Haunted House In The Sims 4: Have You Seen a Ghost?

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Living in a haunted house in The Sims 4 is truly a chaotic and creepy ride. Luckily, we have prepared this article that will serve as our survival manual!

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Haunted Houses in The Sims 4

When The Sims 4: Paranormal Stuff was released in 2021, it introduced us to a wholesome, spooky life in a haunted place. Our Sims can test their limits by spending nights in a legit haunted house, which has all the cliché features we’d expect it to have, plus some more that will make our blood freeze in our veins. The experiences our Sims will have in these hallowed halls will not only center on ghosts, as paranormal occurrences and activities don’t just rely on these specters. There is so much more lurking in the dark, so we must prepare our Sims to be brave, alert, and careful!

How to Create a Haunted House Sims 4

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Creating a haunted house in The Sims 4 is pretty easy. All we need to do is change our Sims’ residential lot type into a haunted house residential. To do that, just head over to Build Mode. On the upper left panel, click the Venue Info Option and select the Haunted House Residential type from the dropdown menu. Voila! We have now created a scary place for our Sims.

Haunted House Lot Feature

Living in a haunted house thus comes with rewards the longer our Sims stay there, but it has its super creepy downsides. This will suck for our Sims unless they love paranormal activity. To live in such a terrifying place, our Sims will have to maintain spiritual harmony and try not to disturb the ghosts, but of course, that won’t be an easy task. All in all, haunted houses have 9 lot features and perks that no other lots in the game have. Let’s discover what these are.

1. Ghostly assistance: Guidry

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Guidry the ghost will help our Sims deal with paranormal activities. He will introduce himself soon after our Sims move into a haunted house, and we can expect to see him during the second night. He will keep our Sims company frequently unless they ask him to leave them alone. 

2. specters


Specters can be like Casper the Friendly Ghost or more like his not-so-friendly ghostly buddies. Haunted houses have specters, so expect their company every night. Friendly specters will be just buzzing around, happily minding their business. Unfriendly specters are furious, angry spirits with fire breath. To know what they are like in nature, look at whether they are the friendly blue or the angry red ones as their color will show how good or mean they are. 

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3. Haunted treasures

Haunted treasures refer to the items dropped by the specters, and they are usually beneficial or harmless. These items may differ. Most of the time we will get similar items to those that our Sims would get if they advanced in the Freelance Paranormal Investigator Career.

4. Aspiring Investigators

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We can use the whole haunted house experience to let our Sims become a Paranormal Investigator. Guidry will help them get the paranormal investigation license, but first, they would have to impress him. All our Sims have to do is keep practicing the medium skill to earn that qualification. These experiences will help them get better handling of paranormal situations, and also open the doors to earning money.

5. Bravery rewards

Every night spent in a haunted house can earn our Sims reward points. The rule of thumb is that the longer Sims stay in a haunted place and the braver they are, the more reward points they will earn. For instance, for one night in a haunted place, Sims will be able to earn 125 points, and for two nights, 250 points. Spending 5 nights in a haunted house will earn our Sims a decent 625 reward points. 

Our Sims will also be able to go a mile further when we enable”Heroic Mode”. However, this option is not for the faint-hearted. For that to happen our Sims will first need a hand statue that is activated by Guidry’s presence. This activation will create paranormal havoc, and increase the scare game up a few notches. If our Sims reach level 3 of Medium Skill, they’ll be able to Invoke the Dead, which will create even more terror in the haunted home.

6. Accursed objects

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These are creepy phenomena, such as supernatural symbols, random dolls, and creepy sprouts that will come out of nowhere and appear in our Sims’ homes. We must keep these things in check and banish them if possible. If we fail to do so, we can expect horror movie scenarios all around our Sims’ homes. Yes, these can multiply at once. No one knows why. 

7. Paranormal activity

We have all watched paranormal activity, and this is exactly what this feature is. We can expect restless nights for our Sims, with lights mysteriously going on and off, and with them seeing other paranormal occurrences at night. If they live in a haunted house, sleeping at night is not really an option because they will be too scared to fall asleep even if they try. Replace nighttime sleep with daytime naps to help them recharge their batteries from being spooked. 

8. It’s Alive

image 4

Every haunted house has a certain level of ghostly activity, and there needs to be a spiritual balance to keep things in place. In other words, ghosts in a haunted house have a tolerance threshold and these boundaries should not be crossed. Our Sims can aim to keep things under control by not disturbing these ghosts. Specters, for example, can be super mean, but if our Sims peacefully deal with them, then everything will remain under control.

9. ???????? – SHE’S COMING FOR YOU!

Gendry isn’t the only ghost our Sims will get to meet in the haunted house. There is another one that is known to be angry, and yes, she’s coming for our Sims. This is a dire warning, and a creepy one, too. During our Sims’ stay in the haunted house, the time will come to meet Temperance, the angry poltergeist. Temperance has some history with Gendry, so even Gendry will be on edge when she starts roaming around. She will use every chance she gets to unleash her wrath on our Sims, start fires, summon mean specters, and break objects.

image 3

The presence of Temperance is far from easy to deal with. We can expect her to visit when the spiritual harmony in the haunted house of our Sims is disturbed. To handle her rage and fury, our Sims will need to level up their Medium skill, and the séance table will also help raise defenses against her. To get the table, go to Build/Buy and search for ”séance ”. With level 3 Medium skill, our Sims will be able to summon the maid ghost, Bonehilda, who will be our backup in facing Temperance.

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Prepare Sims for Haunted House Living

The haunted house life will definitely leave a mark on our Sims. They can be terrified by the frightening environment surrounding them, which will eventually affect not just their sleeping habits, but their eating, too. Their stress might pile up and lead them to run around and desperately call for help. Spending nights in a haunted house might become their worst nightmare. If they are not well-equipped with bravery and needed coping skills, they won’t last long in such a terrifying environment. These are the things we’ll need to do to help them cope better with the new spooky lifestyle:

  • Level up the Medium Skill: As we’ve mentioned earlier, our Sims can sse the séance table to improve the medium skill that will help them banish the evil entities from the house.
  • Unlock the Brave Reward Feature: This will help our Sims understand and face their spooky reality. We can buy it for them from the reward store for 8,000 reward points.

How to maintain Spiritual Harmony in Haunted House Sims 4?

The spiritual serenity of a haunted house will decline over time, causing specters to become angrier, the accursed objects to appear in increasing numbers, and Temperance to come and haunt our Sims. To be able to check the paranormal status of the house, check the Spiritual Volatility interaction on the séance table. If the situation becomes too bad, all we need to do is perform the ceremony to cleanse the house. This will temporarily banish evil ghosts and preserve spiritual harmony for a bit longer. 

Usually, the haunted house phenomena start at 9 PM and last the whole night. However, if the spiritual harmony is significantly low, our Sims won’t have peace even during the day. On the first night of living in the haunted house, we will get a message which will allow us to make a choice:

  • ‘’I can handle this!”’ 
  • …and “Why am I here again?’’

If we choose the first option, our Sims will be ready to handle everything on the new journey. However, if we pick the second option, our Sims will get scared and blame us for the misfortune and shock they are about to experience.

Haunted house Rewards

If our Sims successfully manage to spend 7 daunting days and nights in the haunted house, they will not only collect reward points but also get a real ghostly gift. They will be rewarded with their favorite jacket of Guidry. Mind that this is the jacket Guidry died in. Creepy much!


Well, that’s it our dear Simmers! Letting our Sims live in a haunted house is extremely terrifying, but we hope that this haunted house survival manual will be helpful for the game. Please follow us on Patreon and our social media sites. We are on Google, Facebook, TwitterYouTubeInstagram, TikTok, Pinterest, and Tumblr where you can follow and message us! Or, you can leave us a comment on this post! Happy simming, Simmers!

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