The 15 Best Emotion-Inducing Mood Custom Content For TS4

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Do you want to find some Mood Custom Content for Sims but you are unsure of where to start? If so, then this article about the best Mood custom content for TS4 is something you definitely want to check out.

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Mastering Your Sims Emotions Is Easy Peasy!

A sim can show a lot of different emotions, which is part of the reason the game is so enjoyable. However, sometimes you want a little more than the base game offers. This article on the top mood custom content mods for the Sims 4 will help you solve that exact problem.

15. Standing Throw-Up Enable

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At number 15 we have the Standing Throw Up Enable Mood. Basically, you can enable your sim to vomit, and once you do they will have the UUURRRRPPPP! mood for about five hours. It’s a little on the gross side, but pretty funny when you think about it. Click here to download!

14. Pregnancy is Fine

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The Pregnancy is Fine Mod solved a problem you may have not even known you had and if you did, chances are it annoyed you a tad. Pregnant Sims can now show something other than happiness for their pregnancy buffs. If you think your pregnant Sim is more on the fine than the good side, this mod is for you! Click here to download!

13. Low Hygiene is embarrassing

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The Low Hygiene is Embarrassing Mod makes your sim feel embarrassed rather than uncomfortable when they start to smell. This makes more sense than feeling uncomfortable because chances are you’d be more embarrassed than everything. If you want your sim to feel this shame, then this mod is for you! Click here to download!

12. Emotional Art – Enable Moods or Don’t

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The Emotional Art – Enable Moods or Don’t Mod by Simmiller makes it easier for your Sim to showcase an emotion by simply looking at a painting. If they look at the following list of paintings, they will feel this emotion with a +2 corresponding buff when enabled.

Angry, bored, embarrassed, energized, confident, tense, sad, playful, imaginative/inspired, happy, flirty, focused

Click here to download this mood custom content today.

11. Sims Can Tell Jokes Whenever

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Sometimes there just isn’t a good time to tell a joke, but you want to tell it anyway and not have any problems. The Sims Can Tell Jokes Whenever Despite Mood Mod is the perfect solution to this issue. It doesn’t matter what your sim feels. They will be able to tell a joke regardless of what they are feeling. Click here to download this mood custom content.

10. Variable Emotional Traits

Untitled 63

The Variable Emotional Traits Mod by RoBurky gives Sims a chance to have more than just a +1 to their moodlet. For positive moods, there is a 2/3 chance of it being +1 and a 1/3 chance of it being 2+. When it comes to negative moods there is a 2/5 chance of +1, a 2/5 chance of +2, and finally a 1/3 chance of +3. Click here to download!

9. Uncomfortable Overhaul

Untitled 64

The Uncomfortable Overhaul Mod by RoBurky turns your Sim’s usual emotions on their head. One emotion can lead to your sim feeling another, which can lead to straight-up anger or sadness for example. Basically, they are able to experience a wider range of emotions. Click here to download!

8. True Happiness

Untitled 65

The True Happiness Mod created by RoBurky lets your sim experience happiness in its own unique way. For one sim it might be a promotion or for another, it might just be talking to a friend. Basically, happiness is no longer a Sims default state. Click here to download!

To learn more about the True Happiness Mod, visit this page!

7. Be Romantic and Woohoo, Always

Untitled 66

The Be Romantic and Woohoo Despite Mood of Sims mod doesn’t really need much of an introduction. If your sim decides they want to seduce their romantic partner and they aren’t in the mood, there will be no barriers to that! Click here to download!

6. Emotional Inertia Classic

Untitled 67

The Emotional Inertia Classic lets a Sims mood have inertia. This basically makes moods less likely to easily change and can sometimes be quite an effort to shake off. It’s a great way to make your sim seem more human! Click here to download!

5. Internal Mood Names

Untitled 68

The Internal Mood Names Replacement gives a more descriptive and original name to moods. For example, very angry will be furious, and very flirty will be passionate. This is a great choice if you want something a little deeper for your gameplay. Click here to download.

4. Over Emotional Trait

Untitled 69

The Over Emotional Sim trait means that your sim will experience emotion to the extreme. If they are sad, then they will be very sad. Now if they are happy, then they’ll be happy. Let’s hope it’s the happy emotion your sim ends up expressing! Click here to download.

3. Tose Water and Mud Mood Holiday Traditions

Untitled 70

Our Number 3 choice is the Rose Water and Mud Mood Holiday Traditions mod. What this does is let your sim take a rose water bath or mud bath, which will give them the mood buff. Click here to download.

2. Ask About Mood

image 263

Our second choice is The Ask About Mood mod lets a sim ask another sim what is wrong rather than just asking what the mood is. A second thing it comes with is that it lets you comfort a sim who is feeling bad. Click here to download.

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1. Better Reactions

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And our number one choice belongs to the Better Reactions which changes the typical mood reactions and makes them more interesting! It also makes it a little more realistic. Click here to download this into your mods folder!

Final Thoughts

And there you have it all your Sims, lovers, out there! This is our list of the top mood custom content mods available for The Sims 4. Special thanks to all the awesome CC creators on the internet who help make our game way more thrilling! What are you waiting for? Get downloading!

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