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Besides cats and dogs that were introduced to us in The Sims 4: Cats and Dogs expansion pack, Sims can finally have a rodent as a new pet. Rodents came to us in Sims 4: My First Pet Stuff expansion pack. Not only that, but the game allows you to keep other small animals as pets, and some can even be given names. Taking care of sims 4 small pets, however, isn’t as straightforward as caring for cats and dogs. Keep reading to discover what new small pets there are, where you can get them, and how to tend to them.

sims 4 small pets

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Types of Sims 4 smaller household pets

There are three types of small animals sims can keep as playable pets. These are fish, frogs, and rodents. Sims can also catch and keep insects, although they are not typical pets as such. Fish, frogs, and insects can live for an eternity, and there is not a huge variety of actions you can do with them. Rodents are the closest to cats and dogs when it comes to possibilities for interaction.

1. Keeping Fish as pets

Did you know that fish can also be pets? Yep, your Sims can keep fish as pets in the fish bowls or in the aquariums. Although unfortunately there are no ways of interacting with them, you can give your fish names. No fish species need to be fed, or even cleaned up. If you desire to keep a few of them, be mindful that large aquariums can take up to six fish. There are two ways you can get a fish for your aquarium. One, you can buy them, and two, you can go fishing and catch some when fishing.

Types of fish pets

When you opt to buy them as pets, expect to find five types of fish:

  • Captain Fishbone – This fish is known as Bonefish. You can purchase it for $15, but be prepared to get a Boneyard fishbowl for it.
  • Gummie Guppy: You can get this one for $15. To keep it healthy and happy, you’ll also need a Gumber Fresh Bow fishbowl.
  • Guppy: Available for $15.
  • Goldfish: You can get it for $20.
  • Tetra: You can get it for $25.

To buy one, or a few of these small pets, click on the bowl in live mode, and select the option “Purchase Fish“. While you will be able to purchase goldfish, tetra, and guppy this way, Boneyard and Gumber fish are a part of the trick and treat challenge.

2. Keeping frogs as sims 4 small pets

Unlike fish, frogs are creatures that can only be caught in the wild and cannot be bought. There is a total of 25 kinds of frogs you can find in the wilderness, and they can fit into three main categories – common, uncommon, and rare.

To keep the frogs you catch, you’ll need a terrarium at home. Terrarium is not only to keep them safe, but it can also help you determine the type of frog. However, unlike fish, frigs can’t be given names, nor you can feed or interact much with them.

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breeding frog pets

If your Sims are passionately into frogs, if they can’t seem to catch a certain type, they can simply try to breed frogs at home. Breeding needs at least two frogs. If you have more couples ready for breeding, know that you can only breed one couple at a time. Frogs have two types of genes, and breeding will result in a new mixed gene, allowing you to add a new species to your frog’s pet collection. These are the possible genes:

  1. Dirt, Leaf, Eggplant, Heart, and Sunflower
  2. Striped, Spotted, Whirl, Surf, and Plain

3. Rodents as small pets

Rodents were introduced in Sims 4: My First Pet Stuff. Unlike other sims 4 small pets, you can interact with rodents. There are a few basic actions you’ll be able to perform, such as Purchase, Release, and Rename Rodent. However, that’s not where all the fun stops. 

Your Sims will be able to Clean Habitat for their furry pals, Fill Food, and Feed Treats. Not only that, but they will get a chance to Play With their rodents, Talk to them, and Observe their cuteness. If you happen to have teens and children in your household, they will get an extra option, to Study Rodent. They have a mind of their own, and can even wave you goodbye with a note that they have gone to explore other Sims worlds. Yep, you read that right. A rodent is a sims 4 small pet that can travel, and the game will even send you notifications about their newest adventures!

These animals have a life span and can die when they reach old age. To keep them alive as much as you can, go to the nearest Vet Clinic and buy Anti-Ageing Treat that will keep them alive even after they reach old age. Alternatively, you can purchase the treat online using your household PC. 

types of rodent sims 4 small pets

There are five types of rodent pet friends your Sims can have. These are – rat, pygmy, hedgehog, bulbous, and hamster.

  • Rat: If you like rats, you can purchase one for $600, plus you can keep one or more of them as pets.
  • Bubalus: You can get them for $700. Bubalus is a genetically modified pet and a unique Sims mixture of a tiny hippopotamus with fur. 
  • Pygmy Hedgehog: You can get this little guy for $500, and some say this is the ideal pet for calming temperamental Sims. 
  • Hamster: If a hamster is your thing, you can get it for $400.

rodent fever

Be aware that these are tricky creatures. Sims can be bitten by rodents, especially if they have a bad relationship with their rodent pet. ”Bite-Sized Bite” mood in your Sims’ moodlet list will let you know that the incident has occurred. The mood will last for two hours. If you are lucky, it will disappear and your Sims will get back to normal. If not, expect the worst-case scenario.

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How to cure rodent fever?

If the ”Bite-Sized Bite” moodlet doesn’t go away, your Sims will enter into a new stage of infection. Every next stage of the fever will last for 24 hours:

  • Fuzzy Feeling – The last warning before your Sims becomes a source of infectious disease. 
  • Fuzzy Fever – Sims become a danger to other Sims they interact with and can transmit the fever onto other Sims
  • Rabid Rodent Fever – Can result in death, turning your Sims into a huge ghost hamster – 24 hours

If your Sims is infected, don’t despair. At any stage of infection caused by a fever bite, Sims can be cured by treating themselves or buying remedies for rodent bites online, or going to the Vet Clinic. To prevent your Rodent from catching a fever they can transmit to your Sims, care for them and keep their terrarium spotless. 

4. Insects as pets

Although not your typical type of sims 4 small pets, insects are worth mentioning. Thanks to The Sims 4: Eco Lifestyle expansion pack, Sims can now keep insects on their lots. Sims will be required to tend to their tiny insect pets and feed them. They will thrive on compost you collect from the dumpsters, or 

In return, they will be able to collect goods the insects produce for maintaining a healthy diet or producing biofuel. To keep them, you will need a Mitey Mitey Home for Insects. This is an insect farm you can find in Buy mode. Go to Off The Grid, and then search for one in Outdoor Activities Category. You’ll be required to keep their Mitey Mitey home clean every day, so expect to make it a daily routine. 

Types of Insect pets

  • Beetles – You can get beetles for $15. In return for feeding them, they will produce Bettle Nuggets. 
  • Crickets – Crickets can be purchased for $15. Keeping them will be a good source of cricket flour. 
  • Grubs – Can be purchased for $15, and can give your Sims delicious Grub meals. 
  • Bombardier Beetles – Available for $35. They will give your Sims Bombardier Beetle Nuggets. 

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