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Sims 4 Vegetarian trait was a novelty among traits when City Living Pack was launched. Suddenly, eating healthy and avoiding meat becomes a priority and food becomes something your Sims are mindful about. Besides replacing meat with tofu, cheese, and salads, the vegetarian trait comes with some interesting perks and interactions. If you are curious about how this trait works during gameplay, stay on this page. Continue reading to find out all the details about being a vegetarian in Sims 4.

sims 4 vegetarian trait

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How to Become a Vegetarian in the sims 4?

To choose a vegetarian personality trait you’ll have to have The Sims 4: City Living expansion pack installed. This is one of the lifestyle traits you can choose for all characters, from children to elders. These Sims are especially sensitive to food type and quality, as what they eat directly impacts their mood. Sims that are vegetarian by default are Arun and Jesminder Bheeda who live in San Myshuno.

To make a Sims vegetarian, simply choose Vegetarian in the CAS trait panel in Select Traits when creating new Sims.

If you have just installed the expansion or want to change the traits of previously made Sims, you’ll want to use cheats. To do that, first, make sure you have enabled cheats by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + C on your keyboard and typing in testingcheats true, and then pressing ENTER. Then, you’ll want to hold SHIFT and click on the Sims whom you want to make a Vegetarian and click on Modify in CAS. From there, simply go to the personality traits option, and modify your Sims’ personality traits to your liking.

There is also a Sims 4 vegetarian trait cheat that can make them vegetarian without you having to edit them in the CAS. Just use traits.equip_trait vegetarian and they will ditch meat products in no time!

Just like in real life, Sims can order food to their liking, too! Check out this guide on Sims 4 Food Delivery Mod!

Food preferences with sims 4 vegetarian trait

The Sims 4 vegetarian trait is a very new age, modern life type of personality trait. Unlike other Sims, vegetarians of the game will have a pop-up bubble with broccoli when they are hungry. Here are the preferences and perks that come with the trait:

  • Being a vegetarian, your Sims will avoid eating meat at any cost by default. This will be their automatic pick and preference. They will avoid all common meat dishes, including fish.
  • If you command them to eat a burger for an instance and finish a non-vegetarian meal, they will get uncomfortable and nauseous. Expect them to feel sad for at least two hours. If you play without cheats, this will be important to keep in mind while keeping track of their hunger meter.
  • Eating vegetarian food will put them in a good mood, especially if the meal is nicely prepared.
  • Being good at cooking and preparing a good vegetarian meal will improve the quality of their food. The more quality food they eat the happier they will be enjoying a simple dish. This way, you can use food to your advantage to make slight positive changes in their mood and make their everyday life a little more enjoyable. So, try doing what you can to help them level up their cooking skill.
  • If your Sim is a vampire and a vegetarian, they won’t need blood to survive. Plasma drinks and other plasma fruits and types of such foods will do just perfectly!

As a vegetarian, your Sims will enjoy preparing and eating only some types of food. To find out a full list of vegetarian meals they can prepare at different Cooking skill levels, go here

Skills and interactions with others

The vegetarian trait also unlocks new interesting interactions with others, available only for Sims with this trait. These are the new interactions:

  • If they are talking with other vegetarian Sims, they will be able to ”Enthuse About Vegetarianism”.
  • With ”Discuss Vegetarian Benefits” they will get an option to share their points of view about vegetarianism. Unlike the previous action, they can do this with any other Sims they interact with, regardless of whether they are vegetarian or not.
  • If they can afford it, they can hire a specialized caterer. To do so, click on the stove or the refrigerator, and you’ll see a ”Hire a Vegetarian Carterer” option. The Sims 4 Vegetarian trait will allow for a caterer who makes exclusively vegetarian meals for your Sims.

Being vegetarian doesn’t impact your Sims’s skills per se. However, you might be able to help them live a happier life by learning some. One tip that can help you create the best life for a vegetarian sibling is to make them level up in Cooking skills and Gardening skills. These are not a necessity. However, they can improve the quality of the food they eat, and therefore their mood and well-being. Collecting fresh fruits and veggies from your garden will be a good source for satisfying hunger and making vegetarian-safe meals. The better they are at cooking, the better their food and mood will be. The better they are at gardening, the better quality of fresh vegetarian food supply they will have.

Want to ensure that everything your Sims make is delicious? Then you’ll love these Sims 4 Cooking Skill Cheats!

Sims 4 vegetarian trait mod

The great news is, that there is a vegetarian mod that allows you to make a Sims a vegetarian without choosing the vegetarian trait. This mod makes vegetarianism an option and a choice your Sims can quit and get back to when they like. They will have an option to Become a Vegetarian or Stop Being a Vegetarian. You can choose so by clicking on the Sims and selecting the preferred option. The mod makes it more of a conscious decision and a lifestyle than a defining personality trait, which is cool.

You can find your download and installation instructions for the mod here.

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