35+ Aesthetic CAS Background CC for Sims 4 You Will Love

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Would you like to replace the old classic blue background from CAS with something more fun? Well, all you need is some custom CAS backgrounds! Keep reading to discover incredible downloadable CAS scenes!

sims 4 cas background
35+ Aesthetic CAS Backgrounds for Sims 4!

customized cAS backgrounds for the Sims 4

The typical Sims 4 CAS panel has a recognizable blue background. Although we love this signature feature of the Sims 4, the CAS backdrop can be changed, just like many other elements of your favorite game. In fact, you can change the scenery in Create-A-Sim mode as frequently as you want, by adding a new, customized background before you launch the game.

To add a new CAS background, first, find the background you like, download it, and unzip it if needed. Then, copy the downloaded file to Documents>Electronic Arts> The Sims 4> Mods, and you are good to go.

You can use only one background at a time, so make sure you have only the one you want to currently use in your Mods folder. If you want to replace the old custom background with a new one, delete the old one first, and then paste your new favorite in the mods folder. 

So, if you are interested in some fresh CAS backgrounds, you are in the right place. We have created a list of more than 30 customized scenes for you to browse and download. Enjoy the ride!

1. Y2K CAS room by ellcrze

image 203

If you love Y2K fashion and the pink aesthetic is your thing, then you have to try out this bright CAS background! Everything is kawaii and super adorable, from flowers on the carpet to Hello Kitty and Blossom plushies on the floor. Find info here!

2. Euphoria backgrounds by praleska

image 214

Vintage film filters can now become your backgrounds in CAS mode! These four will add a dreamy vibe to every CAS process, adding little refractions of light and a rainbow effect to your background. Try Moon, Forest, Mahagony, and Naval yourself! Find info here!

3. background 01, 02, and 03 by praleska

image 215

Now you can dress your characters in the attic, in an art atelier, or a cozy room, all thanks to this incredible set of CAS backgrounds. All you need to do is pick your favorite, add it to your mods folder in Documents, launch the game, and enjoy your new backdrop when making characters! Find info here!

4. striped studio backgrounds by Katverse

image 222

If pastels are particularly pleasing to your eyes, and you love strips, you can now enjoy 8 different pastel-striped CAS background styles. Choose pink, purple, blue, gray and other gentle colors to add a soft touch to your CAS panel. Find info here!

5. autumn background by cloudcat

image 180

Add warm autumn colors and some sunshine to your CAS mode, and try this dazzling, calming background. Every time you make new or style old characters, you will enjoy a pretty scenery with orange leaves and an equally beautiful makeover room. Find info here!

6. greenscreen background by Katverse

image 223

If you want to fully customize your CAS backdrop, you can now do that thanks to this incredible green screen background. It works just like like greenscreen for filming, and allows you to montage any scene behind your Sims. Find info here!

7. mirror Background recolor by Afrosimtric Sims

image 185

Sometimes a subtle change is all you need to bring freshness to your gameplay. This set of CAS backgrounds is a rework of Indisim’s Mirror Background V2. It includes 17 new color replacements for your CAS with mirror reflection effect. Pick your favorite shade from the list and enjoy your new backdrop. Find info here!

8. random background by MissMani

This set of backdrops includes incredible gradient effects and sparkles. You can pick from gentle nude colors and peachy pink to dark purple variants, dark and light gray, as well as two backgrounds with sparkles and one with orange tones. Find info here!

9. Recolorable background by SonyaSims

ezgif 4 b1aec089a584

To skip adding and replacing backdrops every time you want a change, you can simply add this interactive CAS background, and change your CAS color any time you want while in the game. You can pick from 67 colors and change them anytime you want! Find info here!

10. dreamer backgrounds by crybabies

Are you a fan of soft colors and neon effects? If you are, than this set of CAS backgrounds is a perfect match for you. You can pick one with the dreamer neon sign, or choose a version without it if you prefer to keep things even more minimal. Find info here!

11. sunflower background by GegeSims

image 186

Now you can give your Sims a makeover and create new folks in a bright, lively atmosphere, in a spacious room with sunflowers. This CAS background comes with and without the ”Sul-Sul” sign, so pick whichever you like the most. Find info here!

12. dark backgrounds by helgatisha

Minimal, de-saturated, neutral backgrounds for CAS have never looked more appealing. This CAS backdrop includes 9 swatches, from black and dark grays and cappuccino shades, to light grays. Find info here!

13. luxurious backgrounds by CTRLGIRL

Add a dose of luxury to your CAS menu, and choose one of these lavish backdrops! You can dress and modify your Sims in deluxe rooms, filled with expensive furniture and decor. It’s amazing how realistic and detailed these backdrops are! Find info here!

14. Froggy’s Neon Subway by HexTotem91

image 181

Let’s add a dose of mystery like in a sci-fi or thriller scene, and try this subway CAS background! With a mix of green and red lights, and water puddles on the floor, the ambiance looks just like a snapshot from a movie! Find info here!

15. Best of NekoChan-Simmer’s Backgrounds

image 233
image 231
image 230
image 229
image 228

NekoChan makes amazing ethereal backdrops in various patterns and colors. There are 5 color-themed sets, and every set has 4 dreamy backgrounds. You will find links for each of 5 sets here: yellow, red, pink, blue, and green.

16. night background by ArtorSims

image 218

Pick one of these two gorgeous CAS backgrounds and start making new characters, playing with outfits and genetics in a homelike atmosphere. Both resemble Sims 4 interiors and have a cozy vibe with that cool dimmed light effect! For more info, go here!

17. pedestal room by GegeSims

image 192

Put your new Sim on a pedestal where they deserve to be! Every character you make is a new masterpiece, so why not play with sliders and outfits in this gorgeous setting? You can experiment with purple, turquoise, and pink versions, as well. Find info here!

18. Christmas cAS Room by ellcrze

image 205

If you love Christmas time, this festive CAS background will make your day! The room has all winter holiday decor your Sims need to feel cozy, such as a Christmas tree, a fireplace, and a huge teddy with a wrapped present! Find info here!

19. scene CAS Room by cinnasims

image 199

Emo aesthetic is now available in the CAS menu! You’ll get a wall full of posters, with My Chemical Romance one on top! Alternatively, you can pick a small room with classic guitar and a painting, or gyaru-inspired pink heaven. Find info and download link here!

20. Ceres Background by Qogoth

image 200

This CAS background will instantly teleport you to the past century. The room is a blend of modern and retro stuff, with a greenish-yellow hue, vinyl records, books, science posters, and a laptop. So, if you like science, botany, plants, or vintage stuff, give this one go! Find info here!

21. Moving day background by ellcrze

image 201

Every newly created family in CAS is yet to be settled and find their home. So, why not match the theme and prepare your folks for moving in, and choose a background with boxes, bags, and piled stuff? Even your previously created Sims will feel at home when trying out new looks. Find info here!

22. Neutral backgrounds for cAS by bayleex

image 206

Looking for something more simplistic? Is yes, then gentle neutrals like these are a perfect choice for you. Colors range from ivory white and light browns to powdery purple, darker purple, and brown. Pick the one you like the most, and enjoy your new minimal background! Find info here!

23. Pink and Black&White backgrounds

image 207
image 208

This set of CAS backgrounds is for those who prefer more intensity and color. There are five options to choose from: a modern burlesque bedroom, a room with dimmed pink lights, two black and white interiors, and one with wooden floors and marble. Find info here.

24. sweet brownie background by cwunnie

image 209

The sweet brownie background is a visual cuteness overload. What makes this room so adorable are paintings of cats with granny headscarves, plushes everywhere, and soft pink details. If you’d like to try it out, find more info here!

25. bedroom by triniSimmer

image 216

Reshape, play with traits, use sliders, and try outfits and accessories in a bedroom setting, where your Sim feels comfortable, and try this unique backdrop. You and your characters will love such a homelike atmosphere! Find info for this CAS background here.

26. plant lover CAS room by ellcrze

image 204

This one is for plant moms and dads of Sims. Decorated with hanging plants, statutes, and pots, this bright room calls for meditation. It will make your stay in the CAS menu incredibly pleasing. Plus, you’ll get a mirror to see how your outfit looks without rotating your Sim around. Find info here.

27. bAD BIHH backgrounds by Goddes_Gamez

image 219

Don’t be afraid to show some attitude! This CAS background invites you to get creative and make some Sims baddies. There are two options for you to try: the pink Barbie-like room, or the living room with dimmed purple lights with a city view. Find info here

28. 2 backgrounds by toriADori

image 220

This set includes two awesome backgrounds: light pink and neon blue. You choose if you’d like to dress up your characters in an urban room with a city view, or in a cozy pink attic with fairly lights. To find more info and download these, go here!

29. pink city aesthetic by TriniSimmer

image 217

Now you can teleport yourself to megacities like Tokyo or Seoul every time you enter CAS mode! This city-inspired backdrop is a dreamy replacement for your plain blue background, and will make every minute spent in CAS much more pleasant to the eye! Find info here!

30. mt. Komorebi backgrounds by katverse

image 221

Is winter your favorite season? Well, if it is, how about choosing a winter wonderland scenery for your CAS background? This set includes a few idyllic photos from your favorite vacation spot, Mt. Komorebi! Snowy landscapes can now be a part of your Sims 4 routine. To get them for your game, go here!

31. white loft background by katverse

image 224

Living in the top floors of a skyscraper has a huge benefit – a gorgeous view! Every time you create a Sim, you will be doing so in a room with an amazing city panorama. It’s great for minimalists, and the white ambiance will act as a canvas for experimenting with colorful outfits and styles. Find info here

32. gray cat walk background by vyuna

image 234

Speaking of minimalism, let’s discuss this effective yet simple catwalk podium! If you don’t want too much going on in your CAS background and find extra details to be too distracting, a gray runway will do. Or, if gray is too plain for you, worry not, as you can choose from 9 podium colors. Find info here!

33. ”life is strange” bedroom by katverse

image 225

Brace yourselves, ”Life is Strange” fans, as here comes a CAS bedroom that looks just like Chloe’s bedroom from the LiS game series. Even if you are not familiar with the game, you can still use it as a punk rock, teen room background! If it vibes with you, download it here!

34. background yard by j&w

image 235

This CAS background in Japanese style looks like a scene from a Studio Ghibli anime. If you choose it as your custom background, you’ll be dressing your Sims in the rain, in front of a balcony in a scenic environment. To get it, find more info here.

35. spot lights backgrounds by Annett’s Sims 4 Welt

image 236

Spotlights are all on you! From studio lights to the red carpet, these 8 photos for CAS have all you need to make your characters feel special. Your Sims will feel like real superstars, even if they don’t have a celebrity rank! To get your sample of these backgrounds, go here!

Animated CAS Background & Loading Screen

tumblr f0609ec168c8380728420906f11e17cb ec3e81b7 2048 1

If you’re a fan of all things anime, you might want to add this animated background CC pack into your game, which also includes an animated loading screen!

Click here to download!

Matrix CAS Background

tumblr ce3e8f85ed5b358010490824f10b80d3 6b2912c7 1280 1

Have you watched the totally interesting film The Matrix? If you have, you might want to get this The Matrix-themed CAS room for your Sims!

Click here to download!

Bad Bihh CAS Backgrounds

Purple Money 1

Bring some colorful and entertaining technopop vibes into your CAS room through this Bad Bihh CC pack from the creator Goddess_Gamez! The set features three awesome backgrounds.

Click here to download!

Christmas Morning CAS background

christmas cas room 1 1

This CAS background CC pack brings with it the warm and cozy feeling of waking up on a nice holiday morning, welcomed with a cup of hot chocolate and that infectious holiday spirit.

Click here to download!

Anime Bedroom CAS Background

tumblr f1e8748cd440b6c96514a8cb7b9e625e 5459f498 1280

Are you a fan of anime? Fill your Sim’s CAS room with mangas and anime posters using this Anime Bedroom CAS background from Fatal Rose Creations!

Click here to download!

600 Follower Gift CAS Room

tumblr 01aa4beefdeb4b56cfbd91b6a99f937f 35f95323 1280

This adorable CAS background CC is creator Kwangyaro’s gift to their 600 followers on Tumblr. The design of the said background is light on the eyes, ideal for daily Simming!

Click here to download!

Sanrio CAS Background

tumblr 9dae1fe50490d0b15432d1667a41368a 2f85aae9 1280

Love Sanrio characters? Well, you might want to add this CAS background to your game, which features loveable Sanrio characters such as Hello Kitty and My Melody!

Click here to download!

Cinnasims Classic CAS Room

classic cas room

If you’re fond of warm and cozy ambiance, then download these CAS background CCs! The pack incorporates three new CAS room designs into your game plus 15 CAS poses!

Click here to download!

Black Mamba CAS Background

tumblr 4cca8cf0ceb2f7207bf13c23548ace89 7369f020 1280

This obscure and eye-catching Black Mamba CAS background is what you need to spice up your CAS room! It’s available as a custom loading screen as well.

Click here to download!

Vaporwave CAS Backgrounds

ts4 x64 2023 09 23 16 40 24

Vaporwave aesthetics look super awesome in the game, such as the ones in this CAS background CC pack. There are 4 cool backgrounds all in all in this pack!

Click here to download!

Snowy Escape CAS Background

55b8d1b9 5848 4679 9bbe

Let Sims feel the oriental winter winds with this Snowy Escape CAS Background! It’s available as a 1920×1080 high-quality background replacement.

Click here to download!

Dreamhouse CAS background


Live in the dream world of Barbie through this Barbie-inspired CAS background CC! The pack comes in two variations, pastel pink and hot pink.

Click here to download!

Big Bank CAS Background

tumblr 2415c3d87b500e136e2e77c49f6ae232 2149bccd 500

This CAS background CC features a gold room filled with bars of gold and wads of simoleons. If you want this for your game, click the download link we provided!

Click here to download!

Cute CAS Backgrounds

tumblr 78d0feaeeaf1efeea433c1eebb14867d cd68994d 1280

If you love to include some fun retro vibes into your game, grab this pack from Zaysimss! you can choose from the three following CAS background CCs: Pink Retro Room, Bus, and F*ck Reality.

Click here to download!

Mojo Dojo CAS Background


Fill your CAS Room with delight as you infuse this Ken cowboy-themed CAS Background. This one’s perfect especially if you have The Sims 4: Horse Ranch expansion pack!

Click here to download!

Givenchy Bloom La Vie En Rose CAS Background

Capture decran 497

Appreciate the adorable impression of these CAS Backgrounds that are filled to the brim with beautiful blooms! The pack comes in two variations of CAS background CCs.

Click here to download!

Blackpink CAS Background

Capture decran 587

Blackpink fans unite! With this Blackpink-themed CAS Background on your game, you’ll be able to prove that you’re a true blue Blink!

Click here to download!

Cottagecore CAS Backgrounds

tumblr 6e5d762be488d4f04ae66a9cff6aed0b 5cc93132 1280

Feel the cozy warmth of beautiful cottages in the woods with this Cottagecore CAS Background CC for your Sims! There are over three backgrounds included in this set.

Click here to download!

Pink World CAS Backgrounds

2023 18

Convert your CAS room into a Pink World by adding this Barbie-themed CAS Background to your game! It’s a glamorous background filled with all the pinkness and poshness.

Click here to download!

Winter 03-07 CAS Backgrounds

tumblr 140bdbc899c6a5be81ceed3d62fd0183 d69377f7 1280

Feel the chill of winter in your CAS rooms by incorporating these winter CAS Background CCs! There are over 5 frigid backgrounds in this set.

Click here to download!

Cherry Blossom CAS Background

tumblr fdd16c7cb3c29ec1d0e3243f253c03a6 659008ad 1280

Another super cute one is this Cherry Blossom CAS Background! This one’s minimalistic yet adorable. Get it now for your Sims.

Click here to download!

Daydream CAS Background CC

tumblr 83e473b8dc2edea943a45aa9f9235e2b 7e21ab2d 1280

This pretty, pink-filled CAS Background CC should make it to your CAS room! This will definitely brighten up your Sim’s moods.

Click here to download!

Tropical CAS Background

1 2

Infuse a refreshing feel to your CAS rooms with these Tropical CAS Background CCs! The set has 6 swatches, including Papaya, Star Fruit, Rambutan, Kiwi, Guava, and Passion Fruit.

Click here to download!

Industrial Chic CAS Background

tumblr f832b0265448358f1cf742f165ddac56 008af803 1280

This CAS background CC is perfect for Sims who want the vibes of an industrial space that’s still cozy and chic.

Click here to download!

Pearl CAS Background

tumblr 62fd98d817e1f7ccc3eeea15b3407d29 6ec67704 1280

This Pearl CAS Background is a gift for the followers of the creator Girlsimblogger’s page. Go and add this to your CAS!

Click here to download!


We spend a lot of time in CAS, and customized backgrounds for this panel allow us to personalize it to our taste. We hope you found some inspiring examples from our list, and if you did, enjoy your refreshed CAS menu! After all, it’s always little details like these that make our Sims 4 gameplay unique.

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