Can 1-Dimensional Sims Get More Personality Please?

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Do you ever feel like, despite their different traits, all sims seem essentially the same? Are you bored with the surface-level interactions they share and want deeper, more well-rounded sims? The Personality Please! mod is one you have to add to your game!

more personality please
More Personality, Please!

Although the characters of the Sims 4 have multiple ways of distinguishing themselves from one another such as through traits, likes, and dislikes, they can still feel a bit flat overall. A lot of their unique characteristics only manifest themselves in specific ways, so at the core most sims are pretty alike.

We’ll hopefully see some more depth added to these characters in the upcoming Growing Together EP but in the meantime we have the More Personality, Please! mod by PolarBearSims, who we’ve featured many times here on SnootySims. This mod brings more weight to your sims’ traits, adds more autonomy to them, and adds depth to interactions.

The Many Flavors of Personality Please

The mod was first released in May of 2017 and has had several updates & add-ons since to keep up with the many changes in the vanilla gameplay. As of the time of this writing there are 6 add-ons you can choose from on top of the base Personality Please mod to really craft the perfect mod experience for you.

Have some Personality, Please! Base Mod

The main base of the Personality Please mod cuts out some of the useless “fluff” that occurs between sims. Most noticable is the removal of idle chatter—the meaningless conversations sims have with each other when they autonomously start talking. Instead, sims will use interactions that have weight, like Tell a Joke, Deep Conversation, Ask About Day, etc. and these actions will be decided based off the sim’s personality and mood. This way sims will actually learn things about each other and not just add a new random face to their Relationships panel.

Mean sims will be more likely to do mean interactions, Romance sims will be more flirty, Goofball sims will be the life of the party, but an angry sim regardless of personality will be more apt to shout at anybody who gets in their face. According to the mod page, even “your enemy sim at any given time could come up to your sim and beat [them] up!” Needless to say, this mod will make your sims’ days much more interesting!

Add-On: Restricted Romance

This module was designed to help prevent sims from autonomously cheating on their partners by raising the relationship threshold for deeper, more romantic actions. Certain interactions are still available so your sims can start down the road to romance, such as Complement Appearance or Give Romantic Gift, but those sims are going to have to know each other pretty well before things start getting spicy.

Add-On: Sims Learn Info

An add-on that changes the Deep Conversation action, this will give sims a small chance to learn about another’s career or traits over the course of their normal conversation without specifically having to ask. PolarBearSims opted to make this an add-on because it affects all sims, not just played characters, and you will get a notification every time it happens.

Because these pop ups will even happen for random townies on the other end of the neighbrohood you’re in, players may find the constant notifications kind of annoying. On the other hand, you can use this module as a standalone feature if you like the concept but don’t need other parts of the Personality Please mod.

Add-On: Cats & Dogs

Because vanilla pets are not controllable, actions that aren’t set as autonomous won’t happen unless your sims can influence the pet to do them; for some reason a portion of animal actions are, by default, not enabled for autonomy! This add-on makes all animal actions autonomous so they’ll do more, weighted to their traits and personality as well. The idea behind this add-on is that animals will interact with the world and each other more, instead of wandering around aimlessly waiting for an action to grace their queue.

Add-On: Woohoo-TryForBaby Restricted

Keeping to the logic of the Restricted Romance add-on, this will raise the relationship requirements for sims to be able to Woohoo and Try for Baby. It’s designed to cut down on the ridiculous baby production that happens when sims are left to their own devices (looking at you, Neighborhood Stories). If you like the idea of a higher threshold for babies but not the Woohoo restrictions of this add-on, PolarBearSims made a few standalone mods to bring back some of those restriction options with Risky Woohoo & Try for Baby Chances and Teen/Adult Romance & Mess Around.

Add-On: Toddlers!

A lot of vanilla Toddler behavior isn’t coded to traits, moods, relationships, etc. which is why most times, toddlers all seem to act the same way regardless of what they’re like. PolarBearSims added codes for these behaviors, encouraging your tykes to behave more realistically to their personality. It was decided to make this an add-on due to how much of a handful toddlers can be as it is, so you can choose to add it if you want that extra challenge.

Add-On: Mean Interactions

Due to multiple reports of this aspect of the mod combining with other mood and/or relationship mods and making sims all really, really mean to one another it was decided to make Mean interactions a separate enhancement. If the “mean bug” from late 2022 was enough for you, skip this add-on!

Mod Conflicts

Because this mod affects many aspects of your sims’ behavior, there are a few other mods out there that will conflict:

  • PTME Emotional Overcharge by FlorainPTME which hasn’t been updated since 2016
  • Autonomous Interactions by weebl_101 also hasn’t been updated since 2016 and has since been deleted
  • MC Tuner will increase the amount of Mischievous actions sims autonomously choose. It’s unclear why it happens but the only solution for keeping both mods is outlined on the Personality Please download page and involves changing the affected interactions.
  • MC Woohoo “No Strings” Option conflicts with the add-ons regarding Woohoo and Try for Baby, though as mentioned above PolarBearSims made other mods that will replicate some of MC Woohoo’s options without conflicting.

The Personality Please Mod’s download page has very detailed information on the behaviors it edits, change logs, and other useful information for curious players and modders. Definitely give it a onceover for more details!

Closing Thoughts

The Sims 4 gave us new ways to make our sims all unique and then failed spectacularly at executing it. Thanks to this incredible mod, sims will live their traits and feel more realistic and multi-faceted than ever before. It might even bring a little bit of chaos to your game! We hope this mod makes you love the game even more, and gives your characters the depth you’ve always seen in them. Happy Simming!

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