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Apartments in The Sims 4

City Living introduced the concept of apartments to The Sims 4. And even though the expansion had other cool features, players mostly liked the ability for their Sims to live in buildings, rather than houses. But like many other Sims 4 features, apartments weren’t too complex as well. For example, we couldn’t build or even edit our City Living apartment until mods were published months later. And that’s where the Sims 4 apartments mod came into play!

What does the apartments mod do?

The Sims 4 apartments mod is a complete extension that’s here to help you with everything around apartments in the game. It lets you search and find apartments on the City Living map and allows your Sims to get situated there. But it also provides ways for you to build apartments in the game, which you can use later on. All in all, it’s the ultimate mod to use if you’re even a bit interested in living in an apartment in the Sims 4.

Now let’s check what’s inside and what can you expect from the mod!

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Sims 4 Apartments Mod: An Overview

The mod that we’re showcasing here was shared with us by Gamer Gatino who originally published the mod at sims4studio. And by now, most people in the Sims 4 community have either heard of the mod or even tried it for themselves. In our opinion, everyone should at least give it a shot since it’s the best mod in its category. It provides a wholesome apartment experience for the game, so why not download it?

You can download the Sims 4 apartments mod from here!

So what’s inside the mod?

The Basics

First of all, the Sims 4 apartments mod is actually a group of individual mods who were developed by the same person and work incredibly together. The whole point here is to provide all the necessary tools for both buildings and living in an apartment in Sims 4. 

But before we begin explaining the basics of this mod, make sure to read the author’s info on how this mod works. He provides some key insights on how to successfully implement his mod, so don’t miss out on them. Follow this link to read the details.

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Sims 4 Apartment Building: T.O.O.L

T.O.O.L. stands for Takes Object Off Lot and it’s simply a mod that allows you to edit your apartments. You’ll be able to move and rotate objects and make the apartment suitable for you. Here are some of the tools of this mod:

  • 10×10 Grid Visualizer – helps you with precisely moving objects.
  • Snap to Terrain – retains the correct height from the ground.
  • Point and Click Move – allows you to select multiple objects in the apartment and only move them.
  • Snap Camera to Object – moves your camera in the place of the selected object.

Tenant and Landlord Mod

The landlord mod is another big part of the Sims 4 apartments mod. You’re obviously going to live in a building and maybe even own and rent a couple of apartments. Here’s what you’ll be able to do with this mod:

  • View – gives you all the information about the selected lot.
  • Buy this lot – makes a purchase of the lot for you.
  • Sell this lot – sells the lot for you.
  • Set me the owner – makes you the active owner of the lot.
  • Rental Fee – lets you set the rental fees.
  • Transfer Ownership – allows you to make a family member the owner of the lot.
  • Term of payment –  offers you different payment methods that you, as a landlord, can choose.

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The Sims 4 apartments mod isn’t only good for building apartments. It comes with a pack of mods that help you control your apartment and set the rules for everyone else. As a landlord, you can set payment methods and rental fee rules, which is great. And with the T.O.O.L. mod, you can edit the apartment to be exactly how you want it to be. Overall, the apartment mod offers a neat experience and we totally recommend it!

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