30+ Prettiest Infant Clothes CC You Could Wish For in the Sims 4!

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Author: Keith

Looking for a cute panda onesie for your babies? A cool set of leggings? Swim shorts? Ripped jeans? Patterned diapers? Overalls? Dreamy pajamas? I mean, I could keep going my lovelies, but I'll just leave you to explore the list yourself because this selection of baby clothes custom content is surely going to dazzle you -and your Sim babies. Everything included on this list is compatible with the latest update. Now, without any further ado, let's jump right in!

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Watch our showcase of the Absolute BEST infant CC from this list *with timestamps*

Tops, Bottoms & Full-Body Outfits for Your Male & Female Babies!

Who knew we'd have this many baby clothes CC in such a short period of time? The modding community of the Sims 4 is honestly one to cherish. We hope you enjoyed this selection of infant outfits and clothes. We'll be updating this list regularly, so come back tomorrow and overmorrow, there's always going to be more cool stuff to download. Now, go ahead and make more babies and dress them up just so nicely. See you soon!