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Don’t underestimate the fun that customizing Sims 4 lot traits can bring to your game-playing experience! We’ll cover all of the Residential and Community Sims 4 lot traits available in the game, so get ready for your home or business to supply your Sims with some benefits, scary/creepy events, or even some quirky surprises. Whatever you choose, it’s going to add more entertainment to your households and Community Lots!

Sims 4 lot traits

Introducing Sims 4 lot traits

Sims lots traits 3

The Sims 4: City Living, released on October 1, 2016, provides players with the new residential world of Myshuno where Sims can live a bustling city life in contrast to the more suburban and rural residential worlds.

This Expansion Pack gives Sims the opportunity to live in apartments and experience all the glory that comes with it like having the big city view from your window and owning a penthouse if you are a baller!

…Or having to call your landlord when there’s an issue like pest infestations and dealing with noisy neighbors if you own a regular apartment.

Along with these apartments come Sims 4 lot traits that add some character to your Residential and Community lots.

They also boost your storyline: for example, if your Sim is a celebrity and attends a restaurant with the trait Hottest Spot in Town, other celebrities will flock here to dine out too because they can afford the food and drinks.

That adds more authenticity to your storyline than your A-list celebrity Sim dining at the local diner!

Here’s how you can start using the traits.

How to change the traits of your Sim lots

sims 4 lot traits

You can change the traits of most Sims lots by going into Build Mode. Where you see the lot type information, select the question mark icon to go into the Traits Panel.

Players are able to select up to three lot traits.

Some traits won’t be available to change depending on the lot. For example, some apartments in Myshuno have their traits locked like the Needs TLC trait.

sims 4 lot traits

Players won’t be able to change this and popular cheats don’t work, but keep reading for a mod I’ll mention later on that works.

Traits can also be locked if you don’t have the Game or Expansion Pack required!

Let’s take a look at all of the traits and what they add to your Sims lots. I will also include what game packs provide these lot traits.

Traits of residential Sims lots

  • Bracing Breezes gives your Sims a boost in exercise and wellness in the home – from Base Game.
  • Breeding Ground makes it highly possible for pets to produce a larger litter – Cats & Dogs Expansion Pack required.
  • Cat Hangout makes your home attract stray cats. I hear a chorus of meows in the distance…Cats & Dogs required.
  • Celebrity Home gives a boost in fame if your Sim is actually famous. They will get negative press if they’re not a real celebrity though, so choose this wisely! – Get Famous Expansion Pack is required.
  • Chef’s Kitchen gives your culinary-inclined Sims a boost in cooking skills! – City Living Expansion Pack required.
  • Child’s Play boosts children’s amusement – City Living required.
  • Convivial gives Sims a boost in social interactions, so practice that charisma or comedy! – from Base Game.
  • Dog Hangout attracts stray dogs. Watch your house be overrun by wandering pups! – Cats & Dogs required.
  • Eco Lot makes your home transition to being eco-efficient quicker – Eco Lifestyle Expansion Pack required.
  • Fast Internet gives your technologically-skilled Sims a boost in Programming, Video Gaming, and Writing – from Base Game. 
  • Geothermal makes your home retain heat more and that saves you money on your bill!  – Eco Lifestyle Expansion Pack required.
  • Gnomes appear in your home to fix broken objects for you – City Living required.
  • Good Schools make Sims children get higher grades easier and can improve their confidence – City Living required.

Traits of Residential Sims lots pt II

  • Great Acoustics gives Sims musicians a boost in their singing, guitar, piano, and violin skills. It also helps with attracting more listeners willing to tip! – from Base Game.
  • Great Soil improves your Sims garden!
  • Home Studio gives a boost to artistic Sims who paint, write, and are into woodworking – City Living required.
  • Homey gives Sims a boost in cooking, mixology, handiness, and gardening! – from Base Game.
  • Island Spirits will make ancient spirits appear whom you can interact with! – Island Living Expansion Pack required.
  • Mean Vibe creates an environment of hostility – City Living required.
  • Natural Light boosts painting and photography skills – from Base Game.
  • Natural Well saves you money on your bill by supplying your home with spring water  – Eco Lifestyle required.
  • Oceanic Paradise allows Sims to find dolphins and rare marine life – Island Living is required.
  • On Ley Line boosts the odds of your Sims having twins!
  • On a Dark Ley Line increases your chances of having twin vampires! – Vampire Game Pack required
  • Party Place helps you complete any social event objectives easier.
  • Peace and Quiet provides your Sims with a relaxing environment so they learn quicker and do not become tense!

Traits of Residential Sims lots pt III

  • Penny Pixies make it so that your Sim can find simoleons just laying around! That’s a huge motivator to tidy up the place right? – City Living is required.
  • Private Dwelling keeps away most visitors from your home. Introverts everywhere are collectively sighing in relief – from Base Game.
  • Registered Vampire Lair encourages other vampires to send gifts to your household – Vampire Game Pack required.
  • Romantic Aura boosts the flirty mood – City Living required.
  • Science Lair boosts Logic and Rocket Science skills – from Base Game.
  • Study Spot gives Sims a boost in learning a skill plus makes them complete their homework quicker – Discover University Expansion Pack required.
  • Sunny Aspect makes your Sim experience energized, happy, or inspired moods more often during the day – City Living required. 
  • Teen Neighborhood is good when you have teen sims because this encourages them to chill outside near your home more! – from Base Game.
  • Training Ground helps Sims train their pets quicker – Cats & Dogs required.
  • Vampire Nexus encourages vampires to visit your household more. Lock your doors if you don’t want to be turned! – Vampire Game Pack required

Traits of Community Sims lots

  • Clothing Optional allows Sims to roam on the lot in their birthday suit – from Base Game.
  • Creepy crawlies will bring spiders and other critters that can negatively affect your Sims – Jungle Adventure Game Pack required.
  • Cursed makes bad things happen easier like setting your stove on fire – City Living required.
  • Filthy makes the lot dirty quicker. If you want to make a greasy restaurant here’s your chance I guess – City Living required.
  • Gremlins make things in your home break during the night –  City Living required.
  • Grody makes your Sims sensitive so they’ll easily become nauseous –  City Living required.
  • Hottest Spot in Town makes entry to Community Lots expensive for celebrities – Get Famous is required.
  • Landfill Lot makes garbage buildup in the area – Eco Lifestyle required.
  • Off-the-Grid removes electricity and water from your lot – Eco Lifestyle required.
  • Quake Zone causes random earthquakes to occur and it negatively affects your Sim’s mood  – Eco Lifestyle required.
  • Reduce and Recycle creates compostable and recyclable garbage  – Eco Lifestyle required.
  • Simple Living makes it so that Sims can only cook recipes when they have the ingredients – Cottage Living required.
  • Spooky brings ghosts to the lot! City Living required.
  • Volcanic Activity increases the occurrence of earthquakes and other volcanic activity and can negatively affect a Sim’s mood  – Island Living required.
  • Wild Foxes will make a lot frequently attract foxes – Cottage Living required.
  • University Student Hangout makes a lot attract college students  – Discover University required.
  • Up-and-Coming Hotspot enables celebrity meet-and-greet opportunities and serves discounted food – Get Famous is required.

Traits exclusive to Apartments (all exclusive to the City Living Expansion Pack)

  • Cheap is a locked trait that doesn’t change anything…the audacity of giving false hope!
  • Great View will make you Sim feel fantastic.
  • Historical gives your apartment decor that will inspire them.
  • Quiet prevents Sims from living next to a noisy neighbor.
  • Lively Neighbors make your Sim live next to noisy neighbors.
  • Low Deposit is another locked trait that doesn’t change anything, what a bummer.
  • Needs TLC makes your apartment have pest infestations, pipe breaks, and other problems.
  • Romantic Fireplace automatically places a fireplace in your household and gets your Sim in a flirty mood.
  • Serviced Apartment gets a maid to your apartment for free!

Cheat to disable the exclusive apartment traits

Out of all of the Sims lots traits, the Needs TLC trait is probably the most inconvenient. 

Although we all love to see some reflections of reality in the Sims, the consistency of the issues that the Needs TLC trait creates can put a damper on the city living experience.

For example, pest infestations can happen frequently with no end in sight. It also negatively affects Sims’ moods every time they see a mouse or roaches crawling around.

Unfortunately, the current cheats do not work or work for long.

However, here is a Mod that makes locked traits available and allows you to add and remove traits from lots.

You should be able to edit apartments with locked traits already in place and change and delete them.

The Mod has been recreated as of March 2022 and the updated link can be found on page 4 of the comments section by user Sungwoops.

My favorite Sims lots traits

I use Sims lots traits frequently! One of my Sims owns a diner with the Chef’s Kitchen lot trait and it helps the food quality remain excellent.

I’m managing to keep my restaurant star rate at 4 and 5: and, if you know how slightly buggy the Sims 4: Dine Out Pack is, you’ll know how challenging and tedious that is.

So a bonus tip to deal with the issues within the Dine Out Pack is to try adding some lot traits to your restaurant to keep customers happy! 

I added a wholesome gameplaying experience to my farmer Sim’s storyline using other lot traits too. 

Her cottage in Henford-on-Bagley is equipped with the Simple Living and the Homey traits so she can only make food with the ingredients fresh from her garden.

The homey lot trait further compliments her career: she is so good at cooking and baking that it’s almost scary!

So marking up her cooked and baked goods by 300% at her yard sales is totally justifiable.

I also love the Cat Hangout and the Dog Hangout lot traits, although they can become overwhelming very quickly.

It’s especially adorable when applied to the parks because random Sims will pet them and want to play with them. 

If you’re using it as a lot trait for your household, be warned: before you know it, several cats and dogs will be on your lot! 

When you unintentionally leave your doors unlocked, they’re all going to invade your house too. If that’s what you want, then go forth!

When those cats and dogs are ill too? They can make a mess on your lot by puking everywhere. I’ve equipped these traits once but luckily, this doesn’t always happen so that’s why it’s still on my favorites. 

Worst Sims lots traits

The traits that have no actual effects such as Cheap and Low Deposit are disappointing. An authentic experience of city living for most people is occupying and pursuing older and low-rent apartments.

Maybe because the Needs TLC trait encompasses aspects of both of those traits that they just didn’t need to be activated  – because if an apartment is cheap, more likely than not, it has some issues.

The Quake Zone lot trait is pretty uneventful besides making your Sim upset and objects break.

It serves the same purpose as Thunderstorms being added to the game: it’s realistic because it’s a natural event, so it makes sense to include it.

But is it really worth the negative mood shifts and having to get things frequently repaired if your Sim isn’t Handy? 


Again, don’t sleep on the Sims 4 lot traits! Most of them add to your gameplay experience.

What combination of lot traits makes the most unique household experience for you? Comment below!

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