Sims 4 News: New Expansion Pack Leaked?

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Information about what appears to be the next Sims 4 EP has come out—here’s what you need to know about this Expansion Pack leak!

sims 4 for rent expansion pack
The Sims 4 For Rent Expansion Pack!

Back on 13 September EA’s Official X Account teased the upcoming content for the fall/winter season. They teased “one tasty stuff pack” which turned out to be Home Chef Hustle along with “one neighborly expansion pack.” Simmers immediately began speculating what we would be seeing next, but now we might have something concrete!

Let’s go over what we know so far!

Expansion Pack Leak: DLC Title

Though the Instant Gaming site has it listed as The Sims 4 Rental Houses, the artwork shared by Anadius calls it The Sims 4 For Rent. Generally EA doesn’t pluralize their titles and they like to keep them somewhat vague so they better encompass all the included content, so of the two titles For Rent fits the vibe of Sims DLC titling better.

Expansion Pack Leak: Release Date

Instant Gaming has the new EP’s release date as 7 December 2023. Anadius shared preorder bonus info that spans 2 November to 18 January, and 7 December falls in the middle of that range, so this all seems to line up. It would be great timing for the upcoming holiday season as well.

Expansion Pack Leak: EP Description

Per Anadius’ post:

“Bring the neighbors together (literally) and experience multi-family lots as a tenant or property owner in The Sims 4 For Rent Expansion Pack. Your Sim can now own and manage multiple Residential Rental lots or move into a home where they’re closer to their neighbors than ever (perfect for snooping!). From potlucks to evictions, there’s a lot to do and a bustling new world to do it in. Purchase now to get bonus items to bring the Night Market home for your Sims with The Sims 4 Street Eats Digital Content**, available in-game on launch day, December 7.”

Expansion Pack Leak: Features

There are 5 new key features that have been leaked for the new pack, in a range of areas!

Street Eats Preorder Bonus

For players who preorder the game within the aforementioned period, they’ll get 3 bonus items: a Grill Cart, Street Umbrella, and Fruit Basket. Not much else is known about them so far, but it would make sense that the Grill Cart would be a similar style to the food stands just released with Home Chef Hustle. The Street Umbrella is curious because we can’t build in the street unless this is a feature added with the new pack! The Fruit Basket may be a new portable way for sims to carry ingredients that they gather from community spaces.

New Lot Type

The Residential Rental Lot Type will allow sims to rent out part of their space for other sims. This goes far beyond the roommate system currently available in the game, and doesn’t seem to have many limits on what can be rented out. Per Anadius, some examples include renting out basement suites, creating duplex houses, or even our own apartments. These are features that should have come with the City Living EP so while they are far overdue, they’re also incredibly welcome!

Become A Landlord

With Rentals now being a system in the game, sims can own extra property that they can rent out to others. They have the choice to live among their tenants for a sense of community or they can live on a separate property and collect their rent from afar. It’s not that easy, though! Rentals will have Unit Ratings and if they’re not kept up, your sim could be facing a Tenant Revolt. We don’t have the details on this yet but if it’s anything like the City Living experience you can expect your sim to be on-call for repairs, pest control, and maybe even upgrades.

Intertwining Social Lives

Sims can get all up in each other’s business in a number of ways. Neighbors can run into each other in common areas, yards, and even during building potluck meals. If your sim is the social type, they’re going to love hanging out in these areas.

Nosy sims (that would make a great new trait…) can get dirt on their neighbors in devious ways as well by way of eavesdropping and snooping. If they’re really desperate for information they can even break into others’ spaces!

Explore The World Of Tomarang

The EP’s new world is apparently called Tomarang and there’s a lot there for your sims to do! They can visit an Animal Sanctuary or a Botanical Garden, leave offerings at a Spirit House, or visit Tomarang’s iconic Night Market to find unique foods and objects.

Based on these included features compared to the real world, my guess is that Tomarang will be based off of Thailand or a similar global location.

Final Thoughts

Though it’s still early, we’ve had a lot of breadcrumbs dropped on upcoming Sims content thanks to these Expansion Pack leaks! With the supposed release date coming in 6 weeks we’re sure to see more information soon, where hopefully we’ll learn that our suspicions are correct! What new features are you most excited about? Let us know below, and stick with SnootySims for all your upcoming Sims 4 news!


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5 thoughts on “Sims 4 News: New Expansion Pack Leaked?”

  1. ‘eavesdropping, snooping or even breaking and entering’.

    Will this mean burglars of some sort will enter back into the game??

    Either way, I am SO looking forward to this pack! 😀

  2. It is refreshing that Electronic Arts is finally going to be implementing proper apartment systems into the game. A system that has been neglected since the bullshit one that was introduced during The Sims 3 era. I just know they are going to screw this up somehow with their lazy half-assed shit. The Sims 2 Apartment Life, until proven otherwise, is the only expansion pack in this entire franchise to have actual apartments that you can move households into instead of having to pretend on a regular residential lot.

    • Hopefully the pack is as good as it sounds and we finally get those long sought-after features. With it coming up on being a decade old and TS5 still likely a few years away, it would be smart for EA to up their offerings and keep players entertained until they can rope them into the next iteration of the franchise. Giving us better quality content, and especially content we’ve been asking for, is an easy way to keep interest up.


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