The Best CC for Adding Small Pets to the Sims 4!

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Are you an animal lover that wants more pets in your game? Have you been searching for pet varieties that are apartment and tiny living friendly? Want more variety for your pet stores? We’ve got plenty of small pets CC to help you out.

sims 4 small pets
Sims 4 Small Pets CC!

Small Pets, Big Variety

As we’ve discussed before, EA kind of dropped the ball when it comes to small pets in the Sims 4. The base game offers incredibly limited options, and if you want to fully utilize the offerings that do exist, you have to buy other content first. Thankfully there’s a variety of small pet CC out there to fill that void. Regardless of the packs you do or don’t have, you’ll be sure to find something on this list that strikes your fancy!

This CC collection includes expanded vanilla content, new traits, deco objects, and even some functional pets!

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1. Feed Your Pets: Feedable Frogs by IlexSims

image 274

Isn’t it strange that your sims can keep frogs indefinitely without needing to interact with them at all? With this mod you’ll now be able to name, talk to, and feed your amphibious friends, and you can even earn buffs for doing so! In addition to this mod which you can get here, Ilex has also made similar mods for fish, insects, and even tank aliens!

2. BiOrb Aquariums by Around The Sims

image 283

If you want a desktop fish bowl that’s sleek and modern as opposed to the garish octagonal tanks in the base game, you’ll love the BiOrb aquariums! There are two versions and each has its own ring light that will snap to the tank (it’s a bit finicky though) giving you additional customization options. To download these aquariums visit this page, scroll down to December 3rd, and click the “download” icon.

3. Simply Curvy Bird Feeder by Snowhaze

image 269

If your sim can’t have pets or just likes birdwatching, a bird feeder will be their new fave. While Backyard Stuff came with a functional feeder, it has some garish colors and a giant bird decal affixed to it. If you want something a little less loud and a little more elegant, you’ll have to snag this one.

4. Chinchilla Cage by Plumbob Tea Society

image 280

This chinchilla set features a large cage with multiple slots for inserting your deco chinchillas, which come in several poses and fur colors. This is a good option for players who want the feel of pets in their game without the responsibility of caring for them, or those who don’t have any pet packs. If you’re handy with the MoveObjects Cheat you can do a lot with these little fellas! learn more and download here.

5. Small/Minor Pet Traits by Twilightsims

image 270 edited

A mini set of traits for sims with big opinions on little animals. Make your sims fans of fish, lovers of small pets, or haters of small pets! Plus, the fish trait is base game compatible so you can use it even if you don’t have My First Pet Stuff. Read about the traits and download them here.

6. Paws & Claws by Chipped’s Creation Corner

image 284 edited

This CC includes a core mod (needed for everything else) and several modules you can mix & match to your liking. The modules include Animal Preferences, which will allow you to add different critters to your sims’ Likes & Dislikes. There is also a Pet Rabbit module in the works which we’ll hopefully get soon! Learn more about the different modules and download them here!

7. Small Animal Package (Part 1) by TheKalino

image 271

A small pet tank with 10 new functional furry friends! Add a pet squirrel, chinchilla, guinea pig, bunny, ferret, sugar glider, degu, lemming, chipmunk or gerbil to your family! Sims can pick up their new pet here.

8. Small Animal Package (Part 2) by TheKalino

image 272

If reptiles are more your speed, you’ll want to check out this sequel. Part 2 includes a skink, leopard gecko, bartagame, long ear rabbit, chameleon, mini pig, tortoise, giant day gecko, iguana, and a flying squirrel! Meet out your new mini friends here.

9. Animated – Placeable Birds – Small Birds Pack by Bakie

image 275

If you’ve ever seen an animated effect in the game, chances are Bakie has unlocked it! This pack includes 3 types of birds with 2 different animation choices. You can use them as wild animals to decorate gardens, yards, and parks, or add one to a bird cage for a no-fuss feathered friend! Go here for the details and downloads!

10. Chlorophyll Hanging Cage by SIMcredible!

image 279

This sweet little bird cage hangs from the ceiling and includes a deco slot for candles, but Bakie’s small birds also fit inside quite well! It’s the perfect item to complete the illusion that your sim has a bitty pet bird. You can get it here.

11. Animated – Placeable Birds – Macaws by Bakie

image 278

If you’re looking for something bigger than a tanger or a jay, a parrot might be up your alley! Parrots are very smart and live for a long time, providing your sim with years of companionship. This set includes flying and idling animations for two different bird colorations and is perfect for tropical lots. Get the details and download them here.

12. Parrots CC Pack by Kaiso

image 277

This CC collection comes with cages, toys, and other paraphernalia for the parrot enthusiast, and it was made to be used with Bakie’s macaws. With the two mods combined, you’ll be as close to the Sims 2’s bird cages as we can get. All the info on this new set can be found on Patreon.

13. Animated – Placeable Reptiles – Iguanas by Bakie

image 282

One last piece by Bakie, this time with a set of 3 different iguanas to choose from. They sit in one spot bobbing their heads, just vibing. Great for your jungle builds and for those who want a lizardy pet! The small and medium iguana have some placement quirks so be sure to read the page before downloading!

14. Lizards CC Pack by Kaiso

image 281

A paradise for lizard fans! Another set made to work with Bakie’s content, we couldn’t feature the iguanas and not share this set. There are multiple terrariums in different sizes, food, storage, wall decor, and more! Learn all about the set here.

15. Functional Chicken Coop by icemunmun

image 276

And finally, this mod adds a standalone, completely functional chicken coop that requires no add ons to use! Sims can interact with chickens, form relationships, harvest edible eggs, search for Easter Eggs, and so much more! Read up on all the features and download the mod for yourself at their website!

Final Thoughts

With this selection of mods you’re now able to stuff your games full of new friends! Whether you want completely functional animals, animated companions that give you the experience without the work, or just like the look of deco pets you don’t have to think about, we’ve got you. Enjoy your new custom critter content and happy simming!

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