The Sims 4 Edit Lot Cheat: Build on the Fly!

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The Sims 4 has a large number of cheats that you can use to modify your game in all sorts of ways. There’s one cheat in particular that many players gloss over, which is a shame because of how useful it can be. That cheat is the Edit Lot Cheat. With this cheat, you will be the architectural master of any lot you choose!

sims 4 edit lot cheat
Learn how to modify any lot in the game, any time you want, with the Edit Lot Cheat!

Why is this cheat Useful?

While most of the lots in the Sims 4 can be edited on-demand via the Manage Worlds option, there are a few instances where this isn’t the case. The Edit Lot Cheat is beneficial to know in those circumstances. With the cheat you will be able to edit:

image 532
Sylvan Glade has a small editable area where a fishing pond resides. What would you build there?
  • Special Venues, such as the Forgotten Grotto and Von Haunt Estate
  • Active Career Lots like the Hospital and Police Station
    • Replace the vanilla Get To Work lots with community-sourced builds or create your own
  • Community Lots that you’re currently visiting with your Sim
    • Quickly fix community lot issues as needed without interrupting your sim’s experience
  • Neighbors homes when you’re visiting with them
    • Give them missing items needed to care for pets or children they’ve added to their family via Neighborhood Stories

As you can see, the edit lot cheat is a pretty handy one to know!

Activating the Edit Lot Cheat

image 530
Now that the Edit Lot Cheat has been activated, the Buy/Build button is no longer greyed out.

After enabling cheats, open the cheat console and type or copy/paste the following:


You’ll get a message letting you know if you activated the cheat correctly. Your Buy/Build button will be clickable and you can edit the lot like you would any other build. The edit lot cheat stays active until you leave the lot, so you can move to Live Mode & back multiple times if needed (which is very useful for playtesting purposes).

Tips & Warnings

image 531
We’re not sure how the developers decided that these catalog entries were “Sylvan Glade Items.”

In order to prevent damage to your game, keep the following in mind when using the Edit Lot Cheat:

  • Always save the game before you begin editing a lot, so you can roll back your changes if something goes wrong.
  • Active Career lots require specific items to function properly. If you delete those necessary items (the wardrobe platform from the Acting career lot, for example) your lot will not behave correctly and will make completing the relevant workday tasks impossible.
    • If you plan on sharing a Career Lot edit you’ve made with others, make sure to playtest it rigorously beforehand and verify that it functions correctly.
  • Be mindful of using the MoveObjects cheat as you can inadvertently cause necessary items to become inaccessible.
    • The most egregious example of this is when sims will give a routing error trying to access computers if there are too many other items on the desk or in the wrong slot.

Final Thoughts

Using the Sims 4 Edit Lot Cheat is a quick and easy way to open up your ability to change lots in ways you never thought you could. Whether you’re making a minor change to a hidden location or giving an important lot a necessary facelift, this cheat will save you time and allow you to personalize your sims’ world even further. Before you know it you’re going to wonder how you ever got by without it. Have fun with your lot edits, and happy simming!

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