletics Part 2 by Glowtrait

image 201

These Elite Athletics clothes CC pack features athletic outfits like leotards, biker shorts, gymnastics clothes, and other sports apparel. It is important for young Sims to wear athletic outfits such as these pieces, to ensure optimal comfort and performance during their physical exercises!

Mix sports with fashion, by downloading these clothes CC here.

4. Confetti Top by Pluto-Sims

image 198

Take a look! These cute and colorful confetti tops can improve your little Sim’s style by adding vibrancy, playfulness, and a touch of personality to their overall look. The tops are BG-compatible, are available in 26 swatches, and are made for all genders of child Sims!

Give little Sims’ outfits a twist with these confetti clothes CC here.

5. Tiny Trouble Set by Simblreen

image 259

Don’t you think that child Sims should wear grungy clothes every now and then so they can explore different styles and aesthetics at such a young age? We think so, too! Thus, we totally dig this Tiny Trouble clothes CC pack, which includes rugged jeans and goth zipper pants!

Click here to add these grungy clothes CC in your game.

6. Animal Hoodies by Creamlattedream

image 207

If you want young Sims to have a playful and whimsical element in their outfits, get them these cute clothes CC with animal prints, which will also help them embrace their love for animals! CC Creator Creamlattedream personally drew the animal prints in these hoodies, which are available in 10 fun swatches!

Woof woof! Add these cute animal hoodies here to your game.

7. Layered Graphic Shirt by Demondare-Sims

image 197

Child Sims should wear layered graphic t-shirts to express their individuality and personal interests at such a young age! Thus, for a great range of layered graphic shirts for kids, you may want to try these kid-friendly graphic tees from CC Creator Demondare-Sims! Our fave graphic is the sun print!

Access these awesome graphic clothes CC here.

8. Lenon Overalls by Soolani

image 208

The Lennon Overalls are cute and cozy BG-compatible pieces from CC Creator Soolani. Apart from making children comfortable, these newly-meshed pieces are also quite stylish! The Lennon Overalls are available in 20 captivating swatches, and all genders of young Sims can wear these clothes CC.

Style up your little ones with these clothes CC here.

9. Primrose Hoodie by Soolani

image 209

Child Sims should always wear cute hoodies as they provide warmth and comfort while adding an adorable and fashionable touch to their outfits, such as this Primrose Hoodie! The Primrose Hoodie is a BG-compatible clothes CC pack that is available in 33 swatches and comes with custom thumbnails.

Add this super cute hoodie to your game, by clicking here.

10. Heavy Outfit by Fabienne

image 210

The Heavy Outfit clothes CC pack from CC Creator Fabienne consists of a variety of colorful sweaters and plain and printed pants, which look perfect for the spring or autumn seasons in the game. Take note that this CC pack requires The Sims 4: Werewolves to function in the game.

Freshen up your kids’ fashion with these clothes CC here.

11. Hoody Jacket by Fabienne

image 211

Cold weathers are nice because it lets our Sims feel cool and relaxed while letting them wear stylish hoodies, such as this Hoody Jacket from CC Creator Fabienne! The said jacket comes in an assortment of 25 prints.

This cute little hoodie is available here.

12. Festive Dress by Casteru

image 222

Get more cute dresses in the game, such as this clothes CC pack! Called the Festive Dress, this pack includes over 40 lovely dress designs. It is available for all child Sims, and can be found under the full-body clothing category in CAS.

Download these pretty clothes CC here.

13. Ankle Slacks and Bowtie Pullover by Casteru

image 223

Talk about elegance! These ankle slacks and bowtie pullovers would look so dapper on your young Sims, especially if they are attending a formal ceremony or gathering. All in all, you can choose from 30 swatches for the top, and 25 swatches for the bottom!

Elevate your little Sims’ style with these clothes CC here.

14. Colour of Magic by Pluto-Sims

image 206

If you have The Sims 4: First Fits, you can get this clothes CC pack, which provides a recolour of the clothing pieces in the said kit. You can have fun mixing and matching all included items, which total to over 742 swatches!!!

These colorful clothes CC are up for grabs here.

15. Dress Conversions 2 by Casteru

image 221

More gorgeous pieces of apparel for your little children in the game. This one includes dress conversions (from toddler to children!) such as the Kimi Onepiece, the Miri Dress, and the Gingham Belt Dress.

These dress conversions are available here.

16. Berta Outfit by Madlen

image 216

A warm winter coat is crucial for young Sims to stay comfortable and protected from the cold weather while enjoying outdoor activities! Give your little ones the best coat for the cold season with this Berta clothes CC pack, which includes the most comfortable winter coats.

The chic Berta clothes CC is up for download here.

17. Irina Kids Outfit by Powluna

image 220

The Irina Outfit incorporates a fashionable jumper dress over a snuggly pullover, resulting in an effortlessly chic getup for female child Sims. There are 21 color combinations available for you to choose from.

Bring the Irina clothes CC to your game by downloading here.

18. Smiley Gingham Set by Casteru

image 225

Are you about to have an unforgettable outing for your little Sims? Then make sure that all kiddos look cute, cozy, and stylish, by letting them wear the pieces from the Smiley Gingham Set! This clothes CC pack includes 25 swatches of cute outfits for toddlers and children!

Elevate your little Sims’ style with these clothes here.

19. Flynn Outfit by GeorgiaGLM

image 226

Don’t you think that casual clothes on young Sims look so laid-back yet prim, such as this Flynn Outfit from CC Creator GeorgiaGLM? Overall, there are 10 Maxis Match colors available for this clothes CC pack!

Let child Sims make a statement with the Flynn Outfit here.

20. Festive Pack by GeorgiaGLM

image 227

If the festive holidays are about to arrive in your Sims’ household, prepare to dress your little Sims in nice holiday-themed apparel such as the pieces from this Festive Pack by GeorgiaGLM! This clothes CC pack includes 15 Maxis-Match items for toddler and child Sims.

Start your festivities with these festive clothes CC here.

21. Sunny Skies by Daisy-Pixels

image 254

Ready for some awesome summer fun under the sun? Let kids enjoy their cool getaway while wearing the comfy swimwear and accessories from this Sunny Skies clothes CC pack! The pack includes the Froggy Hat, the Sally Dress, the Kelly Top and Bottom, and the Zora Top and Jeans.

Have some summer fun with these sun-ready clothes CC here.

22. Haline Crop Sweater – Child by ClaritySims

image 232

If you have a little fashionista who’s into cropped tops, then add these Haline cropped sweaters to their wardrobe! These sweaters look super posh and chic, exuding soft yet powerful feminine energy for children. All in all, there are 20 swatches available.

Stylize little Sims with these cute crop sweaters here.

23. Athletic Pack for Kids by Madlen

image 217

Do you need more sportswear options for your active kiddos? Then check this out. The Athletic Clothes CC Pack is made for children in the game, especially those who are into physical activities and sports. Both toddlers and children can wear the sporty pieces included in this pack.

Unpack fashion and power with these athletic clothes CC here.

24. Haru Waitskirt Dress by SimnaSims

image 238

Kamsahamnida~ If you’re interested in all things Korean, and want to reflect a tiny bit of Korean culture and tradition in your game, start by letting your young Sims wear these dainty Haru Waitskirt Dresses! These pretty fabrics are available in 15 swatches for young Sims.

Download these Waitskirt Dresses here.

25. Dress Conversions by Casteru

image 224

Dresses in the game are nice because they provide a convenient full-body outfit option, making dressing up quick and easy for both little Sims and their parents! For cute dress inspiration, get these dress conversions in your game, which include the Tulle Bow Dress, Ribbon Sweater Dress, and Sweet Dress!

These beautiful converted clothes CC are available here.

26. Aria and Lilo by Daisy-Pixels

image 256

Dresses are nice for little children in The Sims 4 because they offer a feminine and elegant look, allowing our kiddos to feel like princesses while fostering their imagination and creativity! Hence, channel the inner princess in your young Sims through this Aria and Lilo clothes CC pack from Daisy Pixels which includes 60 swatches all in all!

The Aria and Lilo dresses are available here.

27. Large Hoodies by S4casteru

image 239

Large, snuggly hoodies are great for young kids in The Sims 4 as they provide warmth and comfort during playtime or naps. Available in a whopping number of 40 swatches that use the Wildflower Palette, these large hoodies by CC Creator S4casteru are available for all genders of children.

Get these large hoodies in your game by downloading them here.

28. Cozy Weather by Powluna

image 245

Kiddos in Sims 4 need cozy weather outfits during the cold season to ensure they stay warm and comfortable, protecting them from harsh elements without feeling chilly or uncomfortable. Thus, this Cozy Weather clothes CC, which includes plenty of tops, bottoms, tights, socks, and shoes for the fall or spring seasons, is perfect for them!

Elevate your kiddie wardrobe in the game with these cozy clothes CC here.

29. Taekwondo Outfit by SimnaSims

image 240

Take a peek at these Taekwondo outfits, which will allow kiddos in Sims 4 to fully embrace the martial arts vibe, helping them have a courageous energy to master the sport! These Taekwondo outfits are available in 8 swatches, while the Taekwondo belt overlays are also available in 8.

Visit this site here to get these Taekwondo-themed clothes CC.

30. Uara Outfit – Child by ClaritySims

image 235

The Uara Outfit looks incredibly stylish–perfect for your young Sims who’d love to put on some streetwear. The clothes CC includes over 16 swatches, which include light, dark, and neon tones. Take note that these outfits may look great on grownups, but are only meant to be worn by child Sims!

Click here to get the Uara outfit.

31. Hania Outfit Pack by Madlen

image 218

Want something cute for both toddlers and children in The Sims 4? The Hania Outfit Pack features creative new outfits for both! This pack also includes a backpack specifically designed to complement the included Hania outfits, but it also pairs well with other clothing items in CAS.

Get ready to impress with these Hania clothes CC here.

32. Isabel Dress by Mysterious Dane

image 219

Cute dresses can really help little Sims enhance their sense of style and encourage self-expression, especially dresses like the Isabel Dress by CC Creator Mysterious Dane! The said dress is available in 24 swatches, which were carefully picked from the Purrfect Denims palette.

Infuse little Sims’ wardrobes with charm by getting this Isabel Dress here.

33. Dopo Hanbok and Gat for Child by SimnaSims

image 236

Infuse more Korean culture and tradition in the game by dressing up child Sims in the Dopo Hanbok and Gar Korean outfits. The former showcases an array of 24 swatches and is categorized under the body/robe clothing. The latter offers 6 swatches and belongs under the hat/brim category.

Have more Korean-themed clothes CC for your kiddos here!

34. Basketball Outfit by SimnaSims

image 241

Step up your young Sims’ ball games with these basketball-themed clothes CC! There are over 9 swatches of basketball outfits available for child Sims. You can further customize the outfit by choosing an overlay accessory for their left wrist, which is also part of the CC pack!

Click here to get some basketball-themed clothes CC.

35. Liana Kids Dress by Powluna

The Llana clothes CC pack includes a simple full-body dress for female kids, in 24 lovely swatches. This dress can help boost confidence and make little Sims feel special and beautiful!

Get the Liana Kids’ Dress for your kiddos here.

36. Olive Kids Set by Powluna

The Olive Kids Set by CC Creator Powluna offers a selection of basic Olive Tops for young female Sims. The said Olive Top offers an impressive variety as it has 21 swatches to choose from. Now Sims can have a fashionable and cute tee in every color!

Level up your child Sims’ fashion with these clothes CC here.

37. Wool Hoodie for Children by MiikoCC

image 248

Stay snug and stylish with the Wool Hoodie for Children by CC Creator MiikoCC. This warm and cozy clothes CC is the perfect addition to little Sims’ winter wardrobes. With 19 swatches to choose from, it suits young Sims of all genders and is base-game compatible.

Click here to add these winter-ready clothes CC to your game.

38. Child Button Dress by GeorgiaGLM

image 229

Talk about a super cute clothes CC pack! The Child Button Dress offers a charming look that will help showcase the innocence and youth of young Sims while at the same time, provide comfort and freedom of movement for them! 12 cute colors are available for this pack!

Make a statement with this stunning CC here.

39. Blake Outfit by Ohmybunny

image 199

Introducing the adorable “Baby Blake” outfit designed exclusively for kids! This outfit features a brand-new mesh and offers a vibrant selection of 18 swatches to choose from. This outfit is a must-have addition to any young Sim’s wardrobe as it can make one look like a pretty doll!

Let kiddie Sims wear the Blake Outift, by downloading here.

40. Glitter Galaxy Set by HyperGnome

image 230

The Glitter Galaxy Set is a super fun clothes CC pack that provides lots of exciting pieces for young Sims. As a gift to blog followers, Hypergnomesimblr included a galactic glitter dress, planetary ring bangles, sparkly stardust tights, sparkly earrings, and moonwalk Mary Janes in the said pack!

Have fun with these clothes CC here.

41. Festive Love by Glowtrait

image 203

For some holiday-themed clothes CC for your little kiddos, check out this Festive Love set! It includes oversized tees and pants for kids. Make sure to check out and download the required meshes stated in the post, so the said clothes CC can work on your game!

Get your kids glowing with these clothes CC here.

42. Graphic T-Shirts for Kids by Demondare

image 252

Check out another collection of cool graphic tees from Demondare-Sims, available for children! With 47 swatches available, each shirt has a unique design, plus all text prints are exclusively in Simlish! These base game-compatible graphic shirts come with a custom thumbnail, too!

Spruce up Sims’ looks with these graphic clothes CC here.

43. Sadie Dress by Daisy-Pixels

image 253

Take a look at this delightful dress, called “Saddie”, for your not-so-little ones! Inspired by a rare burst of creativity, CC Creator Daisy-Pixels crafted this playful clothes CC with retro patterns, adding a touch of charm and a fun vibe. Your young Sims can enjoy all 25 swatches of Saddie!

Get this incredible Saddie CC here.

44. Ballet Basics – Boys by Glowing Boutique

image 204

Make room for some comfy and fun ballet attire for young Sims! This collection includes leotards for girls and one-piece sets for boys. Boys can choose from a variety of 5 swatches for their one-piece set, while girls have 10 swatches available to customize their stylish leotards. Perfect for little dancing enthusiasts!

Elevate Sims’ style with these ballet-themed clothes CC here.

45. Ramy Child Knit Top by SimnaSims

image 242

Get this fresh clothes CC delivered to your young Sims’ wardrobes, which includes a stylish top and sweatshirt featuring a new high-quality mesh design! The said clothes CC, from creator Simnasims, boasts a variety of 20 swatches, perfect for young Sims of any gender.

Visit this site here to download these knitted tops.

46. Corina Dress by Daisy-Pixels

image 251

The Corina clothes CC pack contains cute dresses that will help your little children enhance their sense of style and encourage their self-expression! Available in 20 swatches, these Corina dresses are BG-compatible and are specifically created for all genders of child Sims.

Download the Corina clothes CC here.

47. Izzie Dress by Daisy-Pixels

image 255

Another dainty little dress perfect for your young ones is this Izzie Dress! With its playful style, this Izzie Dress will surely promote creativity and imaginative play for your kiddos, enabling them to take on exciting characters! For this dress, there are25 swatches are available!

Click here to get this dainty dress!

48. Sunny Side Up by Pluto-Sims

image 257

Check out this cute clothes CC set, called the Sunny Side Up! This set features jogging pants and hooded sweatshirts which aim to make your young Sims comfy. With 8 swatches available, these delicate pieces can be mixed and matched to create colorful outfit varieties for your little Sims.

Unlock these super cute clothes CC here.

49. Paolina Dress for Girls by Lillka

image 258

One more reason to let your Sims wear dresses is that cute little dresses make our young Sims feel special, confident, and adorable, boosting their self-esteem at a young age! Yes. So add more dresses in the game, such as this Paolina Dress for Girls!

Dress your little Sims with this dress here.

50. The 80s Called – Tops for Kids by Pluto-Sims

image 250

Is anyone here a fan of 80’s fashion? Channel Stranger Things fashion on your little Sims with these clothes CC from Pluto-Sims! The pack includes BG-compatible tops, jumpers, and sweatshirts specifically made for kids, and are adorned with unique pixel art graphics! These clothes CC are perfect for all frames and include a custom thumbnail for easy identification in the game.

Level up your kiddos’ style with these clothes CC here.

51. Toadstool Overalls by Mossylane

Toadstool Overalls by mossylane

These adorable overalls took my heart! Get it here!


Well, that’s it! We hope this awesome list has inspired you to unleash your creativity when it comes to styling your little Sims in The Sims 4. With our specially curated collection of children’s clothes CC, you have the opportunity to transform your kiddo Sims into little dapper trendsetters in town. From adorable everyday outfits to chic party ensembles, the clothing pieces in this list will definitely enhance the wardrobe of your young Sims! Trust us, they will thank you for the much-needed new clothing haul. 😉 Happy playing dear Simmers!

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