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Have you ever tried to get rare Sims plants? If you have been into gardening plants, you have likely discovered that rare plants are extremely hard to come by. Fortunately, you can now grow your very own rare plants in your Sims garden. Thanks to grafting and cutting action, your Sims will be able to use the plants that they already have to create better plant combos. So, if you are interested in learning how to do that, keep on reading to discover more about Sims 4 grafting combos.

sims 4 grafting combos

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What is the sims 4 grafting combos option?

Gardening skill in the Sims 4 doesn’t only allow you to grow, harvest, and sell plants. With some expertise, Sims can now graft different plant species. Grafting is one of the gardening perks where your Sims get to combine two different plants to get a third, new one. This will allow them to create rare, hybrid plants at home. To be able to do that, your Sims will need to level up the Gardening skill level first. Once they reach Level 5 in Gardening, they will get a chance to blend plant DNA and graft. A single plant that is grafted can give you approximately ten harvestable plants.

reach gardening level 5 with cheats

If you don’t want to wait for them to reach level 5, you can always use cheats. Press Ctrl + Shift + C to open the dialogue box, type testingcheats true in, and press Enter. Then open up the dialogue box again, type stats.set_skill_level_major_gardening 5 to make them reach Level 5. This will automatically unlock Take Cuts and Grafting actions that we will discuss later.

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Plants for grafting

To make sims 4 grafting combos, you’ll have to have two plants – plant A for blending the DNA and plant B for being the parent plant for grafting. If you already have in your sim’s inventory the plant you plan to make a parent plant, great. If not, you can buy a seed packet via computer or phone, plant it and wait for it to grow to make it a parent.

Both plants needed for grafting can be a parent. For instance, let’s say you want to get a Death Flower hybrid. In this case, you can make both Pomengarate or Orchid a parent plant if you have any of them in your garden. Or, vice versa – both plants can become a plant A and give young branches for grafting.

how to Cut plants in the Sims 4

Grafting takes two actions – cutting and grafting. Plant cuttings will allow you to take a sample of a young branch, and grafting will allow you to attach that branch to the other plant. To take a sample from plant A, click on the plant and select ”Take Cutting”. This will sample a healthy branch from a selected plant (plant A).

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how to graft in the sims 4

Once cutting is done, you’ll need to graft. To graft, click on that healthy, grown plant you intend to make the parent plant and select ”Graft”. You’ll get to choose the second plant whose young branches you’d like to attach to the parent plant. This action will attach the cut branches to the parent plant.

In the Sims 4 grafting combos, the parent plant is the plant that dictates how quickly will your grafting combo plant blossom. However, one thing you can consider when choosing a parent is the speed of growth. If you are wondering which are the best Sims 4 best plants to graft, one tip you can try out is to choose the plants with the fastest evolving so that you can harvest faster. This means that the overall health and growth speed of the parent will determine how healthy or how fast will the hybrid grow.

the health of hybrid plants

Once you create a hybrid plant, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefit of having multiple harvestable plants, which is great. When making sims 4 gardening grafting combos it is important to know that every plant used in a grafting combo can be cut only once or a few times before dying. So, do count how many times you use a plant to graft.

Once you have created your combo and harvested a plant, you’ll be able to grow back the original plant at its original quality. Or, you can decide to keep the grafted plant and keep growing it. You will be able to repeat this process a few times and graft a couple of times using the same parent plant. However, be prepared to give the plant some room to regrow. Plats that are just sprouting or are too young won’t give you the option to graft.

sims 4 grafting combos

There are 11 grafting combos in total. Combining plants can give you common, uncommon, and rare plants. Let’s learn more about hybrids that you can get, the plants needed for grafting, their season, and their growth time. Below is the Sims 4 graft list.

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Common plant List from grafting combos

  • Grapes – Blue Bells and Pomegranate ( fall) – 48h
  • Parsley – Sage and Basil ( spring and summer) – 24h
  • Plantain – Pear, and Lemon ( summer) – 72h

Rare and Uncommon plants from grafting combos

  • Birds of Paradise – Tulip, and Chrysanthemum ( spring and summer ) – 36h
  • Bonsai Buds – Daisy and Strawberry ( all year round) – 24h
  • Bonsai Buds – Grapes and Rose ( all year round) – 24h
  • Cow Berry – Dragonfruit and Snapdragon (Cowberry grows into a cow-like flower and blossoms all year round. It gives a special essence that can extend Sims’s life) – 24h
  • Death Flower – Orchid and Pomegranate (This is a rare plant that can be given to the reaper as a gift to escape death. It blooms in winter) – 48h
  • Dragonfruit – Strawberry, and Snapdragon ( Available in the fall ) – 96h
  • Pomegranate – Apple, and Cherry (Blooms in the winter) – 72h
  • Orchid – Lily and Snapdragon (Available during springtime and winter) – 36h

Benefits of sims 4 grafting combos

One of the best benefits of grafting is the possibility of getting rare and uncommon homegrown plants. By trying out sims 4 grafting combos, you’ll also get a chance to cherry-pick the plant species you want in your Sims garden. You’ll save on your best fertilizers, and be able to get healthy rare plants outside of their usual season. Normally, this is only possible if you are combining plants that grow all year round.

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