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Creating a character’s backstory is part of the fun of playing The Sims 4 but it can be really tedious sometimes, especially if you’re making a large household or multiple households at once. Cheats can help you out but there are still so many to learn, not to mention the time it takes entering them all in. The Instant CAS Story mod makes the process of giving your sims a background so much simpler!

Instant CAS Story Mod

Sometimes you create a new family in The Sims 4 that you want to start completely fresh with, but quite often the characters that players create are being made for a specific purpose. We’ve all done challenges, tried rotation play, and have created our own storylines for our sims, and an easy way to sell whatever kind of backstory you’re aiming at is to give your sims the relative Skills, Likes/Dislikes, and Traits that align with their past. Some aspects like basic traits can be applied right in CAS, but if you want to really add dimension to a character you need to grind out some time to refine their skills, unlock extra traits, and the like.

Sure, you can cheat this stuff, but there are so many things that make up a sim (with each aspect needing its own individual cheat) that things can eventually get tedious—more so if you’re creating a household of multiple characters! Why put in all that work when there’s a faster, easier way? If you agree, you’re going to really enjoy the Instant CAS Story mod by Vicky Sims.

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Make Preferences Work For You with the Instant CAS Story Mod

The way the Instant CAS Story mod works is that it utilizes the in-game preferences system, but adds “preferences” that affect sims’ skills, career levels, and even their University degree status! All you have to do is select the relevant “preference” and your sims will come out of CAS already armed with some of the things that give them their identity.

Create your sim, go into their preferences, and choose what kind of backstory your sim has. Instead of the “Likes” and “Dislikes” qualifiers affecting how your sim feels about a specific thing, it will inform what level or status your sim has in the following areas:


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To get your sim situated in a career, simply choose the branch you want your sims to work in and then decide if you want them at level 3 or level 5 in the career branch. For level 3 click the “dislike” option under the career, and for level 5 click the “like” option. Since sims can only have one full-time job you should only select one career field to do this. The mod author says that your sim can also have 2 part-time jobs in lieu of a full-time gig though I was unable to get this to work; it’s possible the jobs I chose had conflicting schedules.

You can also use the Career preference to assign extracurricular jobs to your high schoolers, just be sure to choose a teenage-compatible career.


image 21

Choosing skills works the same way the career choices work, in that choosing “dislike” will set the selected skill to level 3 and “like” will set it to level 5. You won’t be able to max your sim’s skills this way (unless the skill tops out at a lower level, such as the Photography skill which maxes at level 5), but part of the point of playing the game is to help your sims grow so the mod is a good way to at least get the foundation there. You can select as many skills as you want!

This is handy for skills that you level up frequently such as cooking, fitness, and other basics that older sims likely would have “learned” when they were younger had they not been created as adults.


image 20

Earning your sim(s) a degree in The Sims 4 is no quick & easy task, but luckily the mod provides a useful shortcut. If you want your sim to have a regular University Degree, choosing “dislike” for the relevant degree will grant it. Conversely, selecting “like” will reward your sim with a Distinguished Degree with Honors in the selected field.

Like other degree cheats this will not give your sim a physical degree that they can display on their wall, but they will get all the other perks associated with having one.

Check out our guide to Degree Cheats to learn how to get a non-CC decorative diploma from Build/Buy Mode for your graduate sims!

Surpass the Limits

By default the game will let you choose up to 50 likes and dislikes per sim. This should be plenty for most characters but if you really want a well-rounded sim with a lot of skills and experience, you may find that 50 isn’t enough. Once a sim is created you can go back into CAS and remove all the Instant CAS Story mod “likes” and “dislikes,” and your sim will still keep the skills and career and degree(s) you’ve given them! This allows you to free up space for actual likes and dislikes while not compromising your sim’s backstory.

Easy Townies, Neighbors, Classmates, & More

The Instant CAS Story Mod is great if you want new townies to have a little more dimension, especially if you’re the one creating them. In my testing using the Randomize Likes and Dislikes button, the mod is smart enough to give sims only a single career, along with one skill. The mod doesn’t have degrees enabled for random however, so you will need to add them manually to your scholar sims. Regardless, it’s great if you want to create a household or two of townies or neighbors or friends for your main household because with just a few clicks your new sims will have a background as if they’ve been around the neighborhood for ages.

You can really build a rich world of characters with just a few clicks!

The Ending

Giving your sims a backstory is a fun way to stretch one’s imagination and make each sim a little more dynamic and unique, but the process of forming each individual character is time consuming and sometimes a bit dull. When you want to create new sims fast, having a shortcut to building their background can be a very useful and convenient thing to have, and the Instant CAS Story Mod helps that happen.

Whether you want a brand-new sim to have a basic foundation for who they are right from the beginning, or you want to generate townies and neighbors rapid-fire without too much effort and time, this mod does it. Add it to your own game and start generating new sims faster than you can say “plumbob!” Enjoy!

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