25 Useful Prebuilt Multi-Family Homes For Your Apartments And Duplexes!

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If you cannot wait to get your hands on The Sims 4 For Rent to start playing right away, dive in with these prebuilt multi-family homes that are mostly furnished and ready to go!

Prebuilt Multi-Family Homes

Earlier today SimGuruNova shared an exciting new post to Twitter/X:

This is great news for players of The Sims 4 who have already begun creating/collecting builds in anticipation of The Sims 4 For Rent releasing in just under a month and while we don’t know yet how exactly the game is going to have us differentiate multiple Residential Rental units, if it’s as easy as SimGuruNova says it will be we should have no problem launching into the new mechanics immediately!

If you want to start using Residential Rentals immediately without having to build or download any on your own, check out our list of great builds to get started!

See the latest Sims 4 For Rent news here!

Prebuilt Multi-Family Homes – From Quaint Duplexes to Huge Apartment Complexes

Whether you want a nice duplex to share with different parts of the same family or a massive apartment complex full of unique and quirky neighbors, there are plenty of prebuilt multi-family homes waiting for you.

More on SNOOTYSIMS: Take a look at our building guide for inspiration & ideas to make your builds even better!

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Opposites-Attract Duplex

Opposites-Attract Duplex by LittleBearSims

One half of this duplex is adorably furnished with a modern-cute aesthetic, while the other half is a barely habitable dump. Luckily it’s nothing that can’t be rescued with a little hard work, or you could just move in a sim who enjoys living in squalor.

Click here to download!

Willow Creek Duplex

Willow Creek Duplex by WyattDoBeDrippin

This barely-furnished duplex is cool because each unit is not only a different style, but a different size as well. It gives you flexibility in deciding exactly what kind of apartments you want here, with plenty of room to renovate as you see fit. Each side has gorgeous old wood floors, large rooms, and a decent sized backyard.

Click here to download!

1 Bakery, 2 Households

1 Bakery, 2 Households by Thornheartssims

This building has gone through a lot of changes in its lifetime, starting as one large house and eventually being divided into 2 separate living units along with a small bakery. It doesn’t seem that the new lots can be combination Residential & Retail, but you could easily convert it with one of the new Home Chef Hustle stands, get clever with other food stalls, or turn the bakery into something completely different. The only limit is your imagination.

Click here to download!

Copperdale Duplex

Copperdale Duplex by AnetaBlake

One half of this duplex is fully furnished and move-in ready, while the other half…needs a little help. Theoretically both sides can be occupied, but you better hope that whoever moves into the less desirable unit is either a total slob or the kind of sim who likes a fixer-upper. Move your sim into the cruddy side and use the neighbor’s rent to make upgrades, or just demo the whole apartment and start from scratch.

Click here to download!

Honeydew Houses

Honeydew Houses by lumenniveus

There are 6 apartments between these two buildings, with units of varying sizes so you can find the perfect home. The place is only partially furnished and has seen better days, but it’s brimming with charm and still has plenty of years left in it. Pick the ideal unit and enjoy your new home!

Click here to download!

Residencial Nova Iorquino

Residencial Nova Iorquino by Taisloca

Two spacious Brownstones offering 3 floors of living space with multiple units, lots of room for entertaining, and a nice large backyard perfect for block parties. It’s an ideal living situation for sims who enjoy their communities and spending time getting to know the neighbors.

Click here to download!

Water Tower Way Duplex

Water Tower Way Duplex by raylamars

This cozy duplex is fully furnished and brimming with personality. Each side has a large living room, kitchen, 1.5 bathrooms, and a large bedroom making up most of the upper floor. The hodgepodge nature of each apartment makes the space feel comfy, lived-in, and well-loved.

Click here to download!

Eco Twin Houses

Eco Twin Houses by Eldircora

Two interesting-looking offset units containing 3 bedrooms each, a small backyard, driveway, and plenty of furnishings. If you want to elevate the eco-friendliness of these homes, feel free to slap some solar panels on the roof and save a few simoleons on the utility bill.

Click here to download!

The Pastel Ladies

The Pastel Ladies by Harlequin Eyes

This build was created by SnootySims writer Nicole! I built this duplex several years ago inspired by a home I’ve driven by in my own town. The sides are mirrored, each containing 1-2 bedrooms, 1.5 bathrooms, multiple porches, and a small backyard. I furnished this duplex as if it were occupied by 2 elderly sisters with very different personalities, but you can make it whatever you want it to be. I hope you like it!

Click here to download!

StrangerVille Stack

StrangerVille Stack by MardyYardy

This collection of apartments has seen a lot over the past 85 years, and while it’s slated to be demolished there are renters who just don’t want to leave. The unique shape of this building contains multiple units that just need a little love and a lot of elbow grease and before you know it, they’ll be ready to invite new tenants and collect more stories within their aged walls!

Click here to download!

Suburban Townhomes

Suburban Townhouses by livyx23

These townhouses may look the same, but once you look inside you can see that they’re quite different! One unit has 2 bedrooms/2 bathrooms, one unit has 3 bedrooms/3.5 bathrooms, and one unit manages to fit 4 bedrooms/2 bathrooms into the space. All are fully furnished and ready for whatever family’s story you want to tell.

Click here to download!

Glamorous City Living

Glamorous City Living by AlJay2000

This building is a sneaky one! There are 2 units in the narrow building on the end, while the other brownstones are decorative. You can choose to keep it that way or remove the other facades and replace them with more units, yard space, or a combination of the two. It’s a cool lot to play if you like the idea of multiple units but don’t want to commit to that many at once.

Click here to download!

Vacation Apartments

Vacation Apartments by yagrashka

Currently serving as temporary rentals, these funky homes will easily convert to Residential Rentals. Each house is different than the next, with unique floor plans, layouts, and color schemes. They are brimming with personality and any sim would be happy to live here!

Click here to download!

Tudor Townhouses

Tudor Townhomes by shansimia

What this building lacks in furnishings it makes up for in stateliness. Each unit has the basic bathroom and kitchen furnishings, but the unit really shines on the exterior. The covered entryways help make each apartment feel like its own house, a good choice for sims who are a bit more private. Each comes with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a small patio space in the front & rear.

Click here to download!

7 Eucalyptus Lane

7 Eucalyptus Lane by buildsbybee

A row of 5 pretty & petite houses in a rainbow of colors, fully furnished and unique from one another. Don’t let their narrow facades fool you, these houses have more room than you’d think and they’re stuffed to the gills with furniture & decor. Each one is furnished differently from the others, so your sims can move into their favorite unit!

Click here to download!

Starter Apartments

Starter Apartments by JamesTurnerYT

This run-down building has a single dilapidated unit with space to build at least 3 others, more if you renovate and add another floor. Due to its neglected state, it’s an inexpensive building to start with if your sim is making their first foray into property ownership. Add new units as you can afford to, putting the rent from them towards more units or apartment upgrades.

Click here to download!

BaseGame Apartments

BaseGame Apartments by Jlynex0

This apartment building has 4 identical units with 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, & a small balcony each. It’s a very cozy place for sims who don’t need a lot of extra space.

Click here to download!

Apartments For Rent

Apartments For Rent by Milykorn

Designed with University students in mind, 3 small apartments offer refuge to sims who want to get away from home without the cramped experience of dorm living. There’s ample bicycle parking and a rooftop pergola, great for group study sessions or cracking open a cold one with the neighbors.

Click here to download!

6-Unit Apts

6-Units Apts by GreenVenus667

A giant building offering 1- and 2-bedroom apartments, each of which is fully furnished with unique decor. This complex already has so much personality built into it that your sims will surely have some fun experiences living here. There’s lots of room in the backyard for doing activities or just hanging out with the neighbors, and space for a laundry room if you have the Laundry Day stuff pack.

Click here to download!

Modern Apartment Complex

Modern Apartment Complex by CocoSimSimma1

A modern building with 2 units, offering options for many configurations of household. The large upstairs apartment includes an empty room which can be converted into another bedroom, office, play area, gym, or whatever else your sims may desire. The varying exteriors and windows make it a visually interesting space that would be welcome in any neighborhood.

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Apartment House

Apartment House by JayjayMochi

3 cute apartment units make up this desert multiplex which comes with a large yard, pool, and basement laundry. The upper units have 2 private porches on the front & back of the building so you can follow (or avoid) the sun at your leisure. It’s a great space for summer barbecues with the neighbors!

Click here to download!

Apartment Building

Apartment Building by igibiggie

An ultramodern complex with 4 separate apartments showing that even a small space can feel large and open when it’s furnished smartly. Each unit has a tiny private deck area and renters can make use of the outdoor pool and rooftop yard space when weather permits.

Click here to download!

Stone Condo x4

Stone Condo by HeitorGribl01

A 4-unit building made of warm stonework with a large multi-level foyer that has lots of area for placing community objects and activities. Each unit is fully furnished with multiple skill building items and plenty of space for gatherings.

Click here to download!

7 Home Apartment

7 Home Apartment by Jigowatt85

This large apartment building has space for 7 different households and includes multiple amenities, such as a swimming pool, bar, and patio. There’s also a small basement for storage. Every apartment has huge windows to let in the light, and a narrow balcony for space-saving outdoor activities.

Click here to download!

Upland Place Dingbats Apartment

Upland Place Dingbats by Peacemaker_IC

“Dingbats” are an interesting style of apartment common in the Los Angeles area as well as other parts of the American Sun Belt. Recognized for their mid-century silhouettes and somewhat run-down appearance, they’re known to be boxy, quirky, and affordable buildings that give off “motel” vibes.

This apartment building comes with 4 units, 1 of which is furnished and ready to move in. Stylish and somewhat kitschy, it’s a great building to move in a cast of eclectic and colorful characters!

Click here to download!


There’s no shortage of real estate available for Sims 4 players to download and enjoy. From homey to modern, cluttered to minimalist, 2-family to multi-unit, industrial to eco-friendly, and beyond, you can find a prebuilt multi-family home available to download and start playing with. We’ve featured builds that are furnished and ready to go, and you can find even more (along with empty shells you can furnish yourself) just by searching your favorite Sims build sites and/or the EA Gallery. What type of Residential Rental are you most excited about playing with? Let us know in the comments, and we’ll see you at the community potluck on 7 December. Happy simming!

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