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Living with another sim that you want to be more independent? The new Roommate Stories mod by KawaiiStacie will transform your sims’ roommate experience!

Roommate Stories Mod

There are lots of ways a sim can be considered a “roommate” at this point in The Sims 4‘s lifespan. If you have Discover University for example, there’s a roommate system in place to help find dorm mates. If you have For Rent you can easily break a home up into multiple spaces and rent out each room separately. However, roommates have always existed in The Sims 4—any sims living together that aren’t related are, technically, roommates.

It doesn’t really feel like that though, does it? When multiple sims are living together the expectation is the same, in that you will be handling every aspect of their lives outside of what they choose to do autonomously. If you don’t have any DLC, there’s a lot left to be desired in terms of how roommates work. But what if there was a mod to change that?

Introducing the Roommate Stories Mod!

KawaiiStacie recently released the Roommate Stories mod which will add a new dynamic to the roommate experience by overhauling their behaviors outside the home. While off on their adventures, roommates will acquire new skills, start and/or maintain relationships, develop their likes & dislikes, and more!

This mod is designed to have a certain air of mystery about it, particularly involving what your roommates are doing outside of the house. We’ll give you the bigger details, but you definitely need to play with the mod to see everything it has to offer.

Starting A Roommate Story

Roommate Stories Career

Roommate Stories work through the career system, meaning that essentially your roommate’s job is to “get a life.” They will leave the house autonomously and while out, have all sorts of experiences and adventures. To get them started have the sim look for a job, and select “Roommate Stories” as their career track. You can also use the mod-specific cheat careers.add_career KawaiiStacie_RoommateCareers_RoommateStoryCareer to get it started.

Starting Out

When a sim starts in this “career,” at first they’ll just go out and do random things with their day. They may unlock a new skill, have social encounters, go shopping, and more.


Above are a few examples of the different experiences my sim had while out getting their affairs in order at level 1 of the track.

Roommates That Evolve And Grow

Roommate Stories Career Branch

When they first get started your roommate won’t be making any money, as they’re trying to figure themselves out. Once they get “promoted” in the Roommate Stories mod career however, it’s time to decide what kind of roommate you want them to be. There are 10 different options to choose from:

  • Socialite Roommate
  • Mysterious Disappearing Roommate
  • Serial Dater Roommate
  • Cozy Homebody Roommate
  • Studious Scholar Roommate
  • Weekend Explorer Roommate
  • Nightlife Enigma Roommate
  • Early Riser Roommate
  • Cozy Traveler Roommate
  • Party Animal Roommate

Each type of roommate comes with a different schedule, different activities they might participate in while they’re away, and a different “source” for their income. For example, perhaps your Cozy Homebody makes their simoleons selling crafts, or a Serial Dater might have a hint of sugar-baby in them, sourcing their rent from a paramour? Either way as your sim advances in their Story, they’ll start bringing money home to contribute to the household. Just don’t ask how they got it!

Career Advancement

If you want to speed up your roommate’s climbing of the ladder, you can use the cheat careers.promote KawaiiStacie_RoommateCareers_RoommateStoryCareer which will advance them to the next step of their journey.

Let The Mysteries Unfold!

From here you can be as involved or hands-off with your roommates as you wish. They will maintain their needs autonomously, develop skills, have relationships, and even go shopping without your input. They are still selectable and behave like a regular sim when they’re home though, so you can interact with them and make your main sims a part of their story too. With how the mod behaves there’s a lot of potential to craft your own stories based on what happens, so it’s a great tool for storytelling or just stretching your imagination.

As a bonus, since the roommate stories mod is categorized as a career by the game you can use it with neighbors and other NPCs!

Known Issues For The Roommate Stories Mod

In our testing the only “issue” with the mod is that, because it acts like a career, your roommates will end up wearing a random ridiculous career outfit whenever they leave the house. You can fix this with the Change Career Outfit Cheat, though you will have to repeat the process every time the sim is “promoted.” You can also give the Copy Outfit Cheat a try; in our testing it didn’t work properly but it won’t do any harm to give it a shot.

Some users reported that work performance and relationships acquired through use of the mod will reset/disappear. This is currently being looked into so if you have a similar experience, check back on the download page for updates from KawaiiStacie.

In Conclusion

The base game roommate system doesn’t actually do much by way of differentiating roommates from each other. When you play a household everybody is treated the same, and that’s not as fun if you’re trying to focus on a single sim. Plus, keeping on top of each household member to satisfy their needs, maintain relationships, have a job, and develop a personality can be really demanding of your time and attention! Using the Roommate Stories mod lets you send sims out into the world to discover their own lives, leaving you to focus on the sims you want to control while preventing their friends & neighbors’ lives from getting stagnant.

Which Roommate Story are you most eager to explore? Sound off in the comments and let us know. Have fun with the mod and happy simming!

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