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Does your Sim need an attitude shift before work or do they need a little liquid courage at the Romance Festival? Using the Sims 4 Tea moods can help with that. Up and at them with a cup of tea to lift a Sim’s spirits and expand their mood instead of the usual choice of coffee or espresso. Enjoy!

sims 4 tea moods

Where to get the tea

The Tea Magic Personal Brewer can be found by navigating Buy Mode. Search Objects by Room. Select kitchen and then select Kitchen Appliances. Scroll through the inventory until you reach the Tea Magic Personal Brewer which, by the way, has a great many handy features like a programmable timer, cup and pot settings, lemon twist and more.

As an alternative, you can type in Tea Magic Personal Brewer in the search bar. 

It will cost you 275 simoleons and each tea will cost 15 simoleons to brew. 

Tea Brewer for Tea Moods

What’s the tea, sis: what are the teas and their moods?

This brewer has eight tea flavors: seven of which have added mood points. Calming Chamomile is the only tea not included with the tea moods, unfortunately: it only contributes to filling their hunger need.

Here is a list of the teas, the emotional states and moods they create, and how long Sims remain in those moods.

  • Although not a tea, the hot Sparkling Apple Cider juice can be brewed here. It makes your Sim happy! You will get one point toward happiness that lasts for two hours.
  • Steamy Ginseng Tea gives your Sims butterflies in their stomach! Okay, it really doesn’t, but it makes them fun and flirty! You’ll get two flirty emotion points and will be positively alluring for four hours.
  • Run Oolong tea invigorates your Sim with a big boost of energy! You’ll receive two energized points and you stay hyped up for four hours!
  • Pitch Black tea gives Sims the clarity and focus they need to get the job done – with help from the caffeine but without the jitters! You get two focus points that will keep Sims in the zone for four hours.
  • Healthy Green tea gives your Sims two happy emotion points, keeping Sims happy for four hours. An added bonus is that if your Sim is feeling sick, drinking this hot tea will instantly boost their happiness and make them feel better!
  • Bee tea will understandably make your Sim happy because honey soothes the soul. You’ll get one happiness point and stay in good spirits for two hours. But you will need to purchase honey, or if your Sim is a beekeeper you’re good to go.
  • Earl Grey Tea makes your Sims huff and puff their chest out with boldness and audacity! You’ll receive two confidence points and remain confident for four hours!
Sims 4 Tea Moods 1

What are the benefits of Sims 4 tea moods?

Let’s say your Sim is an Actor and has a gig in a couple of hours. They will ideally be in the mood suggested to them by their agency in order to give their best performance.

Right before they leave for their gig they can brew themselves a cup of tea to get into whatever mood the gig needs them to be in.

Maybe your Sim is an Influencer and notices that Confidence vlogs are trending. Choose to brew some Earl Grey and you’ll be able to successfully record that vlog.

Although it is great at makin’ magic, drinking too much tea can have a negative effect on your sim’s bladder.

Another tea that you can’t make

If you have The Sims 4 City Living Expansion Pack, make sure to attend the Romance festival in the Fashion District. 

You’ll see beautiful fountains of Sakura tea that will get your Sim in the right mood to match the atmosphere of the festival. 

Suddenly, your Sim will be flirty and will be able to boldly ask about the relationship status of other Sims at the festival. Life is about taking chances so drink up and ask the Sims of your dreams if they’re single!

Never mind the fact that a bar is right next to the Romance Festival and that kind of liquid courage can also give your Sim some pep in their step…look away! Tea is much healthier anyway!

Sims 4 Tea Moods 3 Run Oolong
Sims 4 tea moods

Glitches with the Tea Magic Personal Brewer

Tea Moods

After I made my Sim drink a cup of tea, I wanted her to move on to another activity. Suddenly, she autonomously walked over to the Tea Magic Personal Brewer to grab another cup.

I have Sim autonomy off so I assumed it could just be a glitch on my PC.

However, many players have reported that Sims who use the Tea Magic Personal Brewer obsessively get cup after cup after the tea is brewed. 

Players see this glitch happening on PC and PlayStation. Sims can autonomously fill their own queue two-three times in attempts to get more cups of tea.

I like tea as much as the next person, but that is overdoing it. Hopefully, in the near future, a Patch will be delivered that will solve this glitch.

It doesn’t make playing unbearable by any means, and eventually, they stop reaching for the beverage. It’s just weird for them to stop what they’re doing to get tea especially if they just had some.

Final thoughts

I love having tea moods because they stand out the most from any other Sims food or beverage. I also think they are an obvious alternative to the Sims regular choice of coffee and espresso, which serve to energize and increase hunger levels.

Having their moods change is fun when it comes to their socialization because you can get different conversation prompts, depending on your mood. Some unpredictability in behavior always makes Sims more entertaining.

I do wish that the black teas still contribute to increasing your energy. I mean, caffeine being in the Pitch Black tea is included in the mood description!  Naturally, I expected it to energize as well as keep your Sim focused, but I do understand why it doesn’t since we have coffee for that.

Now that Sims 4 has a Wellness Aspiration trait that allows Sims to be a Zen Guru or pursue Inner Peace (thanks to The Sims 4 Spa Day Game Pack), having the Calming Chamomile tea actually make your Sim calm or mindful would make a lot of sense.

Finally, although it’s not making gameplay difficult, the glitch that makes Sims autonomously reach for another cup of tea should be fixed. You don’t need to drink all the servings at once. It’s not going to spoil for a couple of hours, relax!

Do you prefer coffee, tea, or both? Let us know in the comments!

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