30+ of The Best CAS Mods: Improve Your Character Creation Process in The Sims 4!

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Spend a more efficient time creating your Sims in CAS through these excellent CAS mods that we scoured all over the internet for you! Have fun!

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Yes, You Should Add These CAS Mods To Your Game!

Let’s admit it. In The Sims 4, we spend a lot of our time in CAS, creating Sims with one-of-a-kind appearances coupled with larger-than-life personalities. It’s where we play God and contemplate what kind of individuals they will be, before proudly launching them into the world. It is also the place we revisit to meticulously tweak our Sims when we’re no longer entertained or happy with their overall persona. With such a large amount of time spent in CAS, we should definitely have a more efficient and enjoyable experience in it! Well, with these CAS mods that we handpicked for you, you’ll be able to alter a lot of things in CAS!

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Stretchmarks Disabler Mod

Screenshot 2023 09 13 155500

If you do not prefer to see stretch marks in the Sims 4, this mod disables it in all ways. In CAS, you will not be able to put stretch marks on your Sims, and they will not appear on randomly generated Sims both in CAS and in the world.

Click here to download!

Hearing Aids Disabler Mod

Screenshot 2023 09 13 154914

This mod disables the use of hearing aids in Sims, both in CAS sims, in random townie Sims, and in NPCs. You will not be able to manually add it to your Sims as well.

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Servo Outfit Unlocked Mod

screen2 2

Unlock the Servo Outfit in CAS with this mod from creator Gauntlet! You can also use it alongside the Servo Trait Customs mod!

Click here to download!

Infant CAS Prop Recolors Mod

screenshot 13

Provide all-new infant pillows with this mod, which adds 10 new recolors in CAS! The swatches include teddy bears, unicorns, word prints, and other ones that your infant Sims would surely like!

Click here to download!

CAS Starter Sims Mod

startingsims scaled

Instead of the usual random EA Sims that show on your CAS by default, this mod lets you override the approach by adding 10 female and 10 male Sims! Now, when you open CAS, these premade Sims will be the ones to greet you!

Click here to download!

Skip CAS Stories Mod

Screenshot 2023 09 13 151856

We have another mod that is ultra useful! Called the Skip CAS Stories, this mod does exactly that. It lets you skip the create-a-story mode in CAS so that you can proceed right away to the character creation process. Nifty!

Click here to download!

Eco Lifestyle CAS Unlocked Mod


Are you a fan of The Sims 4: Eco Lifestyle? Then, you definitely have to get this mod! This one will allow you to unlock all of the Eco Lifestyle items in CAS so that your Sims can use them.

Click here to download!

CAS Lighting “Neutral Light” Mod

cas screenshots

Tweak the lighting setup in the CAS room further with this mod from SimplyAnjuta. You can select from choices such as City Light, Torch Light, Neutral Light, or a combination of these!

Click here to download!

Infant CAS Pillow Mod


Change the colors of the cute little infant pillow in CAS through this mod! It will allow you to recolor the pillow to sage, purple, pink, white, or yellow hues. Cute, right?

Click here to download!

Tidy CAS – Black Mod


Sort out your CAS items with this mod, which will allow you to organize thumbnails by placing black fillers. These black fillers state the category of the CAS items next to it, allowing for a tidier CAS room.

Click here to download!

Tidy CAS – White Mod


Like the pink and black ones, you can make your CAS items tidier with this mod, which will let you add a white filler in the midst of your CAS items. These white fillers state the category of the CAS items next to it, such as skin details, cheek scars, piercings, and many others!

Click here to download!

Tidy CAS – Pink Mod


Like the black and white ones, you can reorganize your thumbnails in CAS with this mod, which will let you sort out the said thumbnails through pink fillers. These pink fillers state the category of the CAS items next to it, allowing for a cleaner and less confusing look!

Click here to download!

CAS Lighting “Golden Light” Mod


Add a soft and gentle glow to the CAS Room with this mod! It will let your Sims and Pets have a nice gold shimmer to their skin while in CAS.

Click here to download!

CAS Lighting Mod

tumblr 138752826838ece4292f3e6056828533 d97f3db3 1280

More CAS mods coming your way! This time, it’s a set of CAS lighting mods for the game which gives us two versions—with backlight and without backlight. Remember to choose only one pack to put in the game!

Click here to download!

Reflection & FrontGlo Mod

tumblr 0cc1c427ba8c7e37e51ed23e63b053db d6409724 1280

Creator Vyxated provides our CAS experience with better features through this mod that offers us 4 all-new CAS lighting setups and 5 CAS room colors that are simple yet stunning.

Click here to download!

Mirrored Up! Mod

tumblr 53dcc2ed620847ddb8ba1074fcac2d4e 962d221c 1280

Bring more reflective features in CAS through this Mirrored Up! Mod, which adds another mirror in the CAS room. Plus, it also tweaks the CAS lighting to make your Sims glow brighter.

Click here to download!

No CC Wrench Mod

tumblr d1f765364f749e0f3450c74a815d58bf 56689a55 500

This one’s another simple yet pretty neat mod for CAS. Instead of featuring wrench icons on your CAS custom content, this mod disables them! Now, your CC will effortlessly integrate with other items in CAS.

Click here to download!

CAS Close Up Mod

tumblr 26e5bd290a136cc77301eff305f73276 3fb23b04 1280

Another CAS mod from creator Helgatisha, which helps our Sims minimize their movements in the game. With this mod, Sims will have less emotion in the game. Instead of the facial reactions they usually do, they’ll only be moving their eyes for a less distracting CAS experience.

Click here to download!

More CAS Presets Mod


Want to conveniently expand your preset selection in CAS? Go and opt for this mod by Zerbu, which effortlessly adds 100+ new CAS presets in The Sims 4!

Click here to download!

Gentle CAS Lighting Mod

tumblr a829def3c543166184b45a481aa1e0cf 01d4a4dd 2048

Do you want to have s softer lighting setup in CAS which will highlight your Sim’s appearance better? Then, get this mod by Northern Siberia Winds, which replaces the EA lighting with a more delicate glow.

Click here to download!

CAS Blob Remover

Screenshot 2023 09 13 135954

In CAS, you’ll notice that there is a tiny blue blob or shadow where your Sim is standing. If you want to remove this for whatever purpose it may serve you, you can use this mod, and voila! It’s gone!

Click here to download!

CAS Overhaul Mod

tumblr ozlg05X1Bv1tjrolto2 1280

Improve your CAS experience by installing this helpful mod by creator Lumia, which overhauls CAS features. The mod adds an “Immersive Lighting” feature, all-new CAS backgrounds, and an Eye Spec Remover for the animals.

Click here to download!

No Make-Up & No Accessories Mod

tumblr 5997a20c5fb83ea2652c3deaa1088343 1dd22deb 1280

Each time we open CAS and choose to randomize the selection of Sims, they come all prepped up with makeup, accessories, tattoos, and clothing. This simple mod disables the random assignments of makeup, accessories, and tattoos on these Sims so that they would not look peculiar!

Click here to download!

No More Mirroring Mod

tumblr d6a8dddeb03c541f7cb0454e43da1200 0de09b77 1280

This is a super convenient mod that lets you turn off the mirroring of poses, which is helpful if you use gallery poses in the game. It was made with the help of fellow creator thepancake1!

Click here to download!

CAS Lighting – TS3 CAS Mod

tumblr 4a19de8701fc1ada3030076bfa81e309 3a04a3cd 1280

As part of the creator’s “Blast from the Past” series, this CAS mod serves to imitate the CAS lighting from The Sims 3. All Sims and Pets can now get that nostalgic luminance, thanks to this mod.

Click here to download!

More Columns in CAS Mod


Add this mod to your game, which is one of the holy grail mods when it comes to CAS. Instead of the usual three-column view that we get in CAS, this mod lets you add three, four, or five columns for a better preview experience of all CAS items.

Click here to download!

Minimalist CC Icon Mod

tumblr 66b16d2bc13af0739a88be69b7dbf1de 594ebe21 1280

Whenever we include new custom content in CAS, the thumbnails appear as wrench icons, which let’s be honest, do not look that appealing! Change things up with this mod, which provides a tiny round icon to the thumbnails in place of the said wrench.

Click here to download!

Tidy Details & Tidy Tattoos Mod

tumblr 23a5e3520583a80aae7a48831be2222f 9c4ce546 1280

This mod called the TIdy Details and Tidy Tattoos mod, provides a huge help to us while in CAS! It provides labels and lets us filter the different categories of skin details and tattoos, for a much-more organized CAS.

Click here to download!

SOFTE—Underwear Replacement in CAS Mod


Tired of the plain and colorless undergarments that your Sims wear in default when they’re in CAS? Mix things up by including this mod in your game, which overrides the intimate apparel in the game with new colorful replacements!

Click here to download!

Stand Still in CAS Mod

tumblr 66d515ec9de4f840728f688911c247e5 a909faf3 1280

Does it ever make you dizzy when Sims keep moving their bodies while you’re tweaking their character in CAS? With this mod, called Stand Still in CAS, they’ll now behave like actual mannequins—frozen in time while you dress ’em up!

Click here to download!

Color Sliders for Hair, Clothes, & Accessories Mod


Do you remember using the color sliders in The Sims 3? Isn’t it fun to choose from a wide spectrum of colors when dressing up our Sims in CAS? Well, this mod from creators thepancake1 and MizoreYukii brings back the color slider to The Sims 4!

Click here to download!

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