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Just like in the real world, living by yourself in the Sims 4 can be just as hard and intimidating. You have to pay rent and bills while trying to make a decent living for yourself. You can currently create a household and have your Sims be roommates with each other, but what if you didn’t want to have the other Sim in your household at all? What if you wanted only to take care of your Sim, while your roommate conveniently pays 500$ rent every week? This is where LittleMsSam steps up and gives us exactly what we needed: a Roommates Mod.

The Roommates Mod Features

This mod lets you have roommates (up to 20!) who live with you but aren’t in your household. Getting a roommate is very easy; they are just a click away! All you have to do is choose “LMS Roommates Service” on the phone or computer. They will need to be homeless before that, though, since if a Sim is already living on a lot, they won’t be on the list. You can even choose toddlers and pets as roommates, but you’ll also need to add their parents and owners, respectively.

Each roommate will pay 500$ rent every Friday. They will also go to school or work if they have a job. Young Adult roommates who don’t have a career will choose a career on their own. The tricky part is that they won’t come back on their own every time they leave the lot. You will have to play a sort of “keeper” to your roommates and call them home via the phone. There is a way to avoid all this hassle by adding the Roommate Lot Trait to your home lot. With it your roommates will come home on their own after school/work.

Roommates are just regular Sims, and as such, they can get pregnant as well. You will get a notification when this happens, along with the information who got pregnant and who the other parent is. They won’t be able to give birth while they are your roommate, because as the game sees it, they are technically homeless. This means you will either need to cancel the Roommate Agreement and add them to your household or just move them to a different lot entirely.

All The Roommates Interactions

A new Pie Menu called Roommate will appear. From there, you can tell your roommate Sim what to do. The current options are:

  • Go and use the toilet before you pee yourself.
  • You stink. Please go and take a shower.
  • It is late already. You should go to sleep.
  • Can you go and repair the broken Items please?
  • You are on cleaning duty!
  • Cancel Roommate Agreement

As soon as your roommate arrives on your lot, you will be able to choose where they will sleep with the interaction Assign Bed to Roommate.

If a door is locked for everyone, the new interaction Open Door for Roommate will appear.

As mentioned previously, you can also Call Roommate Home via the phone if they aren’t currently on your lot. If it doesn’t work out and you don’t want a particular Sim to be your roommate anymore, there are two ways to get rid of them. You can do this through the phone menu or by directly clicking on the Roommate Sim and selecting Cancel Roommate Agreement.

Issues and Incompatibilities

If you have the MCCC mod installed, you’ll need to ensure that the homeless Sims aren’t automatically put into Home Lots. To do this, you will need to flag the Sims to stay homeless in MCCC. Otherwise, the Roommate mod won’t work because the potential roommates need to be homeless. You can also try temporarily removing the desired Sim from their lot, thus making them once again available on the LMS Roommates Service list.


The option to have a roommate who isn’t in your household comes in very handy! Not only do they pay rent every week, but you also don’t have to take care of their needs. It is a feature that was most certainly missing in The Sims 4. It really brings out the real-life feeling of having a roommate!

If you believe this awesome mod is just the thing for you, you can download it right here!

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